899 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Numbers have always been an important part of our lives. In modern times, we could say inevitable, since we live in a digitalized world where everything we know is carefully encrypted, encoded or expressed in numerical form.

While our ancestors had been using numbers for more mysterious practices, we mostly use them for practical reasons.

We constantly measure, count and calculate everything around us.

We have become obsessed with numbers, especially if it comes to matters of money and wealth.

Our commercialized world is literally drowned in numbers, but all of this time we fail to see there is still much magic in those fascinating symbols we take for granted.

Indeed, numbers are just another form of symbols we regularly use. In old times, numbers had been in use for obscure and mystical purposes, such as fortunetelling and divination; legacy of old lore still lives on in spiritual approaches.

One particular spiritual path is what interests us here. It is called angelic numerology and its main purpose is to try to understand secret meanings behind numerical sequences that appear in peoples’ lives.

According to this approach, numbers we keep constantly seeing are not a coincidence; these numbers are special, sent to us by our guardian angels.

Now we come to another mysterious idea; the one that claims there are angels in the skies above, wonderful, pure spirits that care for us.

Angelic numerology says every person has their own guardian angels that help them, support them and offer them unconditional love.

Those angels communicate with us through magical symbolic channels.

Number 899 – What Does It Mean?

If you wonder what all of this have to do with numbers we have started this article with, let us clear it up!

Those channels angels use to communicate with human world could be numbers. Repeating numbers that keep appearing in your life and simply would not go away are angel numbers, sacred messages from divine realms.

Since guardian angels do not affect our lives directly, they choose symbolic mediums we would easily notice.

Numbers are already magical. In fact, if you think deeper and more spiritually, everything is magical; that is because every single thing that exists reflects parts of cosmic energy that makes the whole universe go round. So do numbers.


Angels would carefully choose specific numerical combination, with its own, special energy, and send it to you.

These numerical sequences that angels send have purpose and use. Your guardians deeply care for you and they would never send you something that could bring you bad luck or hurt you.

They only want to help you. Angel numbers are, thus, always positive.

However, it is good for you to know how to interpret such messages, in order to use the best of their positive vibrations.

Angel number 899 is one of these divine messages, although it appears perfectly common. This number possesses great energy and reflects your personality, as well.

Angel numbers are particularly good indicators of someone’s personality; they help you get in touch with yourself and also reconnect with heavenly realm.

IT goes with one another. Angel number 899 will certainly help you do that.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Magical angel number 899 consists of two powerful angelic numbers, 8 and 9. While 8 represents the basis, 9 is particularly strong, because its energy is doubled.

Number 899 represents a stable personality that is also familiar with spiritual paths and spiritual approach to life.

These people want to know more about life and are eager to discover secrets of higher knowledge and higher levels. They are truly inspiring characters with positive auras.

Number 8 is the basis, as we have said. This number is oriented to material aspects of life, including material stability and freedom, professional and financial goals and all that is related to these; it stands for stability, safety, provision, richness, abundance, harmony, steadiness, justice, good judgment, authority and persuasion.

Number 9 is quite different. Number 9 is highly spiritual; it is associated with karma, destiny, spiritual awakening, enlightenment, self-sacrifice, generosity, sensitivity, creation, creativity, and higher perspective. This number also inspires compassion, sympathy, forgiveness and understanding. Its energy is magnetic.

Love and Angel Number 899

Angel number 899 brings a lot of love and understanding into love life.

People with this number are particularly sensitive to others’ emotions, but they never let others manipulate them or use their sense of forgiveness and compassion for their bad intentions.

These people have an excellent intuition and they would know when the right person steps into their life.Romantic love with an 899 person is beautiful, full of support, care and mutual understanding.

They are able to ‘read’ their partners and make compromises, if needed.

Numerology Facts About Number 899

Angel number 899 is interestingly related to number 8. Basic numerology method leads to this; just sum up the digits until you get a single number.

It makes perfect balance, because now you have two eights and two nines, which is amazing! Both of these numbers have specific, different, but not conflicting vibrations.

It is very good to have sense of the importance of both material and spiritually emotional aspect of life.

Seeing Angel Number 899

Angels have chosen to send you number 899 as a good and promising omen of your future. They want you to care less and enjoy life more.

Nurture your spiritual side and do not let your obsessions with material stability distance you from your inner and higher development.

Enrich your soul with love of those around you and simply let yourself go with the flow for a while.

Angel number 899 is encouraging and enlightening, by all means!