918 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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If you come across a   number such as 918 while looking at your electronic watch or smartphone, number and number again, that means a lot.

You are experiencing a phenomenon of synchronicity, where your subconscious draws your attention to this significant number.

Number 918 – What Does It Mean?

918 Number carries an angelic message from heaven, which means a lot of things about your life, so you have to be careful what your angels tell you.

The Guardian Angels tell you through the 918 number that your most presumptuous wishes will come true.

Demonstrate persistence and hard work, you will reap the rewards of your efforts as soon as possible.

A number which also refers to a rather complex mission which requires a high degree of reflection and intellectuality.

The 918 is a figure found in the 3 major religions namely Jewish, Christian and Muslim where it refers to sacred symbolism. This makes 918 an angel spiritual number, which symbolizes mediumship and clairvoyance.

You have a gift relating to the divinatory arts, you are certainly aware. But you are unaware that you have the possibility of developing it, particularly in the field of theology. Your guardian angels strongly encourage you to improve your karma.

They will deposit you the stimulating energies necessary to break all the pitfalls that block your path to your success, and this in all areas of your life.

This number is also known for its contribution of renewal, it represents an omen of favorable change which can concern the love life or the professional life.

Number 918 coincides with an angel who is known as Anile. Anile has an influence duration which takes 20 minutes and this from 9 noon until 6 pm. It is the symbol of divine breath, courage and bravery.

Anile enriches you with knowledge relating to the mysteries of creation of the human being and the creation of the universe.

It is an optimal character to succeed in all areas of your life. The angel number 918 opens your eyes to a person who has not stopped loving you, you are thinking about them right now, because deep down you already know!

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Through the 918 angel number, the guardian angels communicate the word love to you. If you are single, soon you will meet a person, and that is who with you will share very strong feelings.

If you are already in a relationship, they talk to you about sexuality, you will revive your intimate relationship and spice up your pleasure.


The 918 is a number indicating the protection of god, the angels assure you the support and the defense against the misfortunes of life, and you only have to invoke them.

They also recommend that you go to a psychic when you experience confusion.

You are going through a period where questions and doubts surround you, the only way to get out of it is good reflection. Take plenty of number to analyze and weigh the strengths and weaknesses of your decision.

Arm yourself with will, and say to yourself “better to try than never to fail”. The practice of meditation by allowing yourself number to chat with yourself is very essential in situations of uncertainty.

This allows you to draw a final line on your doubts.

Ariel is the name of the angel who responds to the angel number 918 Ariel lifts the veil on the mysteries of the terrestrial globe and nature, which will increase your appreciation for the magnificence of the divine creatures.

When you are facing a problem that puts pressure on you, contemplating nature, its sea, its blue sky, its flora and fauna incredibly soothes you and eliminates all your negative energies. You seem to find the best psychological therapy!

You constantly have a fertile imagination, a very intense sense of intuition and very ingenious ideas, in a word you are a creative person.

The source of your creativity is indeed The Angel Ariel, it gives you the gifts necessary to mark a success in the field of spirituality and divinatory arts.

In addition, it develops your maturity and makes you very wise, which leads people around you to share their troubles with you, because they really trust your sound advice.

The 918 angel number has a numerological value of 18. The 18 enriches your personality through the sense of communication you have. It makes you a very explicit person, you have a good speech when you speak to the public.

Besides, you exude an elegance that makes you a very attractive being. This is one of your most precious assets, since your sociability will open the doors to new opportunities and new challenges. How it solidifies your self-confidence, and it amazes others.

It is undeniable that you show honesty and responsibility in the missions which one entrusts to you, but beware of a difficult period which is announced, it will cause in your questions which will harm you.

You tend to see the bright side, and you’re convinced that there’s a solution for every problem.

It is an optimal character to succeed in all areas of your life. The angel number 918 opens your eyes to a person who has not stopped loving you, you are thinking about them right now, because deep down you already know!

Love and Angel Number 918

Among the positive points of the hanged man’s thinking, intellectual strength, intuition etc. Never give up in the face of headwinds, be sure and certain that persistence and patience are successful.

Although the wait is painful but hope that it will be rewarded very well

Introspection which is defined as a mental activity of deep thought, you must adopt it while trying to see the life of a different nail, it is a good way to find its desired tranquility and calm.

Know that people’s gaze does not advance you in the least, but on the contrary it complicates your existence.

The hanged man alludes to a lot of negative things, namely depression, repression, situation blockage, loneliness and the sorrow of love.

In addition, this card indicates a great disappointment characterized by an inability to change something, you feel a total weakness in the face of the bad weather of life.

Given the heaviness of this sentence, always be optimistic, do not hate your fate, life is made of ups and downs for everyone.

Chase away your evil impulses, as well as your grudges and resentments, they do nothing to advance you.

Anile enriches you with knowledge relating to the mysteries of creation of the human being and the creation of the universe.

The dry braking situation that you are experiencing right now comes from a cause linked to the past. This inability to move forward comes from a person or a situation. In order to overcome this, try to perceive life with a distinct vision.

Break the boundaries you made yourself, destroy all the taboos that block you, this is the best way to move forward. Number is running out, no one is waiting. Life is lived only once, you might as well simplify it.

Pay attention to the voice that encourages you to move forward, many avenues will open up and doors will open for your future, in all areas.

Interesting Facts about Number 918

The tarot blade which coincides with the 918 number is the force. This is the eleventh card of Marseille tarot cards, and is one of the main cards.

It symbolizes determination, power, courage and also femininity. It enhances your dynamism, you overflow with energy.

Your brain is your master, all your decisions come from a long objective reflection.

The strength card also qualifies you as a courageous and docile person. When you target a goal, you reach it, whatever happens. This is a quality, but be careful to offend others.

The arcane is a card that materializes by a woman who opens the mouth of a dog with her own hands without fear of its bite.

This symbolic graphic speaks of your character, you are a brave and courageous person. You can control the most complex situations with composure.

Force boasts your strong will, and determination that lead you to exploits. Keep going, you are wise when it comes to solving problems, whether they are yours or those of others.

It announces the birth of an investment and a business with a high degree of profitability.

Strength when it is badly positioned in your draw, it indicates an unfavorable situation. It can be disputes, conflicts, and disagreement in any environment (family, conjugal, friendly or professional).

These are conjunctures that you will have difficulties in solving and putting in order, you must show wisdom and courage to prevent them from getting worse.

In the realm of love, the strength map describes the strength of the love you have for your partner.

You experience a physical attraction similar to the magnetic effect between a magnet and a metal. This is due to your ardent feelings.

In the field of work, you show honesty you work conscientiously, for you the work is paid for success, the thing for which you do not save any effort.

In money, “good accounts make good friends.” You manage so well that your employees trust you blindly in the control of finance. On this level you excel.

Seeing Angel Number 918

The angel number 918 is coming into your world when it is installed negatively in your draw, it indicates a physical weakening, a health problem, even an illness.

But don’t worry, since this is a momentary embarrassment, you will quickly recover and regain your strength.