855 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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If you keep seeing repetitive signs, such as seeing feathers on odd places or seeing repetitive numbers or number sequences, or feeling strange sensations on your body as if someone is touching you and there’s no one there, or hearing the same words, and repetitive songs over and over again, most likely you are being contacted by your guardian angels.

Our guardian angels guard over us but don’t interfere in our lives unless they have to. Those are usually situations when they need to inform us about something immediately. They might want to give us some advice, or suggestion, encouragement, or a confirmation, or they might warn us about something.

The angels usually do that by using subtle methods of communication, through symbols and signs they repeat until we notice them.

The angels use numbers in such occasions very often. Numbers are very suitable for this purpose because their symbolic meaning carries the angelic message to the recipient. You only need to know the symbolism of the number you see frequently.

In this article, we will talk about the angel number 855 and its meaning. If that is one of the numbers your angels are sending you lately, you will have the opportunity to find out what they want to say.

Number 855 – What Does It Mean?

The number 855 combines the energies of the numbers 8 and 5. The energy of the number 5 is amplified because it appears twice and that doubles its influence in the overall energy of the number 855.

The number 8 symbolizes confidence, authority, personal power, inner strength, reliability, responsibility, realism, business endeavors, success, achievements, karma, giving and receiving, manifesting abundance, truth, and the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

The number 5 signifies new opportunities, adventure, making good choices and decisions about your life, making some significant changes in your life, creativity, intelligence, learning through experience, adaptability, resourcefulness, independence, freedom, and individuality.

The number 855 symbolizes making major changes, significant choices and decisions in your life, usually regarding your future financial stability.

This number is also a sign of freedom and adventure, of creativity, learning lessons from experience, independence, and individuality.

This number also symbolizes your ability to manifest abundance and wealth into your life, your personal power and authority, your inner strength and confidence, business endeavors, achievements and success. It is also a number which symbolizes karma and the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

When the angels begin showing you the angel number 855, prepare yourself for some significant changes coming into your life.

They might be changes you have wanted to make for some time, or they might come as a surprise to you, happening unexpectedly.

The angels and the Universe want you to be prepared for the changes awaiting you and trust that they will benefit your life immensely.

If things don’t go as you planned or expected, continue to have faith that everything is working out for your highest good and in alignment with the Divine plan for your life.


Love and Angel Number 855

The angel number 855 usually indicates some major changes happening in your love life. These changes might include an ending of a current romantic relationship but to make space for a new person to enter your life.

The closure you might experience could represent the ending of something which has long ago served its purpose in your life. The Universe is helping you get rid of feelings and people which aren’t serving your highest good.

Accept these changes with happiness and prepare for a new love chapter in your life.

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Numerology Facts About Number 855

The number 855 combines the influence and the energy of the numbers 8, 5 and the number 9, which is the sum of these numbers (8 + 5 + 5 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9).

The number 5 appears twice, which doubles its influence.

The number 8 signifies confidence, success, achievements, personal power, inner strength, authority, dependability, realism, karma, karmic events, giving and receiving, the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, manifesting abundance in your life, and responsibility.

The number 5 symbolizes creativity, creative self – expression, intelligence, making major choices and decisions about your life, and making significant changes in your life, adventure, personal freedom, individuality, independence, resourcefulness, and adaptability.

The number 9 symbolizes philanthropy, altruism, humanitarianism, serving humanity, knowledge, gaining knowledge, learning, studying, education, teaching, secret knowledge, spiritual knowledge, mysticism, esoteric, religion, philosophy, priests, rituals, secrets, healing powers, healing, psychic powers and empathic abilities, lightworking and lightworkers. This number also symbolizes the expansion of your spirituality and going on a spiritual journey aiming to gain spiritual enlightenment.

The number 855 symbolizes karmic choices and decisions, as well as making karmic changes in your life with a significant effect on your future. This number also signifies expanding your knowledge, learning, studying, teaching others, and education in general.

This number also symbolizes gaining spiritual and secret knowledge aiming towards spiritual enlightenment.

The number 855 also symbolizes manifestation of your desires into reality, and especially the manifestation of desired abundance and wealth.

This number also symbolizes special powers, such as healing, empathic or psychic, one uses to serve humanity.

It also symbolizes humanitarianism and philanthropy. It is a number which symbolizes lightworkers and lightworking.

This number is also a sign of creativity and creative self – expression, individuality, independence, freedom, adventure, intelligence, choices, changes, decisions, and adaptability. It symbolizes authority and personal power, reliability and responsibility.

People who resonate with the number 855 are often very spiritual. They incline towards expanding their knowledge, especially on spiritual matters, which will help them on the path to spiritual enlightenment.

These people often have special powers (empathic, psychic, healing), which they use to help others and serve humanity. They are often lightworkers.

These people are also very dependable and realistic, focused on creating their financial stability, manifesting abundance. They are freedom-loving adventurers, creative and independent. They are very adaptable and easy get along with anyone because they treat all people as equal.

They are true philanthropists and humanitarians with sincere love and respect for all humanity. They often find themselves working for organizations with humanitarian character.

These people strive towards the success of their projects and endeavors. They are authoritative and possess great personal power and inner strength.

Seeing Angel Number 855

When the angel number 855 begins to appear in your life, the angels might be calling you to be prepared to make some important choices and decisions regarding your life and future.

You need to trust your abilities to wisely decide about things which will be of great significance for your life in the years to come.

Ask the angels and the Universe to guide your path while making these decisions and choices, and help you by pointing out the important things you need to be aware of while making these choices and decisions.

If you cannot be aware of the benefits these changes will bring into your reality, you won’t need to wait much longer to realize, how good it is that things unfolded in such a manner.

The changes might include some endings and closures happening in your life, but the angels ask you not to worry because they will only make space for new and desired things and people to come in.

The changes might include your private as well your professional life, or both. Your job is to relax and try to adapt to them as quickly as possible and you will see their blessings in no time.

Even if you find the changes a bit disturbing at first, the angels ask you to maintain your patience and faith that everything will work out perfectly at the end. If you feel discouraged or worried ask the angels to come to your rescue.

In some cases, this number announces changes in your financial situation and indicates large increase in your wealth and abundance.

The angels congratulate you on the good work done in manifesting your desires related to financial stability in your life.