943 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Seeing angel number 943 can mean that you have to make an important decision about what you were thinking right now.

This decision can take two different directions, depending on whether you are in step with universal intelligence or not.

Number 943 – What Does It Mean?

A person gifted with 943, choose this formula wisely, will be available, welcoming, open, gentle, and changeable, subject to a change of atmosphere just like the water from which it emanates.

It is important in our type of society to explain this number, which unfortunately is misunderstood and judged negatively.

Indeed, our world valuing hyper activity, success, flamboyant, leaves little room for internalization, pause, feeling and … femininity.

The 943 is the “negative” of the 1 and therefore its perfect complement; the bad sense of the negative term did the rest.

In the Science of Numbers, the 943 summarily represents the pure spirit, the supreme unity, and radiant but without “consciousness” of itself.

The awareness of our personal image goes through the mirror and its reflection. If the 1 evokes the masculine principle and the 943 the feminine, let us keep in mind that men and women have the attributes of it in their own way without any sexism intervening trivially.

We are talking about symbols here, I remind you! The 943 invites us to understand the principles of return, reflection, receiving, separation (in the descriptive sense).

Let us detail these terms to adapt them to expression 943.

The energy of the return is a passive energy, it is real energy but reactive, it intervenes after the fact, more slowly and lets infuse, permeate the primary energy; it is obviously secondary and therefore subtle, fine, rich in sensations and emotions; it gives perspective and becomes a vector of wisdom (see the Pope in tarot).

We can therefore better understand this energy of reflection, whether it is light (which it absorbs by representing the shadow) or cerebral, discursive reflection.

Its principle of separation at work, generator of awareness, therefore produces complementarity or the opposition of things, duality!

A 943, naturally aspires to meet, to bring together opposites by cultivating the attraction for everything that is based on 943 as symbolically, the discussion (at least two people), the couple, the other!

There are the 1 and the others, the other is the mirror, whether it be the object, a person, the spouse, the twin, femininity, the body (in relation to the spirit) but also in as long as its container.


To simplify all this, the 943 confers qualities of openness, wisdom, listening, thoroughness (sense of detail, which represent separate elements), attention (contrary to tension), a very strong sensitivity and a fertile imagination.

A maternal energy which nourishes, which carries its creation within it in discretion but which constitutes the essential stage without which nothing would be done. This capacity to receive, this functional vacuum naturally causes the need to fill it.

Ideally, this emptiness is justified to feel its own presence but in practice, it can be experienced as a lack and cause us to fill up, whether it be food, drinks or other things…

On the other hand, the working duality, which I remind you, is the principle of consciousness or manifestation, generates between its two opposite poles an energy, original source of movement!

Yes, instability allows movement; thanks to our two legs we can walk, the attraction-repulsion principle is at work in all the movements of nature.

Instability is one but generally, the 943 are directly attracted to activities linked to the symbolism of the 943.

Psychologically, the 943 are calm and serene when they are listening to themselves and accept the “secondary” side, which can also put them in the foreground…

They need to follow their own rhythm and their feelings, otherwise they will run out of energy. The spirit of control is not their strength and above all contrary to letting go, which is their main resource, which they must cultivate against all odds.

Attention to the need for security, sometimes very present due to a feeling of lack, always linked to this functional vacuum.

The relationship with the mother is more than determining in childhood, the 943 stick to their mothers, even if the appearance seems to demonstrate the opposite.

The 943 is adhesive, sticky because it has a marked dropout complex; the 943nd wife!

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The number 943 has always had a bad reputation. And for good reason, it is associated with the “devil’s figure” and evokes a bad omen or even fear.

If you often see the sequence of this mystical figure, does this augur well?

You will see that the meaning of the number 943 is from another register. And like any message from the Universe, its character is more of benevolent guidance.

Take this verse, add fear around it for the purpose of manipulation for years, plus the use of this image reinforced by the media and you get a wrong belief …

The bad image of this figure is so ingrained in our minds that just seeing or talking about it causes a feeling of unease.

Yet it is not so and be assured that the Universe and the Angels do not send you this figure to scare you, far from it! 943 is just a number, that’s it!

You often come across the number 943 or including this series lately (66, 66.6, 943.66 € for example) or mirror hours, sometimes even insistently.

At least just enough to ask you questions… chance? From the moment you notice it several times, we will rather say that it is about synchronicity!

The Universe has a thousand and one ways to get our attention. And number sequences are probably a simple and effective way to send us a message.

Why? Quite simply because the figures, in addition to the fact that they contain a high vibrational frequency, are symbols without borders. When we see them, they are unfiltered and affect us directly.

In an environment where numbers are everywhere, what is the probability of seeing the same sequence of numbers several times a day or on a regular basis? The number 943 is a call to return to the balance between the material and the spiritual.

We repeat, see 943 is not a bad omen … this sequence simply expresses that your mind is currently a little too concentrated in illusions of material plane. The Universe then invites you to listen more to your heart, your intuition, your inner voice, which is always good advice.

943 is a call to return to balance, to refocus on being present in the moment. By observing this number, are your thoughts aligned with the highest expression of yourself: love and joy?

Or are you currently concentrating on more material things, the fear of lack, worries, doubts … which do not serve you and only nurture egregores and harmful thoughts.

In a kind and friendly manner, the Angels send you a warning message when they send you 943. But that is not a message to fear at all! They only invite you to observe and elevate your thoughts.

Love and Angel Number 943

Watching sequence 943 can also mean that you have to make an important decision about what you were thinking right now.

In the Science of Numbers, the 1 summarily represents the pure spirit, the supreme unity, and radiant but without “consciousness” of itself.

This decision can take two different directions, depending on whether you are in step with universal intelligence or not.

Therefore, if you are on the “right track,” your decision can turn into energy related to 943, ending your problem.

In this case, regardless of your decision, you have made the right choice and put an end to your concerns.

Opposed to a decision 943, you may be less inspired and go to a decision 666. This choice is the result of a kind of non-alignment with yourself.

Finally, you will have to start again because the experiences must be learned in order for you to grow. It’s a universal law.

Know that your soul already knows what to do and you just need to feel how things are reasoning within you. The best decisions are always based on love.

By the way, can you remember a situation where your decision was based on fear? What was the result of this decision?

Whenever you see 9:43 (mirror hour), remember that you are a unique being with natural abilities and talents.

When you begin to explore and develop these talents, you restore your gift to humanity while raising the vibration of the earth.

Interesting Facts about Number 943

The awareness of our personal image goes through the mirror and its reflection. This number is the original principle of authority and not of authoritarianism; he who is authoritative in his field is respected, he knows how to do it.

Know-how, authority, respect are therefore its primary qualities.

Let us continue the symbolic path through its structural aspect. The plan and the land necessarily include the anchor, the hearth and therefore the house, always from a strictly structural point of view.

Back on the two, which reminds us of its emptiness; brings a double vacuum, a two-dimensional vacuum, the space contained in a surface.

This is very important to understand the 943, its emptiness is essential; when you buy a piece of land, a house or a box, it is the vacuum that interests you because it is him that you are going to use!!!

This characteristic is particularly attached to safety, therefore at home, at work, in daily life and sometimes even in routine in excessive cases; this aspect gives him a certain slowness, the time to be sure of doing things well and to emphasize the adage:

The 943 is perfect, it follows the rules, it cannot make mistakes, it is fair, exact, and therefore normally and technically cannot be guilty but since it tends to zero defects, it suffers from guilt.

Seeing Angel Number 943

Although it may seem rigid and serious, the 943 represents the person on whom one can count, goodness embodied and against all odds the principle of success! “The hare and the turtle” perfectly embody the numbers 3 and 943 and this, in all sectors, use it.