879 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel number 879 shows spiritual awakening, powerful energy and intuition.

A person with such a numerical code should learn to control their thoughts, since they have the ability to come true. 879 is a kind of portal that turns desires into reality.

Number 879 – What Does It Mean?

This number has an incredibly positive charge that can be used for development, but not all lucky owners direct its beneficial deeds.

Here lies the dark side of the truth, which can play a cruel joke. If a person misuses his opportunities, he can turn into a real despot and destroy the lives of many people.

Guardian angels give special clues that can warn, stop, or, conversely, convince that we are going in the right direction.

879 is called the number of angels, it has a huge energy charge and mystical meaning. The essence of his message is that higher powers hear our thoughts and protect.

The meaning of the number 879 lies in a new discovery, lightning-fast fulfillment of desire, materialization of thoughts. We are changing and the world around us is also transforming and strives to correspond to us.

The world is transformed first in the mental plane, then the physical.

If we look at the work of the number 879, we will see that the teacher seeks to raise the student to a new level, in turn, the student allowing himself to be taught, changes the teacher himself.

Both bodies, the higher spiritual and the lower physical, through the reflection of themselves in themselves acquire the concept of unity.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

When karma itself, realizing its bodily essence, does not suspect that it launches the mechanism of its improvement or the desire to make itself more beautiful and more perfect.

This is similar to how women rush to beauticians and plastic surgeons to change their body, not realizing that the outside body is a reflection of our inner world.

If, however, the weakness that: all people of this number show in financial matters. It stems from their inner conviction that they are always – or almost always – right.

As a result, they exaggerate their ability to successfully invest and perform other financial transactions. If they are unable to obtain specialized training in this area, then they will have to pacify their selves more often and rely more on the advice of professionals.

Usually people with an 879 as their date of birth are in good health. They work and have fun from the heart.


However, they should not overdo it, although they do not know the measure. Sooner or later, this will lead to problems.

The disease can strike like a bolt from the blue. However, later it will become clear that signs of an impending thunderstorm were always present.

People with an 879 as their date of birth love to play sports that require a lot of effort to relieve stress.

This is one more indication that they are naturally ready to bring themselves to exhaustion. After intellectual work, they prefer to relax by playing football or rugby, tennis or badminton.

Love and Angel Number 879

The square, expressed by the number 879, is not a solid, it is tolerances and variability, instability and the search for strength. It is the ability to balance and compromise.

So quadrature or 4 acquires hardness when entering a new dimension, and forming a tetraadron, which is the Universal particle of indestructibility.

One consciousness is the image of the real world, the second is a person’s reaction to the environment. This is how the sensory energy of fantasy is generated, which allows a person to live and develop.

This consciousness gives rise to shadows of fear because of its lack of understanding of the world order.

Karma 879 of our inner body, which gives us a period of life or a supply of energy for development and struggle with darkness.

And external consciousness, when we look in the mirror every day, we can see the changes that are evidenced by the result of our struggle.

Aging skin speaks of the draining influence of darkness, its fieriness.

Also 879, the outer or outer body is doing the same work as our inner body.

The work consists in the awareness of oneself as a whole, complete with space and boundlessness of internal content, which is expressed in the number 0.

And our conscious I, which is 0 in itself with the aim of cognition and deepening of concepts, this number 8. As we see here a perfect system of karma in karma.

Interesting Facts about Number 879

Since, according to Pythagoras, the unit is the head of the family of numbers (father), then men and women with the vibration of this number are usually loving parents.

And are especially concerned about the preservation of the family as a dynasty.

Hence the birth of a child is an event that is celebrated not only because it is a joy in the house, but also because the continuity of generations in the family is ensured.

People with an 879 as their date of birth are more likely to be very caring parents. They form close contact with children; over the years, the union is strengthened and withstands all tests.

Given that these people seek to command, they should show prudence so as not to suppress the will of the child, even because of their great love for him.

Such parents always “know better”, they tend to tightly control every step of their children, and not gently guide their development.

Children grow up and need a certain amount of freedom to take their rightful place in the world, outside of their home with its friendly atmosphere.

Everyone needs home comfort, and in this Relationship, people with 879 as their date of birth are no exception.

But their ambitions are such that they are willing to sacrifice their home for a career.

Therefore, they should remember that home is the best guarantee of peace and stability in their lives.

While many of them love “all that is beautiful,” they should avoid family friction due to lack of finances; it is better to temper your shopping ardor than to be out of money.

True, almost all people with 879 as their date of birth are good earners.

Seeing Angel Number 879

As for women, they go back to work as soon as they raise their children, if they don’t do it even earlier.

For most talented people, additional earnings often serve as a good help to the family’s basic income.

In the event that money is tight, a typical representative of this number, especially a man, feels ill at ease; and this can create tension in the family that overshadows an otherwise happy marriage.