789 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Our mortal lives are blessed by heavens above, even if we doubt there are forces higher than us that have an influence over our destinies.

The universe we live in is a strange place; it is full of amazing things, of which some are far beyond our imagination and our understanding.

Here we talk about angelic energies and guardian angels, protective, caring and loving spirits that watch over us from above.

Angels are pure spirits that dwell in higher realms. They exist in harmony with the Creator and they have one important mission. Angels observe human world and they care for us. They are non-physical and Ego-less; angels never judge us or punish us for our misdeeds, our mistakes and ill thinking.

Angels want to encourage us to improve our wrong sides and nurture our good ones.

Occasionally, all of us need some extra support. We may feel weak and sad, faced with challenges that seem so difficult we doubt we could ever overcome them.

Everything is possible and we are indeed true masters of our lives!

We are, however, fragile and prone to losing faith, in ourselves and all other forces, as well. In such times, angels act to help us get back our self-confidence and our faith.

Guardian angels care for each human being and everyone has their own personal guardians.

You could have at least two precious protectors that stay with you throughout your life, but there are many others that come when invited or when heavens feel they should be sent to you.

They leave you when their task is over! Now we will explain how they exactly support us.

Number 789 – What Does It Mean?

These wonderful caring spirits, guardian angels, do not show their immortal faces to us, unless the situation is so serious it requires direct angelic and heavenly interference.

These situations are extremely rare and most of us will never see an angel in physical form on earth or even in thoughts or dreams. Angels are celestial and non-physical in nature.

However, these caring spirits still guide and protect us from their celestial home.

They act through specific channels. They use symbols to send us their love, support and guidance and these symbols are those we see regularly and could recognize any abnormalities around them.


For example, guardian angels often use numbers to send us meaningful messages.

Such numbers are called angel numbers. An angel number could be any numerical sequence, no matter if it seems completely uninteresting and common, such as number 789 for instance. There of course numbers that could catch your attention more easily, say, for example 777.

However, all of these numbers have special vibrations and every single one is meaningful, valuable and useful.

There is only one requirement to consider a number an angelic one; it must keep reappearing over a longer period in your life.

If that number is 789, you are a lucky and a blessed one! Now we will gladly help you interpret this angelic message, by using special spiritual approach to analyze its meaning, angelic numerology.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

First of all, number 789 is one of ascending digits number, if we observe the order of digits. It means it brings progress and good fortune in general.

This number possesses many optimistic vibrations; it inspires development, both inner and outer, promotes success, achievement and realization of dreams and plans.

It reflects a confident, practical and yet intuitive personality that is in touch with its inner voice.

Number 7 resonates with energies of deep contemplation, philosophical thinking, inner wisdom, deep knowledge, spiritual journey and awakening, solitude, persistence to purpose and learning.

Number 9 is similar in nature and it also inspires spiritual searching and enlightenment; it resonates with energies of soul purpose, karma, destiny, intuition and inner strength.

This number is more social, compared to partly introvert aspect of number 7.

Number 8 is different from these two, so it makes a good balance in overall combination. It resonates with energies of personal power, authority, professionalism, practicality, prosperity, persistence to material goals, fortune, provision and organization.

This number would never let you feel incapable of finding solutions. It represents the importance of both receiving and giving.

Love and Angel Number 789

Seen through prism of love aspect, we could say number 789 is fortunate, but mostly because people with this number value love as universal idea that gives purpose to the world.

They love life and enjoy it in their way. These people are charming, intriguing and with a shining aura, so they do not find it hard to attract others. They love to flirt, but do not start a relationship so easily.

The reason is that they are demanding and they search for a partner who is able to endure their strong character and their energy.

They seek for an energetic, clever, intelligent and loving partner, ready to commit to the fullest! Once they find one, they are likely to seal that relationship with a lifelong commitment.

Their relationships are stable, positive, without much drama and turbulence.

Numerology Facts About Number 789

Number 789 is related to number 6, if you sum up the digits until you get a single-digit number; it is a common numerology practice.

Number 6 makes numbers 789 a bit more aware of others. Number 6 is a number that vibrates with energies of humanitarianism, care, nurture, unconditional love, helpfulness and selflessness.

It awakes the caring part of your personality and softens your tough, determined and self-oriented heart.

Seeing Angel Number 789

Number 789is a blessing from heavens and a perfect reminder of your qualities and strengths. You are truly amazing character others find inspiring and admirable.

However, you should be less oriented towards your personal goals, because it makes you distant from people that love you.

Try to nurture that humanitarian part, hidden deeply within your soul! You will realize that helping others is actually something that helps you and enriches your soul.

All knowledge, deep insights and material success are fragile without enrichment of your soul by love for others.