904 Angel Number- Meaning and Symbolism

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Have you ever been thinking a bit deeper about things that appear in your life and seem a bit odd and out of place?

The truth is, many people claim they have seen strange things, but then they simply take them for granted and consider a coincidence. As time passes, we forget these phenomena and just move on as always.

Well, of course nothing terrible will happen if you ignore such things, but it would be very useful to learn what they truly are.

These strange phenomena we speak about are actually messages sent to us from divine realms. These are good and positive messages of guidance and love.

They appear in many forms, but will most likely come up as something we are familiar with.

For example, those number sequences you have been seeing around for a while. Ever thought about them?

Repeating numerical sequences that keep appearing an various situations over time could be more than just numbers.

According to various authors, mystics, spiritualists and others related, these numerical sequences are messages from our guardian angels, exactly those we have mentioned above.

These experts in spiritual matters claim we all have guardian angels that help us through symbolic messages they send down to earth.

According to spiritual paths of knowledge, guardian angels are selfless, non-physical entities that have one important mission and that is to watch over our world and help us.

Their help is never direct, because they would like to teach us, to help us understand how precious our lives are and that we are the ones in control, for a great part.

Number 904 – What Does It Mean?

To help us realize the beauty of life itself and make us value it more, angels send us symbolic messages. These heavenly guidelines come to us to help us discover our true selves, to accept ourselves and believe in humanity.

It is fascinating to know that something that is divine exists only to make us feel more human!

To send us these guidelines, angels use various channels and mediums. One of those are numbers and these are special ones, called angel numbers.

Our personal guardian angels send us specific angelic numerical combinations, to point out some important things in our life we should probably pay more attention to.


At the same time, angel numbers reveal our personality and help us truly hear our inner voice.

Angel numbers come in various combinations. Any numerical sequence could be angelic, but it must keep appearing in your life again and again, over a longer period. You will notice it easily.

However, it takes a bit talent and skill to understand these angel numbers. Angelic numerology is specific spiritual approach that analyzes angel numbers.

We will use it to help you understand your angelic message of number 904.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Just like other complex, multi-digit numbers, number 904 is also a good indicator of an individual’s personality. This number reveals your soul and your destiny; it will help you understand yourself better and stop doubting your ideas, your goals and emotions.

Number 904 is stable and strong, down to earth, but with a good intuition and sense of connection with higher realms.

Number 9 reflects your ‘higher’ aspect; it represents divine wisdom, karma, cosmic laws, destiny, spiritual journey and awakening, enlightenment, universal love and self-love, self-sacrifice, selflessness and kindness.

Number 0 makes stronger vibrations of other numbers it stands along, but also represents concepts such as infinity, eternity, flow of universal energy, cycles, phases, beginnings and endings.

Number 4 is a bit different and it reflects your ‘earthly’ side. This number stands for organization, tradition, morals, justice, pragmatism, modesty, protection, stability in life, endurance, loyalty and seriousness.

This combination is overall positive, quite determined and focused in life.

People with angel number 904 are idealistic and higher knowledge seeking, but at the same time, they are able to accept the reality of earthly life.

Love and Angel Number 904

Angel number 904 offers stability in love life. People with this number are very determined and dedicated when it comes to finding a partner whom they would spend their lifetime with.

They want a partner who will support them in their visions.

They are demanding and protective of those whom they care for, which makes them particularly strong and respectful parental figures.

Numerology Facts About Number 904

Number 904 is clearly related to number 4, because 9 and 4 summed up equals 13 and 1 plus 3 are 4.

Number 4 once again adds to this number’s energies of determination, dedication, focus, strength of will and authority.

IT should be handled carefully, because very strong aspect of 4 could narrow your view and make you look at life from only one point and there are many.

Seeing Angel Number 904

Just as we have mentioned above, number 904 is particularly stable and powerful, but it possesses energies that should be used carefully.

You have amazing predispositions, a lot of experience and knowledge that will help you build a wonderful life.

However, you should control your instincts and need to dominate over everything and control people in your life. It is exhausting and difficult for all involved! Just think about it more and try to manage your energy.

Angel number 904 also brings you encouragement and it inspires you to accept your destiny and follow your path.

You have many talents that should not stay unused and neglected. Your angels know that and they would never let you forget your qualities and abandon your dreams.