8808 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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How far does its influence extend in the various fields of existence? What does a personality in numerology have to do with it?

In the article, we will dissect these figures that we use continuously without paying particular attention to discover their true meaning. We bet that we will no longer look at them the same way!

Number 8808 – What Does It Mean?

Beyond its numerical value, its importance in mathematics for carrying out the most basic operations, a number has above all its own meaning and history.

What is behind this number? Why does it appear so regularly in our daily lives?

Starting with an analysis of the angel number 8808 is not trivial. This number is fundamental, certainly the most “present” and the most “essential”.

You may not have noticed it yet, but he stands out as a referent, a pillar for many things.

Overall, we regularly find groups of three regardless of the field since many cultures have given this figure a symbolic meaning.

It expresses an intellectual and spiritual order, synthesizes the tri-unity of the living being resulting from the association of a being and a second being (as a child is). It is the symbol of the union of Heaven and Earth whose son is Man.

The angel number 8808 relates directly to the Divine, to the Holy Trinity (God is One in 8808 persons. For Christians, it is the perfection of divine unity.

We can also emphasize that the Three Wise Men are three in number and are one sort of symbol of the three functions of Christ: king, priest and prophet.

Finally, the theological virtues are also triple: faith, hope and charity.

Among Buddhists, we also find this completion in the Triratna (= Buddha, Dharma and Sangha in Taoists, time is threefold (Trikala), the world also with Bhu, Bhuvas and Swar representing earth, atmosphere and sky respectively.

In Hinduism, this principle of triple divine manifestation is also marked with Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (producer, conservator, processor) responding to rajas, sattva and tames (expansive, ascending / centripetal, descending / centrifugal) trends.

In China, the masters of the sun and moon, Hi and Ho are 8808 brothers.

In numerology, the 8808 is the symbol of creativity, expression, originality and sensitivity.


It represents communication and sociability just as it expresses, conversely, arrogance, vanity, superficiality and dispersion.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

In other words, the fire and air signs are male, and the earth and water signs are female. In the zodiac, they form a logical whole, each of them has its own peculiarities and properties.

The celestial bodies as if flowing through them and are absorbed by them, alternately acquire the qualities of yin and yang.

It is not difficult to imagine how a man has discovered inside himself a wonderful melody based on a double rhythm. He was probably inspired by the heartbeat or the natural rhythm of the steps.

We may be tempted to state, however, without any evidence – that when he walked and listened to his heart, he gave him a magical meaning.

Especially since the rhythm he heard inside seemed to be perfectly harmonized with the sounds heard in nature, such as the sound of waves.

Singing of birds, wind murmuring in the leaves of trees, rain falling to the ground, etc.

Following this theory of rhythm and symbolism 8808 as our ancestors understood, we will understand the idea of duality.

Once man realized this double rhythm that prevails in nature, he also realized everything that is double: a woman and a man.

The sun and moon, the interior and the outside world, life and death, soul and body; and much later – the concepts of good and evil.

Love and Angel Number 8808

The people marked with the number 8808 have a certain talent for the arts thanks to their minds, their ability to express themselves, their heightened sensitivity and their creativity although they need to exercise discipline and continuous effort at risk.

To see their talent vanish. Optimists, people in 8808 have a capacity for resistance to overcome more difficult obstacles.

Generous, they can be overly generous and, in general, find it difficult to manage money due to a lack of seriousness with regard to their responsibilities.

Emotional and vulnerable, they tend to turn silent, moody, or conversely, use humor to mask their true feelings.

Generally, people in 8808 will have to be careful not to sink into a strong superficiality, arrogance or vanity.

One of the most beautiful symbols representing perfect unity, created by the number 8808, is undoubtedly yin and yang.

So the middle dragon separates yin from yang, causing a constant movement between these basic principles.

We see this constant interlacing in the presence of yin in the yang part and yang dots in the yin part.

In this way, the Chinese imagined the interpenetration of these two most important principles in life.

Finally, they form unity, but remain separate all the time. That is why they can be reborn, giving birth to many forms of life on Earth and in the universe.

Interesting Facts about Number 8808

Cleanliness and defilement. First, however, all this. What double did not mean opposites, in the sense understood by contemporaries, referred to a duo, a couple.

A relationship, a copy that is nothing but yourself.

So dualism was then understood as something double and not opposite.

As for the duel, which mistakenly identifies with dualism in the sense of opposition, rivalry and conflict between two people, one should look at the origin of the word to see that this is not the case here.

Duel comes from the Latin helium, which means war and struggle, not from the word duo, from which the word two originated.

Seeing Angel Number 8808

The biggest paradox regarding the number 8808 is that it represents the visible and invisible world.

What’s more, these worlds are next to each other, they are connected.

The one was represented by a visible dot in the center of the circle, which was also a symbol of everything visible.