7997 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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The ruler of number 7997 in numerology is the planet closest to the Sun – Volcano.

In ancient Rome, the Volcano is the god of fire.

The number 7997 is complex, it is an angel number, giving a total of four numbers.

A person born under the auspices of the number 7997 has both the qualities of a reinforced deuce and the numbers 7 and 9.

Number 7997 – What Does It Mean?

The nature of the owners of the number 7997 in the date of birth contains a large number of contradictions. In them, much is present simultaneously.

These are people with a rich imagination and at the same time a sober mind.

They are characterized by a combination of logic and intuition, rational thinking and emotionality, iron grip and softness.

These people in their activities are almost always able to combine the incongruous: they often have unusual hobbies and generally hide many amazing secrets.

Whatever the 7997 do, whether it be creativity or economics, they can achieve significant success.

Paying much attention to career growth, these people do not forget about work on spiritual development.

They are distinguished by non-standard thinking, which is characteristic of the owners of the four.

But the qualities traditionally attributed to the “deuces” are characteristic of the 7997 to a much greater extent.

Nevertheless, in the life of the 7997, intelligence prevails.

Containing a three as a symbol of Heaven and soul and a four as a symbol of the Earth and the body, the seven is the first number that encompasses both the spiritual and the temporary.

The number of sacraments related to the spiritual side of things, the mysterious divine power in nature.


In personal life, 7997 are preferred by people with a brilliantly honed mind.

The most important thing for them is spiritual closeness, the possibility of interesting and productive communication with a partner.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Their insecurity in themselves and their strength sometimes makes them refuse promising offers and miss good opportunities.

These people need to remember that the success of a person almost always depends on himself and few people find it easy.

Whatever happens, in no case should you give up and come to terms with unfavorable fate. Better to do and regret than not to do anything.

Excessive suspicion and suspiciousness also does not adorn the “7997.” The enhanced qualities of the deuce in this case can make the owners of the 7997 absolutely unbearable in communication and bring them to nervous exhaustion.

The development of positive thinking is fundamental for those who are patronized by the 7997.

The first number of a regular hexagon (six faces and one center). Three and four together form seven, another sacred number.

Containing a three as a symbol of Heaven and soul and a four as a symbol of the Earth and the body, the seven is the first number that encompasses both the spiritual and the temporary.

The number of sacraments related to the spiritual side of things, the mysterious divine power in nature.

In some traditions, there exists (or existed in antiquity) a centenary number system.

Thus, the number 7 acts as the most common cosmic indicator, universally characterizing everything that is subject to reckoning.

Love and Angel Number 7997

Physical beauty, not filled with appropriate content, is not able to stop their attention on themselves.

These people are extremely responsible and voluntarily assume a large number of responsibilities.

But they rarely make good bosses because of a lack of confidence in their subordinates and confidence that they themselves will do all the best.

Leading posts 7997 occupy only when they do not seek to control absolutely everything.

Otherwise, they themselves are too tired, and subordinates do not allow to calmly carry out their work.

The 7997 do not have an acute need for freedom and independence – rather, they need to be patronized and periodically prompted what should be done in a given situation.

But for this role they will allow only those whom are respected for their intelligence and spiritual qualities.

The uncertainty inherent in the “deuces” is reinforced by the “7997.” These people very dramatically experience their own failures and sometimes do not notice successes.

Because of this, they often become depressed. Having made a mistake once, they expect troubles from each event, setting themselves up for failure.

Interesting Facts about Number 7997

This number is one of the main numerical parameters of the universe.

The magical seven in the cultures of various peoples of the world had the maximum, limit, completeness, and limitations: seven sages, seven ancient Indian rishis (deification of the wise sages), seven great gods of Ancient Sumer, seven Spirits in the Egyptian religion, and seven mother-ancestors of Nganasans in Africa.

In magic, there are seven knots on a thread for enchanting, spells are repeated seven times.

In astrology there is a seven-pointed star of magicians; seven Pleiades, seven major planets (Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars).

Alchemists in the “Great Work” involved seven metals.

In Egypt there are seven Hathors – deities of Destiny; the priestesses of Hathor have seven vessels; the seven skulls of Ra make seven knots on their seven tunics; the seven hawks of Ra are seven; seven cows and a bull depict fertility; seven houses of the underworld; thrice by seven gates.

Number seven is dedicated to Osiris. In the Greco-Roman tradition, the seven is dedicated to Apollo, on the lyre of which there are seven soils, as well as Athena (Minerva) and Ares (Mars). Pan has seven flutes. There are seven great sages in Greece.

In Jewish tradition, seven is an occult understanding. In the Jewish year there are seven such holidays; the menorah has seven branches; seven years the Temple was built.

In the Sumerian-Semitic tradition, there are seven divisions of the lunar calendar, seven days of the week. “You shine with horns to mark six days, and on the seventh – with half a disk”, therefore the seventh day becomes a symbol of opposition to the Sun, darkness and evil.

So on the seventh day it’s dangerous to do anything, and it turns into a day of rest.

The number seven is associated with a wide variety of Christian concepts and objects; it correlates with the sacred region of the mystic.

You can learn to find balance in yourself and in relation to others.

You learn to draw your limits and work with others in good harmony, balance and mutual support.

Seeing Angel Number 7997

The 7997 needs a sensitive and kind partner who will support them and remind them of their talents and positive qualities.

Thanks to the environment, the 7997 will learn to realize their natural abilities.