8818 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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The collection of feelings or perception group contains all kinds of emotions – pleasant, painful and indifferent, which for a person are like the door to the outside world.

A set of consciousness or group of impressions divided into: form, sound, smell, taste.

Number 8818 – What Does It Mean?

The set of ideas or deeds applies to all intuitive actions that are expressed in desire, affection and action: attention, concentration, understanding, judgment, will. Spirit, initiative, power of action, joy, etc.

A collection of mental resources or groups of knowledge combines six spheres of consciousness or intelligence that stimulate knowledge.

Each of these skills is used as a tool or instrument for learning and identifying.

So we have at our disposal: smell (Earth), taste (Water), sight (Fire), touch (Air), hearing (Ether or fifth element) and mind.

It can be safely deduced from this that, according to Hindu doctrine, consciousness that leads to self-knowledge is what the West used to call the sixth sense. It combines all the advantages of the five senses, thus creating the quintessence.

This awareness is a kind of extra-sensory power of perception, thanks to which everyone is able to realize that Shandha or the collections described above are just a pure illusion.

“Regardless of whether we look at them together or separately, these five elements never create unity, in their fullness there is nothing more than an independent self.

In the middle Ages, many Gothic and Romanesque churches and cathedrals were decorated with stained glass windows or sculptures in a geometric form consisting of a circle, a five-pointed star surrounded by five petals, formed from circles whose centers are located at the five tops of the star.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

We are inclined to believe, based on the principle of genetic memory that the whole story is written in us – all the stages of development that we went through, the awakening of consciousness that we fought for and which today offer us a contemporary vision of the world and reality.

As for the symbolism of the six, in comparison with the five, these numbers should be considered in the opposite direction, in a decreasing way.

Although it is hard to imagine it, five, according to ancient science, was greater than six.

This chronological inversion is a journey into one’s own interior, which a man must take to regain his true essence, to spread the wings of a newly regained consciousness that knows no boundaries.

We are in the world of the myth of paradise lost, which is present in all mythologies of the world.


So, understanding why symbolically five is greater than six, let us note that 8818 is the number of the month in which the fetus of the child is biologically fully developed.

The remaining three months are used to prepare for life outside, outside the mother’s body, allow the child to develop their own reactions, independent of the mother.

A personality structure is also created, whose symbolic and schematic representation can be read from the birth horoscope, calculated on the basis of the exact time of birth.

So 8818 shows a man still in the stage of formation, while 5 is the number of a fully formed man standing on his own legs. It was symbolized by a five-pointed star, or pentagram.

We now understand why 8818 precedes 5 in symbolic ordering of numbers.

Love and Angel Number 8818

People who are numerological 8818 are perfectionists, strive for self-improvement, and are eloquent, intelligent and smart.

They want to be successful in every field and are very focused on themselves – both in the physical and mental sphere.

8818 are cultural, calm, eloquent, elegant and stylish. At the beginning of the relationship they are sometimes withdrawn and seem unreachable. However, they gain a lot at a closer look.

For the people they care about, they are very kind, honest and loyal. 8818 are easily hurt by critics, even constructive ones.

They want to be the best at what they do, so all failures take wrong and they remember it for a long time.

The disadvantage of numerological 8818 is the frequent assumption of masks, which are designed to mask their self-confidence and complexes.

When they go through failures, they become cranky, sad and even unpleasant.

It can be bothersome for those who surround them, because like everything else, they also get angry and sad at all.

The advantages of numerological 8818 are great intuition, perceptiveness and analytical mind. They are brilliant and explore knowledge with curiosity.

The stones friendly to vibrations produced by 8818 are amethyst and mountain crystal, and the colors they should surround are silver, brown and all shades of blue.

They add energy and desire to live.

Interesting Facts about Number 8818

Yes, the fifth element exists. And this is not the invention of writers and filmmakers. Plutarch in the first century BC he described it with these words: “If we assume that the world we live in is the only one that exists and what Aristotle said is true.

Then we have five worlds forming Harmony: the first is Earth, the second Water, the third Fire, the fourth Air and fifth Heaven, also called Light by some, and Aether by others, by others still Quintessence “(Plutarch, Parallel Lives).

According to Greek philosophy, Harmony of the World consists of five elements.

But the Hindus also saw five principles in the man they thought was a microcosm.

They constituted components of his personality and were similar to the five main principles that make up the world and the universe – the macrocosm.

These five elements are Shandha, which literally means group or set. They can be summarized as follows:

The collection of matter or bodily substances consists of four elements, that is: matter (Earth), fluid (Water), hot (Fire) and movement (Air).

They correspond to individual senses and their functions: nose and smell – Earth, taste – Water, eyes and sight – Fire, skin and touch – Air, ears and hearing – Ether.

Seeing Angel Number 8818

8818 are accurate, reliable and trustworthy people. They have a sense of style and beauty, are aesthetes who like to surround themselves with beautiful objects.

In addition, 8818 have a well-developed intuition and most often of all other numerological characters have paranormal abilities.