811 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Why are we here and what is our purpose in this life and this world we live in? These some of ‘big’ questions people have been wondering about since the first days of human civilization.

Great mystics, prophets, scientists, researchers, authors and many more have been trying to answer those questions. No matter how hard we try, there is still no exact answer. Perhaps the beauty of life is in that positive ignorance. Not knowing ‘why we are’ is what drives us, intrigues us and indefinitely inspire us to create, develop and move forward.

Spiritual teachings and paths, as well as religious beliefs, traditional ancient mystical concepts and so on, believe there is something more in this universe, meaning there are higher forces and energies that actually give sense to our existence, as well.

It is true there are numerous phenomena we are unable to explain by logic and exact scientific approaches, even in our well-developed, modern, practical world. There is still a lot of mystery around.

It is believed our lives are influenced by some higher energy. According to spiritual concepts (we now refer to all these mentioned as ‘spiritual’), there is a constant flow of life giving energy, that is infinite and powerful and that makes the world go around.

It flows throughout our mortal, earthly world, through all things we are able to touch and see, through living things and abstract ideas. This energy is also inside our minds, our physical bodies and our immortal souls.

Universal cosmic energy manifests itself in many forms. One of such forms are guardian angels, beautiful, pure and innocent heavenly spirits with one sole purpose.

Their mission is to watch over the human world and offer us their unconditional love and support. Indeed, angels have only love for us. They do not possess characteristics that are typical for mortals, such as Ego and free will.

Angels never judge us; they only want to help us.

Guardian angels come and go into and from your life and they are many. However, you have at least two personal protectors that follow you along your life path, always making sure of your well-being.

Sometimes it does not seem so; when you face great difficulties, you certainly do not think angels protect you, but they do. They know the strength of your heart and are able to feel when the time is to act and send you their support more obviously.

Number 811 – What Does It Mean?

Angels do not act directly; if they stop evil from happening and save you from every single trouble. Even the smallest trouble along the way, you would not be able to realize how life is wonderful.

If we never face failure, we would not be able to value beautiful and good things in life.

Our successes would be something just normal and we would be indifferent to them. Successes are normal, but so failures are, as well.

Guardian angels act by using mediums. They do not come down to earth to tell us their advices, but they send us symbolic messages. That way we learn about life from our own experience and, at the same time, we learn to pay attention to small and important things in life.


Angelic messages are not difficult to recognize and they always bear positive energy. Angels would never send us something that could bring us harm or distress us.

However, angelic messages could be warning signs, advices and lessons.

For a great part, angelic messages are full of love and support. They are meant to encourage us to believe in our own skills, talents, mind, our strength and ourselves. These messages come in symbolic forms.

One of channels or mediums angels often use are numbers. Why numbers? We see and use them every single day, so we could easily recognize any abnormality or disturbance in numbers’ appearance. You know those matching digits on your digital clock, for example?

Strangely appearing, reappearing and repeating numerical sequences are far more than simply a coincidence. They are angel numbers, wonderful, helpful and supportive messages sent to us by our heavenly guardians.

One of such numbers is number 811, we will try to interpret here.

There is a special spiritual approach, angelic numerology, which is specialized for understanding the connection between angels, numbers and our destiny on earth.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Guardian angels carefully choose numerical sequences they are about to send to their protégés on earth. The story behind each number is meaningful and it is especially made for you.

Number 811 is one of three-digit angel numbers that reveal a lot about your destiny, but also about your personality and character.

Complex angel numbers, such as this one, can help you reconnect with your inner self and awake awareness of universal energy that flows throughout your own being and the world around.

Number 811 is composed from angel numbers 8 and 1, but it could be also observed as a combination of numbers 8 and 11. Every aspect of this one is interesting and we will gladly help you interpret its meaning by using angelic numerology.

Numbers 8, 1 and 11 possess specific energies, which we will now explain and see into their correlations.

Number 8 is the basis of 811. It is a stable founding stone, to say so, because it represents the very idea of stability, security, steadiness, progress, wealth, fortune, practical solutions, sufficiency, material freedom and material well-being.

Number 8 also resonates with energies of self-confidence, personal power, professionalism, provision, challenge, planning and constructiveness. It is a good starting point for anyone’s destiny path.

Number 1 represents ‘being the first and the best’. It inspires creativity, it gives motivation, drive, confidence, determination and focus on goals. Number 1 represents new beginnings, new opportunities, learning from experience, courage, authority, leadership and individualism.

It is associated with masculine energy, achievement and success. It could make you narrow minded, intolerant, aggressive and arrogant, if its energy is not managed carefully.

Number 11 is everything that 1 is, only doubled. You imagine how strong this energy is! Number 11 stands for all ideas number 1 already represents, only even stronger. It means you should be very careful with it.

You should never let your pride, courage and drive blind you and make you insensitive and unscrupulous. If you direct its energy towards good things that are never achieved at the cost of others well-being, you will certainly make wonders in your life, as well as in lives of those around you!

Love and Angel Number 811

Number 811 is particularly interesting to be observed from the point of romantic love aspect of life. Since people with this number are strong-willed and determined in life, they express same characteristics when they think about love or relationships.

They do not accept compromises and are demanding in love. They want just the partner they imagine, and they are never easily satisfied. They need their love life to be grandiose, their love deeply emotional and full of excitement.

They are not just seducers and they do not change partners easily. In fact, they are rather alone than in a relationship that does not fill in their expectations.

They value their freedom and independence and need someone who will respect that.

Once they find their soul mate (and sometimes it happens if they lower their fairy tale-like imaginations), their love life is steady, stable, harmonious and full of real support, trust and joy.

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Numerology Facts About Number 811

In addition to already having very strong aspect of number 1 within, number 811 is surprisingly even more connected to this number.

If you sum up its digits, you eventually get 1, once again!

Do it like this: 8+1+1=10, 1+0=1. Okay, so the energy of number 1 is quite impressive in this combination, so we once again warn you, just as your angels do, to be careful when using your incredible inner energy.

Number 811 could also be observed as related to number 10, on the same basis of summing up digits, so here we have another strong relation to 1.

Number 10 represents similar ideas; this number stands for success, confidence, creativity, energy, individualism, personal power and originality.

Seeing Angel Number 811

So far we have seen how strong vibrations of number 811 are. Your angels send you this amazing and powerful number with a purpose.

They send you encouragement, support and love, but at the same time they warn you to be very careful with the energy you possess. Y

ou are an individual of a great charisma and influence over others. It is not strange others look up to you and seek advice from you. However, do not let it make you too proud of yourself, too greedy and even reckless about others’ feelings.

Number 811 comes as a reminder of challenges of great and strong personality. Try to be a bit more down-to-earth, because it could happen that unexpected events disturb you very much, which is not in your true nature.

If you might find yourself surprised if something goes wrong way much than it is normal, so you could break down and even lose self-confidence.

Deep down inside, you are actually afraid to show your weaknesses, which causes a lot of stress, even on an unconscious level.

Relax and slow down a bit. Number 811 is also a symbol of luck and good fortune, so you should not worry anything disastrous will happen to you in near future.

Take a deep breath and start really enjoying mundane things; you will see how soothing it is.

Share this beautiful life with people that love you, do not always play an untouchable and impressive figure, but show your more human, softer side.