Apocalyptic Dreams – Meaning and Symbolism

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With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the idea of ​​the Apocalypse became very popular, but beyond being a real event, the end of the world is a scenario that is only present in predictions of prophets, such as Nostradamus, and also in our dreams. .

To dream that the life of the planet comes to an end is a more common dream than we could imagine. No matter how your mind imagines it would be, Armageddon has a very clear message: fear of the unknown.

It should be noted that this type of dream is not a bad omen or a premonition that something terrible is about to happen.

Its meaning is simpler. It is a sign that important changes are about to come, which can be positive, sudden and for which we are probably not prepared.

However, as in any dream, you have to analyze the context to have a more accurate interpretation.

According to the Refugio Del Alma site, when you dream of the apocalypse, you could be about to experience a change not as dramatic as a new job, the end of a relationship, a move, etc.

On the other hand, it is also a sign that you have achieved a very important goal in your life. You have reached the goal and you probably have no new goals, so now is the time to set yourself new goals.

It also means that you experienced significant physical changes such as puberty. So this dream is common in teenagers and children.

If you dream that a tidal wave, tsunami, flood, etc., ends the world, it is a reflection of sudden changes in your physical appearance. As we mentioned, it is a common dream in puberty.

Apocalyptic Dreams – Meaning

Dreaming of the Apocalypse or End of the World can be a very unusual dream, however, today it could cause a lot of fear, this means!

Many think that dreaming of the Apocalypse or End of the World is not a very frequent dream, but despite the phenomena that occurred in 2020, some people are horrified and it is that the apocalypse theme is due to the prophecies of Nostradamus, Mayas and other cultures They make us skinny, adding to the pandemic and natural disasters that have occurred, but what does this dream mean?

Dreaming of the apocalypse can have a variety of meanings, it is usually one of the most difficult dreams to decipher, that is why you have to analyze every detail to better understand its origin and what it means.

The apocalypse is the last book in the bible in which prophecy tells us what the world holds in the future. It is also known as the book of revelations, it is considered by experts in literature as a text that is based exclusively on the prophetic. This book talks about the End of the world.

If you have ever dreamed or wondered what does it mean to dream of the apocalypse or End of the World? Let me tell you that this dream generally indicates that the end of a period is approaching to start a different one in your life. It is a time of transition or change.

This dream indicates that your life will change, but it is certainly worrisome, because it causes everyone anguish to make decisions and develop in another way or place that we are not used to. Leaving one stage of our life to start another is not so easy.


It must be taken into account that the meanings of dreams also depend on the personal circumstances of the person and the context of the dream that is why the meaning may vary a little. There are some variations of this dream that depend on your fears or insecurities.

The meaning of dreaming of the apocalypse, but with an invasion of aliens, this indicates that we are afraid of the unknown, of the outside, which makes us think that anything that comes from the outside is going to be harmful to us.

Faced with this dream, we may think that it reveals our inability to not know how to deal with our problems, which comes to our unconscious like a nightmare.

This is another of the dreams related to the apocalypse that may be one of the most common these days because of everything that is happening in the world.

Although natural phenomena or disasters can cause us a lot of fear, these situations can be interpreted as an upheaval within us, we are at a time when we go through some changes in which we do not know what is coming, but you should not be afraid.

Apocalyptic Dreams – Symbolism

When dreaming of the end of the world you enter a zone of opposite meanings, contrasting forms that channeled correctly in the end are not entirely disconcerting. If you have a negative influence, making yourself aware of it and with a broad vision of the horizon, you could soften its effects on life.

The first thing that is usually thought of is destruction, exhaustion, extermination, this is over, so far, no more, enough, closure, etc. Words that give light to clear situations to consider another beginning. Culminate with an important stage of existence, to create the mission and vision of a new goal from the beginning, from scratch.

Enough of living in the world of frivolity, of exceeding in unnecessary expenses, of waste and carefully observe how the money in your bank statements is depleting. I no longer use credit or debit cards. From now on your new knowledge should point towards the development of spirituality and art.

That aggressive temperament of your personality and that so many difficulties and problems have brought you, cannot continue to be your characteristic trait. The time has come to put an end to the dire consequences that have resulted from it and that have caused you the impossibility of living in society and in holy peace. Go to therapy so that you begin to establish the changes towards pacification.

If you are constantly dreaming of nuclear wars and consequently the end of the world, it is because you have a great distrust of the people who hold authority in your workplace. This creates an unpleasant atmosphere and lowers your self-esteem because you attribute to your bosses the restraint of some mistakes, which is not true.

The satisfaction of your needs due to the energy crisis will come immediately. It is a temporary issue that will be solved with the increase in the production of combustible material that is required for this purpose; and it will also be a matter of your economic income. Soon your appliances and your vehicles will start working.

Brainstorming that exclusively responds to group interests and the service of particularities is distressing and causes great despair. The sole political intention bothers you, that perennial aggression between human beings to obtain power. That holistic vision is required of you that guides the favor of all parties equally.

You are extremely worried about the health conditions in which you find yourself and calming down costs you due to an incomprehensible fear; despite the fact that you say you feel in perfect harmony in your well-affected social relationships, in being sure of the coherent evolution of your mental activity and of having extraordinary physical conditions.

Opposite feelings that are found, that create great anxiety, torture for not knowing who has the supremacy if love or hate. If you ended a relationship, there is no point in being with a fixation that bothers you. That person is simply gone, so don’t waste any more time wondering about your feelings. Remember that affection is between two or more people, persisting in suffering is an act of masochism.

A simple act is easily confused with a complex act. You have a high tendency to sublimate banal things. Even if you try to make up reality to make it look better, in the end the true will always show up, even though we have created an illusion favorable to our fantasy and imagination.

Do not delay the fact of not obtaining a satisfactory answer that compensates the delivery that you give. Enough of exaggerating in the expression of emotions always thinking of pleasing the other. You must be aware that you have matured and you cannot allow the ridicule and the little appreciation that they make of what you feel for the other.

The coldness in the couple is a symptom of heartbreak. You are tired of a cold bed, of the absence of kisses and caresses, of not observing a sweet look full of passion. The exhaustion from waiting too long you can’t take it anymore. Get out of it immediately and assume a new love relationship with everything and with that other character that awaits you.

Have you had a to the attention to an imbalance that seizes your soul. You have been determined to be altruistic for a long time, inclining your will towards well-being, with the principle of satisfying the need and service of the dispossessed. It has neglected your personality, which asks you to deal with it quickly.

That intensity, obsessive mania with which you are approaching job change abruptly, is not recommended at all. Remember that there are some administrative processes necessary to get out of this act successfully. Improvisation is not a good advisor because you can lose out. Good for the total change but follow the normal course of things.

Don’t worry and stop thinking that you are going to die from having a chronic respiratory disease. Keep using your treatment and the dispensing pump whenever you feel short of breath. You will have to continue accepting this process as a life partner until the moment of the end arrives.

You are so strong and powerful insofar as you have an amazing physical structure, that you cannot under any circumstances allow weaknesses that do not belong to you and that are not yours. Mental affirmations are important and necessary to convince yourself of who you really are, and of the strength that your spirit and body demand.

Do not complain about being living in a supposed extreme need because you do not have enough money to satisfy the purchase of all the things you want. Drop that recent habit of laziness in bed and trusting that luck will provide you with food. If what you need is money then look for it. Fortunately, you are talented and in perfect health.

You feel the worst in the world because you think you are hopelessly implacable. The abuse of authority and disrespect for the human condition in you have no limits. Your apparent calm is no longer supported by the people around you and they demand of you a radical change in this behavior, despite recognizing the superiority of your leadership status.

You are like a frenzied madman inspired by the realization of love. Shooting arrows in all directions, without a specific crosshair, with the firm purpose of testing if luck is on your side and grants you what you want most at this moment: to leave singleness and find an ideal person with whom to share your days in a home. Calm down first and act calm.


The constant threats due to the desire to attack you every day become more established and are very close to you.

For your physical safety the most convenient thing is to protect yourself, be especially careful with those hidden enemies that are lurking to do you evil.

Envy gives them because of your intelligence and harmonious character does not leave them a peaceful existence.

Stand up to these people and defeat them with your most valuable weapon, your talent.

This technique that involves many people is not strictly functional, so reduce the group of those that you call “guilty” so that you make a selection more in line with what you want with your life project: wanting to murder many people because you think that they are the cause of your misfortune and root out that many ignorant.