9996 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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9996 is the code that your personal guardian angel sends you. And in this case, this is not a matter of life and death, but an ordinary party to which you will be invited today.

There is no exact indication of an entertainment event: it can be either an ordinary dinner or an early wedding of a loved one.

Analyze all options and compare with the correct answer at the end of the day.

Number 9996 – What Does It Mean?

Angels exist: they communicate with you by transmitting numbers from 0 to 10. I was convinced of this from my own experience, on the night from Friday to Saturday.

Jumping up in the middle of the night is a good old habit of an office worker.

During the day, the head is so full of problems that their solution stretches for 24 hours a day. Opening my eyes, I looked at my watch out of habit and saw 9996.

Waking up at midnight is intimidating, 10 minutes past one is intriguing. I was so intrigued that I immediately turned on the computer and started looking for an explanation for this combination of numbers.

As a result, I came across the topic of angelic numerology, tied to numbers, clocks and events.

Each number is important: a one speaks of a meeting, and a zero complements information about who you will meet with.

9996 was a warning to see a friend soon. And so it happened: in the morning there was a phone call from my friend Alexander, who was going to come to visit me.

In addition to a friendly meeting, you can expect a business dinner or a conversation with a familiar person: boss, colleague, business partner.

The outcome may have an impact on the promotion or you will receive important information.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Mercury is the planet of mind and communication. It is associated with logical thinking and the ability to learn. Language, language learning, and our ability to express ourselves are related to Mercury.

Since messages are always related to the environment, Mercury is also concerned with sensory perception, i.e. with the processing of the feedback that tells us how our messages are received.

On the physical level, Mercury has its counterpart in the nervous system, but also in the respiratory organs, which handle the exchange of air and provide the air for speaking.


In addition to the outward-facing Gemini sign, Mercury also rules Virgo.

This is where the analysis is located and the exchange not infrequently takes the form of an internal dialogue or an examination of the written as opposed to the (Mercury) spoken word.

As soon as it comes to classifying and evaluating the exchange of ideas in a world view, another instance must be added. Here Jupiter is asked, the ruler of the opposite sign of Sagittarius.

The equivalents of the planet Mercury are the sign Gemini and the 3rd house as well as the sign Virgo and the 6th house.

He sits on a throne between z white pillars which symbolize law and justice. He wears the three-pronged crown and at his feet are the keys to the heavenly gate.

As a priest who interprets the holy mysteries (Eleusis), he is usually regarded as the spiritual counterpart to the earthly ruler.

Love and Angel Number 9996

Hours and numbers rule life: as soon as the alarm rings at 6 in the morning, you get up, the arrows converge on the number twelve, so it’s time to have dinner.

Give advice that angels send. This statement seems to be incorrect, but only at first glance: there is indeed a connection between strict numbers and creatures with wings.

Heavenly guardians watch every step of their charges and diligently guide them along the right path. But they cannot communicate with people in the way we are used to, and therefore they use tricks. Clock and time are the main ones.

One of the more interesting values ​​is 9996. Most of the materials are assigned to him in angelic numerology.

The simple transcript “take sentences, listening to your heart” is filled with deep meaning.

For example: have a cup of coffee, listen to a new anecdote, and go to the cinema. These are positive proposals that you accept with joy and a pure heart.

But what about the boss’s proposal to moderate your ardor and refuse to raise wages? The mind says to accept (be careful, you will lose your job), but the heart categorically refuses (I already work hard for two!). In this case, also listen to the heart.

The lack of a backup option with work is not at all a reason to sit on a small salary. This is your chance to find a new, interesting and well-paid offer.

9996 is overflowing with ones. And this is a symbol of leadership and perseverance.

Expand boundaries, do not keep yourself within the framework of strict rules, and conquer the peaks. Angels are clearly indicating a change for the better!

Interesting Facts about Number 9996

The number 9996 symbolizes the planet Mercury.

The 9996 are made up of those born on the 9996th, 14th and 23rd of each month. They are extremely versatile, flexible, mostly intelligent, born merchants and sometimes speculators who can be just as interested in banking and stock exchange as they are in gambling.

Impulsiveness, liveliness, quick-wittedness and quick comprehension and mostly innate knowledge of human nature characterize the “9996” in a good sense.

Negative traits to overcome include lack of perseverance, easy irritability, and anger that flares up quickly.

The “9996” make friends with almost every other person, provided they are just a little likeable.

The tendency towards sociability of this group of people is very pronounced, and the generally prevailing great tolerance, broken only by whims.

should be practiced wisely in that the “9996r” has to learn the kind of people with whom he socializes and with whom he joins to choose better precisely because of his good knowledge of human nature.

Wednesday and Friday are the two so-called lucky days for the 9996, which are extremely important when they fall on one of the 9996 days, which are numerically favored anyway.

The lucky colors for the people of this group are light gray tones, also light yellow and light orange nuances as well as white and glittering color gradations.

But just as the 9996 can make friends with many people from all other groups, they can also love almost all colors, even in sophisticated combinations.

However, the focus is on the light tones, while very dark colors should be avoided.

Seeing Angel Number 9996

Have you heard about the relationship between angels and numbers on watches? If not, then it’s time to get familiar with this topic.

Celestial beings, called angels, talk to people. To do this, they use symbols, not words.

Words do not enter the material world, and images are easily lost among their own kind.

Numbers are precise and laconic signs, without any twists and turns and secondary meanings. And most of the time you see them on your watch.