808 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Repeating numerical sequences have always been fascinating people, especially if we think of them as magical and mystical messages sent to us by forces that are of higher nature than we are.

Today, we will talk about guiding guardian angels and their symbolical and yet very effective help and support.

Angels are wonderful spirits; no matter if you believe they exist at all or not, they will forever care about you.

Angels are spirits of high heavens, non-physical entities with a sole purpose to guide, support and protect humankind. This is the only mission of guardian angels.

According to many spiritual beliefs, particularly angelic numerology we will explain and then use in this article, we all have guardians in realms above. There can be at least two of them for each individual, or even more.

Guardian angels have special ways of establishing connections with the earthly world. They dwell somewhere beyond our mortal imagination, but still have a great influence over our world. They rarely take human form and come down to walk amongst us; it happens in extremely rare and extraordinary situations that the Creator believes it should be handled directly by heavenly power.

Throughout our lifetime, our personal protectors are there, following us along our destiny path. In times of need, they send us their love, guiding lessons, encouragement and support by using symbolic channels, such as numbers.

Angelic numerology is a spiritual approach that serves to interpret and understand the power of numerical angelic messages.

The reason why angels use numbers to send us heavenly messages is that we are surrounded by numbers.

We see and use them daily, but mostly for practical reasons. However, that makes for us easy to notice any abnormality in numbers’ appearances.

For example, we will most likely notice if a number appears constantly, in various situations and places. Our guardians want us to receive their messages in proper time.

Number 808 – What Does It Mean?

Numbers are powerful symbols; they possess the energy of cosmos within and vibrate with that energy. Carefully chosen sequences of numbers, those that appear in our lives and then keep repeating, are never a coincidence.

They are chosen by our guardians and sent to us with the best intentions. Those numbers could help us understand our own thoughts, insights and behavior.

Angel numbers could appear at any point of your life, many times and in various situations. Each number that keeps reoccurring in your life is an angelic message. It would be helpful if you learn how to interpret such heavenly signs!

By analyzing those signs, we become more connected with realms above, but also with our own deeper self. Interpretations of angel numbers are deeply personal.


Angelic numerology offers basics to start with and reveals to you the power of numbers themselves. Once you have learned what energies certain numbers carry, you will understand how those energies reflect on your life and your own character and personality.

Each time a number strangely appears in your life and does not want to ‘go away’, your guardians would like you to try to understand it.

What if the number you have got is 808? Number 808 is a powerful angel number, one with particularly promising vibrations. This number offers stability and promises great successes in life, if you carefully use its incredible energy.

It is interesting to note that three-digit numbers always tell a lot about our personalities. Now we will examine the energy of number 808 more closely.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Number 808 people possess great aura; they literally attract progress, success and achievement by their nature.

However, this energy should not be taken for granted, but managed carefully. Number 808 possess amazing spiritual power and makes you strong, confident and determined.

Sometimes, it could narrow your view and lead to failure, which is something you are afraid of, more than it is useful.

Number 8 is strong here and its energy is very well balanced, since the number is seen two times, at both the beginning and the end. Number 8 represents material aspect of life, in the first place. It symbolizes wealth, fortune, professionalism, success, materiality and material freedom, efficiency, social status, excellent judgment and authority. It boosts your self-confidence and makes you a constructive individual.

On the other hand, number 8 could also nurture some bad habits and not so useful ways of thinking and approaching to things in life.

It does awake the complex of superiority and the need to dominate over everything, including other people.

Number 8 could also produce greed, arrogance and tactlessness, if you do not learn to direct its energy towards positive things.

Number 0 is a magical and mysterious one. It represents infinity, eternity, both nothingness and fullness; it stands for both beginnings and endings and amplifies vibrations of numbers it stands with in a combination.

This number is particularly a good omen for personal, inner development and spiritual awakening.

As we can see, number 808 is a true blessing, but it can be troubling, as well.

The energy of number 808 is strong and could be fatal. Number 808 generally brings luck and fortune, but it also leads to great disappointments. The thing is, the greater is success, the more difficult is to bear failure.

People with angel number 808 do not like to risk their reputation of strong and confident ones, so that is the reason why they are so afraid of failure.

Love and Angel Number 808

People with number 808 are determined in life and so they are in love.

They do not make compromises and need a stable, strong and caring partner, the one whom they can rely on, share all joys of life with and those that believe in their visions for the future.

They are protective, supportive and kind and they want the same in return. They need attention and understanding, so their perfect matches are those very similar in interests to them.

Number 808 people express another characteristic that is easy to understand, having in mind they are generally self-confident, strong-willed and proactive.

They are afraid of rejection, so many times they simply decide not to go further with the relationship and they rather break it themselves. They do not start a relationship until they carefully think through it.

Another trait that characterizes love life of people with angel number 808 is that they really need to make it a ‘big deal’. They love it to be grandiose!

Their love is fatal, their love story movie-like; otherwise, they are not satisfied. That is something ambitious 808s have to work on.

They need to value small things in life and accept people with all of their flaws and qualities. They should also stop to worry and doubt relationships in advance.

Numerology Facts About Number 808

Number 808 is related to an old and long forgotten Russian practice of fortune telling. It involves three candles that mark numbers 8-0-8. The practice is to say what you are interested in aloud and observe the lightened candles.

The manifestations that flames make during this practice are then interpreted as omens about the thing you are in doubt of.

We have not tried it, but this interesting fact adds to our interpretation of number 808 as particularly powerful spiritual message.

In numerology field, number 808 is seen as related to number 7. If you sum up the digits until you get a single-digit number, here it leads to 7.

Number 7 is particularly interesting from spiritual point of view and it makes the overall energy of 808 oriented towards inside. Number 7 represents freedom of thought, spiritual journey and spiritual discovery, inner wisdom and solitude.

It also stands for mysticism, philosophy, knowledge, science, logic, individualism and independence.

Seeing Angel Number 808

Number 808 tells you that life is an ever-flowing stream of events in your life. It means that you should focus your attention and your efforts and thoughts on current situation, without thinking too far into future.

Future will come anyway, so you should enjoy what happens now.

Since you are greatly materially oriented, one of your fears is losing material stability. Number 808 brings fortune; your angels assure you that whatever happens, you will have solution to keep your life harmonious.

Guardian angels send you number 808 to remind you life is also made from small wonders; you know, things like soothing rain, a passing bird, a trinket you buy just because you liked it and so on.

Not everything in life has to be grandiose.

Quiet, calm and small things in life are actually what makes is harmonious and enjoyable. You should learn to value such things.

Number 808 is itself balanced, so if you find you struggle with all those mentioned, it just means you really should direct your efforts towards finding peace and harmony deep within.

All things in life come and go, so do not stress yourself over what might be. Enjoy the moment, share it with those you love, be kind, not judging over yourself. Forgive yourself for any mistake you have made, your angels say.