877 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Welcome to our guiding lesson on guardian angels and angel numbers. We are sure you have heard about such phenomena or even experienced one.

Maybe you just were not aware of that. It certainly has happened that a number appeared in your life and, from that moment, you have started seeing it all over the place.

It appears wherever you turn your head; it shows up as matching digits on your clock, it occurs in a book you read, it appears on bills, mobile phones, television and so on.

Such phenomena are not uncommon and many people claim they keep seeing the same number all over again, in various daily situations. While some believe those numbers carry special meanings, others take it for granted and consider just a coincidence.

No matter of what group you find yourself into, you obviously read this because such strangely occurring and reoccurring numbers intrigue you.

We will gladly help you understand secret meanings of those numbers. They are called angel numbers, because our guardian angels choose them for us and send them to our life.

Angel numbers are always meaningful, useful and, overall, positive. Our angels send them to us because they care about our well-being.

Therefore, you can relax and rest assured these angel numbers will certainly bring you only good things and positive energy.

Angels send us numbers, because they are not allowed to interfere directly with human destinies. Angels are non-physical and selfless; they act through mediums rather than showing their faces to human world.

They do so, because they want to inspire us use our own resources, talents, strengths and energy for our own good.

If they change events so that we never experience any difficulty, we would not be able to value our lives.

Number 877 – What Does It Mean?

Angels are beautiful pure spirits that exist in higher realms. Every person possesses more than one of his or her guardians.

According to some spiritual paths, such as angelic numerology we will discuss and use here, we have two personal guardians that stay with us forever. Other angels come when they are needed and go when their task is over.

Angels are able to feel our need, even if do not pray aloud.

You can ask heavens to send you guardian angels and also ask for angels in place of a person you acre for and deeply believe he or she needs additional help. Heavens deeply care about mortal world and listen carefully to vibrations of our souls.


Guardian angels are connected to us and these personal protectors will always make sure of your well-being.

They might send you various signs that could be useful and helpful along your destiny path. Some of these signs could be in numerical form. These are called angel numbers.

Angelic numerology is a spiritual approach and a practice that humans have invented in order to interest secret meanings of angel numbers. We will now use it to analyze angel number 877.

Okay, angels have sent you number 877. You probably think it is ‘just a number’, because 877 really appears mundane and not particularly interesting as, say, number 888 or 777, for example.

However, there is a good reason why your angels have chosen it. It reveals your personality and character, in the first place. Let us interpret it with you.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Some angel numbers appears so incredibly eye-catching, while others seem so common. Number 877 is one of the latter, but there is a reason why it is sent to you.

Its energy is no more and no less important; this is an incredible angelic message!

Number 877 consists of numbers 8 and 7 and the aspect of 7 is particularly strong here. This number reflects a personality that possesses both the sense of materiality and spirituality.

Number 8 represents your ‘material’ side. It is focused on material success, freedom, stability, peace and harmony, financial growth, wealth, provision and security. It inspires good judgment and intuition, honor and justice.

It means people with this aspect will do anything needed to achieve their (material) goals, but never at the cost of others’ well-being. They are determined and just in their intentions.

Number 7 is your ‘spiritual’ side and it makes amazing balance with 8 here.

Number 7 stands for spirituality, spiritual journey, awakening, deep knowledge, inner wisdom, self-development in matters of soul, solitude, scientific and logic thinking, philosophy and mysticism. Number 7 has always been associated with higher knowledge and even heavens.

Love and Angel Number 877

Number 877 is a kind and sensible personality, with the sense of the importance of material stability in life.

These people are in touch with their inner self, but also quite aware of their earthly surroundings. They are somewhat lost in their dreams and they love to fantasize about the perfect one.

They are more loners than seducers, even if their energy is quite magnetic and they do attract and intrigue people of the opposite sex.

They are not easily ‘hooked’; they need to be deeply impressed in order to decide to commit to someone.

Numerology Facts About Number 877

Number 877 is related to steady energetic flow of angel number 4 (8+7+7=22, 2+2=4).

Number 4 adds to stability and peacefulness of overall combination. It inspires justice, honor, simplicity, modesty, high morals and trustworthiness.

It does not disrupt the energy of 877 and only makes it more stable.

Seeing Angel Number 877

If you keep seeing angel number 877 your guardian angels are might trying to tell you you should be more opened towards people around; otherwise, you will neglect many important things in life, such as romantic love, family, your dear ones who care about you.

The key is only to remind yourself you should balance your energy.

Focus on your personal goals, but never forget your surroundings, it is beautiful and full of wonderful things that could inspire you even more.