779 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angels are miraculous non-physical beings that carefully watch over the human world and offer us all of their love and support.

They are spirits that does not have the sense of ego creations and they exist only in true harmony with the Creator or other concepts you could imagine universal energy of the cosmos we live in. They send us divine love and guidance for the highest good.

Every person on earth has at least two angels that care about him or her specifically. You could have more guardian angels, if you ask for them or if heavens feel your need for angelic guidance.

In addition, you can have more angels because someone who cares for you had prayed to heavens to send angels for you. No matter the primary source of prayer, angels are here for you.

Even those who do not pray or even believe in celestial forces have their guardian angels, only it is harder for them to recognize angelic guidance and messages of support.

However, guardian angels would never give up on any human being, for their mission is to make our lives the best they could become. You certainly wonder how they send us their love.

Since angels are Ego-less, immaterial and divine, they do not walk among us. In addition, they do not directly affect our lives.

However, there are certain ways and channels they use in order to assure us they care. Angels use different mediums to get our attention.

One of those are strangely repeating numerical sequences you keep seeing here and there.

Number 779 – What Does It Mean?

Your personal, caring heavenly guardians would occasionally send helpful messages of love and guidance to you. If you feel down, insecure and very discouraged by your current life circumstances, you should always ask angels for guidance and support.

Even if you do not think in that direction, they will still offer you heavenly help.

Remember those numbers you keep seeing around, all the time?

At first, they look a bit strange, because they stubbornly keep appearing during your routine activities, but, generally, seem only as a coincidence. Well, they are not a coincidence, but rather angelic messages!

You see, your guardians would often choose mediums you could easily notice, such as numbers.

These numerical sequences are, thus, specific and magical, so they are called angel numbers. Any sequence could be angelic, no matter if it seems common, such as number 779 we will interpret here, for instance.


Once such a number keeps ‘disturbing’ you constantly, you should try to understand why it keeps coming to you.

If number 779 is sent to you by your guardian angels, you must be a very spiritual, mysterious and intelligent person who wants to know about all aspects of our life and existence. You have to be a philosophical mind and someone who believes there are more forces in this cosmos than ourselves.

Lucky you, this number could really help you connect with heavens and your deeper self, as well.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Mystical number 779 is a truly amazing angel numbers. People who got this number from their guardian angels as a message or are considered to be born under the number 779 are inspirational and amazing individuals others find mystical and intriguing.

Number 779 possesses highly spiritual vibrations and helps you discover your true self, through spiritual journey.

Number 779 is consisted of magical numbers 7 and 9, both tightly associated with concepts of mystical, spiritual, wise, deep and higher.

Number 7 inspires spirituality, search for knowledge, philosophical thinking, solitude, inner wisdom and even psychic abilities. Number 9 represents karma, purpose of a soul, intuition, destiny and enlightenment.

Both numbers are associated with spiritual awakening, wisdom and knowledge. People with number 779 are truly magnificent personalities; they are those others always seek a wise advice from.

However, beware of 779s mysterious energy, for it could distance you from your earthly surroundings and material aspects of life.

Love and Angel Number 779

People with angel number 779 approach to the idea of love more as to universal concept of essential life giving energy than to physical and romantic love between two human beings.

They praise love above everything else, but in its purest and divine form. They are loners and they enjoy solitude for long periods.

They usually fall in love much later in life than other people, if ever. Once they do, they are kind, gentle, supportive and guiding partners and lovers.

Numerology Facts About Number 779

Number 779 is related to another number that resonates with energy of freedom, individualism and intelligence, number 5. If you sum up the digits like this: 7+7+9, you get 23 and then 2+3, you get 5.

Number 5 adds to number 779s already creative, innovative, wandering energy and inspires bright ideas, openness to new ideas and experiences, mostly in spiritual sense, for it is the nature of number 779 itself.

Seeing Angel Number 779

Angels send you number 779 as both a blessing and a warning. They want to inspire your searching for knowledge, connection with your deep inner self and with heavenly realms, because it will certainly enrich your soul and your life, but at the same time, they warn you you should still keep your feet on the ground.

Try to find a balance between your spiritual approach to life and the reality of the world you live in. there are people caring about you, who need your presence in their lives.

Do not get distanced from them; deep down inside you will actually discover you need others, just as they need and love you.