948 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Whenever you repeatedly see a number, it’s likely to be more than just a coincidence.

The recurring number sequences are common signs used by the Universe to communicate its advice, presence and love. In a previous article we explained the meaning of the number 948.

Today we are interested in the number 948. Would you like to know the meaning?

Here is the meaning of the number 948, spiritual and mystical number which announces the Abundance!

Number 948 – What Does It Mean?

It represents our inner and outer selves, our personality, external behavior, the visible side of our character… it is the number which includes all the key positions of the personality, the active number, the number of heredity, the spiritual impulse and the intimate self.

There is no room for finesse, personality is quite difficult as much for yourself as for others, there is a good capacity for achievement which requires a lot of perseverance and diligence, will and determination to to be able to move forward concretely.

We find in fact the characteristics of 4 (see the interpretation above).

On the negative side, the personality can be violent, impulsive, uncompromising, stubborn, with a tendency to megalomania, angry, with a possible psychological imbalance and also very materialistic.

Thus in the spiritual number 948, thus multiplying its power of manifestation. There are several reasons to see the number 948. Here are 3 main ones.

The meaning of 948 may relate to the completion of spiritual learning. What was supposed to be learned has been learned.

You did not arrive on Earth with all the knowledge and wisdom required (or you would not be there!) And knowing what you are supposed to do at every moment of your life.

But you found your way here and realized that every experience in your life has benefited from a lesson that has helped you learn more about who you really are.

And from that, you gained wisdom. The wisdom is when to use what you have learned to improve your situation.

When you see 948 this is the assurance that your life purpose, goals and dreams are supported by the entire Universe.

And you will be rightly rewarded for sharing your gifts and shining your only light in the world!


Seeing often 948 can also relate to something that you sowed some time ago and that is finally ready for harvest.

It could be a dream, a personal or professional goal, or something you wanted to change about yourself.

Thus, seeing 948 is a clear sign that the seeds have germinated and matured and that you are completely ready to pick the fruits of your labor.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The 948 is ambivalent but when opens, the 948 receives! Let us be more concrete to illustrate my remarks.

When making a decision, the 948 knows what to do, does not do it, and bites his fingers because he knew.

First thing, the 948 is looking for a soul mate who will allow him to believe in the merger but wrongly!

He will want a telepathic understanding, refuse any lack of fluidity in communication with the partner, will be demanding while displaying independence and fierce individualism.

Because the realization of the interior fusion normally would lead to the true autonomy !!!

Everything is fused, the 948 has a best friend or a, a perfect vehicle, the perfect house, in short the perfect complement for each circumstance.

He does not know how to manage multiplicity, groups, forced to get out of it on a case-by-case basis. This is his major challenge, to learn real autonomy, in particular emotional autonomy and to achieve gender harmony in him.

As he is sensitive, intuitive, he does it only at his head and when he is forced to follow (which often happens to him), he sore, groans, criticizes, does not give up and becomes depressed.

In order for him to respect himself, he must follow artistic paths or agree to think outside the box by dispensing his innate lights, his sense of vibration.

He is an outstanding educator and pedagogue and moreover, he always imagines the scope of things, it is automatic for him, he is a visionary.

Very few 948, manage to realize it at the risk of getting stuck in a bleak and unbearable life for them. The couple, the arts and education in the global sense will be essential to its development.

Psychologically, defusing the mother is essential. Also watch out for authoritarianism and self-centeredness when trust grows without spiritual fools.

Love and Angel Number 948

The person with this number 958, full of energy, it is a real sun, enthusiastic, ready to shine brightly when the opportunity arises which does not always make it easy to follow although it is that she is waiting.

The 958 will be better understood a priori with even numbers while rather rival with the others even frankly depending on the case.

The personal impulse is strong, deep, motivated essentially by the creation, the beginning, the management, the departure, the investment, in short any first initiative.

When the action, very privileged, flows well, aggressiveness, positively, mainly allows progression; on the other hand, if the person lacks self-confidence and love for himself, his aggressiveness will therefore be expressed by recurrent irritability as well as an exacerbated critical spirit, particularly towards leaders (or fathers) .

You really have to understand the type of energy of the 1, which goes, in a way from the inside to the outside, in a single direction, it creates, it gives, it engages, it undertakes, in short, it is driving !!!

Questioning is therefore not its strong point, we cannot know everything either. If action turns out to be impossible, a short period of depression ensues until the positivism and enthusiasm of the 958 prevail again and restart the action.

His faith in him, capital, allows him to launch spirited initiatives without requiring the approval of others. He doesn’t care if he subscribes to his ideas or not, he is stronger than he is, he gets started, must someone devote himself right?

All in all, these aspects are marginal since the 958, in general, gratifies us with its good humor, its “juice”, its generosity and its comforting reliability; yes, we can count on him, he is always there, like a father, an older brother or a mother (for women) but strong.

Interesting Facts about Number 948

You have noticed that the same number often appears in your daily life when you look at the time, for example.

Or on number plates, an invoice, a magazine, an advertisement, a street number … we are surrounded by numbers. Constantly.

Only the recurrence of this figure intrigues you and attracts your attention enough to ask you questions. Is it just a coincidence?

Just asking yourself the question proves that you no longer put these repetitions of numbers on the mere fruit of chance.

Why else would you be reading this article? If you often see the same series of numbers, it’s because the universe has a message for you.

Numbers are universal symbols. They are used almost everywhere in the world and we use them every day.

We can then say that “using” numbers is rather very practical for the Universe and Spiritual Guides! But that’s not all.

Thus in the spiritual number 948, thus multiplying its power of manifestation. There are several reasons to see the number 948. Here are 3 main ones.

The meaning of 948 may relate to the completion of spiritual learning. What was supposed to be learned has been learned.

Also, the numbers – as well as the colors – are without filter: the simple fact of looking at them and their vibrations reach our mind. They are magic!

948 angel number 948 is the number associated with Abundance and Prosperity.

If you look at the sacred geometry of this number, it’s the symbol of infinity, reminding you that you have unlimited resources.

Seeing Angel Number 948

In the number 948, there are two perfect circles stacked on top of each other. The upper sphere of the angel number is your connection to the spiritual world, perfect and complete.

The lower sphere of the eight is your fullness in the material world.

This sacred symbol is a reminder that you are a spiritual being with physical experience.

When you trust and harness your infinite resources in the spiritual realm, you can also have prosperity, fulfillment and abundance in the material world.