Angel Number 438 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Our life is filled with numbers, they are everywhere: in the date of birth, car, apartment and house numbers, and even on the page of an accidentally opened book.

In numerology there is an interpretation for each number, but special magic belongs to the number 438.

The message from the angels can be interpreted depending on where you met the lucky sign: car number (the car is capricious, with frequent breakdowns, but you will quickly and successfully sell it).

Telephone number (success in the negotiating business); apartment number, house number (success in your career, the longer you live under this number, the greater you will achieve); time on the clock (good news awaits you, or you will receive an advantageous offer, everything planned will come true).

Number 438 – What Does It Mean?

If you add the two digits that make up this number, the result is a three.

According to the postulates of numerology, 3 is a multiply strengthened unit. This reinforcement includes times when a sufficiently confident leader becomes a real dictator.

His ambitions are gradually becoming an irrepressible lust for power.

However, a transformation of character is possible, in which an artistic and positive character appears.

However, it should be borne in mind that artistry hides self-doubt and shyness.

The sensitivity given by a two is manifested by the fact that a person easily falls under the influence of other people.

The owner of this number will become a good and productive subordinate only under the guidance of a leader who has diplomacy skills and behavioral tactics.

However, numerologists say that living with the owner of the fateful number 438 will be easy.

It can combine strength of character with a sense of affection. However, attachment only works when the partner is perceived as an equal.

The positive point is that in relation to such a partner there are no such qualities as pedantry or fanaticism in any of their manifestations.

The postulates of angelic numerology claim that the main method of transmitting a message from an angel is the dial of an electronic clock.


Frequent contemplation by a person of the same time is an indication that the Universe is trying to warn or give a clue.

In this branch of angelic numerology, the following combinations are of particular importance: Completely coinciding numbers of hours and minutes. Mirrored combinations. Each of them has its own special interpretation.

This is due to the fact that unique information is encrypted in each sequence of digital characters.

For this reason, with this each coincidence is considered as a separate case, there are no universal interpretations. 4:38 in angelic numerology, the number 438 is one of the so-called magic numbers.

It personifies not only the number of apostles, fairy sisters and months of the year. It is described as a numerical symbol of self-improvement and spiritual search.

The teaching of Doreen Verse says that through the number 438 angels are trying to tell about the three-dimensionality of the world and the trinity of all that exists.

Through frequent encounters with the 4:38 time combination on the dials, the keeper asks to listen to his inner voice.

It is worth reconsidering your views on the world, thinking about the spiritual aspect of life. Through such a message, the angels are reminded that body, soul and spirit are interconnected. Don’t forget about her.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

In its pure form, it is found in those people who were born in November or on the 438th of any month.

Such a date of birth opens up opportunities for influencing other people and the gift of intuitive knowledge of the world.

Quite often, people with such a date become ideological inspirers and role models for many other people.

Those who have 438 on their date of birth are not among those who use their own position in society to achieve personal selfish goals.

They differ from the rest by their extraordinary openness and sociability. Feeling this on a subconscious level, other people reveal their true essence, making contact with the one whose birth time has a direct connection with the number 438.

Usually, people born on this day are quite diplomatic and flexible in communication. This allows them to judge a situation without offending either side.

However, it is a mistake to consider them to be complete altruists.

The duality of the doubled unit and its polysemy in numerology allow us to combine a well-developed sense of tact and egocentric thinking.

With the help of constant effort and hard work, such people can develop their leadership skills well.

Also, this number allows them to fully realize their creative potential throughout their life path.

Even if at the very beginning you don’t think so, believe me, the unit promises good luck, favorable changes and financial profit. Three units in the date of birth Number 1 has a huge impact, especially if there are three units in the date of birth.

You are an unconditional leader, you clearly know what you want and go towards your goal. Angelic numerology assures that a person born under three units is under the protection of heaven all his life. But the protection of angels must be earned and kept with pure thoughts and good deeds.

If a person steps on a dark path, heaven will rob him of his favor and severely punish him. People with 438 in the date of birth are characterized by selfishness and narcissism, inability to compromise.

Recently, people are increasingly choosing beautiful dates for weddings and other important events. It must be remembered that the magic of repeating numbers is not always good; when choosing a date, study its connection with personal numbers.

Numerology is one of the esoteric sciences, a kind of magic of numbers. It establishes connections between numbers and events, reveals their meaning, influence on fate and a person. Learning to recognize these messages can change the course of events in many ways.

Love and Angel Number 438

The analysis of combinations of four units will help in making important decisions, will show you the path to success. The unit itself indicates leadership qualities, success in business, financial profit. Common combinations of numbers 438.

When all the components of the number 438 are added, we get 4. It means tremendous physical strength. And the combination 438 has such a powerful resource that the human body is able to heal itself, minor diseases pass quickly, small wounds heal well.

The meaning of the number 438 in numerology is the manifestation of the firmament in four bodies and worlds. This is the number of regeneration, indestructibility. After deep perception of 438, a person comes to the knowledge and understanding of the living world.

This skill is available only to some. The world, the universe, in which any desire can be embodied in reality – this is the hidden meaning of the number 438. This is an incredible combination that gives a powerful gift, allows you to bring thoughts into action.

This is where the danger is hidden, carefully select the course of action, drive away negative thoughts, stop thinking about what you do not want or fear. If you saw 438 by chance, in flashes, then the universe responded to your request, embodying thoughts and desires into reality.

It happens that life circumstances develop in such a way that it is hard to think positively, then be sure to ask your guardian angel for help, he will push you to the right train of thought.

In numerology, it is important where and under what conditions this combination occurs: in a dream, at random, in the date of birth. In the latter case, the meaning of each number and their combinations permeate the entire path of life, exert a powerful influence on all spheres of life.

The bosses value such people. The number 101 is dangerous for those people who by nature have a low level of spiritual development.

In such, it reveals all the bad character traits. Selfish inclinations, jealousy, rudeness, etc. become obvious to everyone. The bearer of the number tends to give advice to others, even if the person does not need them.

The most ancient and wisdom-filled system of information transmission is considered to be the language of numbers. Thinking with it differs from the usual understanding of this phenomenon.

Thinking in numbers is to independently realize the essence of concepts and things, and not operate with the knowledge that someone else discovered. The automatic reproduction of learned rules has no connection with thinking in the language of numbers.

Interesting Facts about Number 438

When familiar with the language of numbers, a common mistake is the ubiquitous addition of all digits that occur in the process of calculating a certain parameter. All actions must be performed in relation to the meaning of the elements, and not to the elements themselves.

Because then the essence can be distorted. In numerology, the number 438 is a number that has several aspects of interpretation. And one of these aspects is spiritual numerology. In this offshoot, 438 is often referred to as a symbol of spiritual leadership.

The deuce chooses the direction in which the unit starts to work afterwards.

Number 2 is weaker than the others in energy terms, but it is more capable of choosing the direction in which events will take place for the good.

The unit, on the other hand, personifies a blind power that sweeps small difficulties and big obstacles out of the way.

Numerologists also claim that this number is the threshold between life and death. Its energy and influence helps the consciousness to move to a higher level of being and perception of reality.

It also takes on the meaning of being able to face the truth, even if it is very painful and hard-hitting.

It mercilessly rips off from a person everything that prevents him from seeing the truth.

Therefore, it is also often called the number of truth.

By bringing a person back to the source, influence 438 allows one to see the root and basic essence.

In the language of numbers, 438 is the personification of Truth itself. However, it is not at all cruel, as many people might think.

It’s just that this aspect of the universe is indifferent to egocentrism and human ambitions.

Tearing off all the tinsel and throwing off the “price tags” hanged for the world, Truth takes a person for free, opening his eyes to reality.

Seeing Angel Number 438

Through the study and practice of this direction of the science of numbers, human thinking becomes deeper and more versatile.

This is due to the unchanging wisdom stored in the numerical code and the messages that a person receives through contemplation and analysis of various numerical combinations, combinations and coincidences.

If this does not happen, it is better to slightly change the study tactics. The changes will be visible almost immediately.

A message from an angel who protects a person is a kind of signal. Such signs help to make the right decision in a particular situation.

They can also indicate what a person should change to achieve their goal. Another meaning of such messages is a hint on how to get out of a difficult situation with the least loss.

In most of the cases encountered, this kind of messages come in numerical format. The message from the angel is in the form of a specific sequence of numbers.