Banana – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Bananas are an exotic fruit and are very desirable in the diet because of their richness in vitamins. In reality, they have the symbolism of some wealth and some great desires for something new, unattainable, or even foreign.

It can symbolize people who are too ambitious or greedy and selfish and selfish in a better context to signify that someone is a great adventurer or a person who likes to discover new and unknown opportunities. It can symbolize people who will embark on an uncertain life adventure in something very risky or quite unusual.

Bananas are a favorite fruit for many because of their exquisite taste, but the symbolism is more related to its shape than its flavor when it comes to dreams.

Due to its form, this tropical fruit is exclusively related to sexual pleasure and potent male energy. It is also associated with fertility and new sexual partners. If you are alone and dreaming of a banana, know that a new partner is an insight.

Statistics say that this is a dream that men rarely dreamed of and usually dreamed of by men. It is estimated that middle-aged men dream of bananas the most. They are desired the same by males and females.

When dreamed of by adults, bananas are associated with sexuality due to their phallic form. Yellow bananas are associated with happiness and contentment, green with some new beginnings and even a new job. A banana can also symbolize some unpleasant, unpredictable situations.

It can also mean that you will make a mistake at work or not finish a job on time. If you saw a banana tree in a dream, such a plan may be a reflection of your desire and need for rest, and it can also be a sign that you want to get to know someone who is sexually attracted to you.

Although bananas are a relatively rare or completely unexpected motif in dreams, their symbolism is perfect and flattering in reality.

There are usually exciting situations related to bananas in dreams and some meanings when dreams are retold or analyzed.

To dream of seeing bananas in a dream

Suppose you dream that you see beautiful and ripe bananas in your dream, which are not related to a specific situation. In that case, it means that you will soon have some big and charming surprises in real circumstances.

It can also sense that the next period in your life will be carefree and comfortable and that you will be pleased. You are waiting for your fulfillment period on a personal and business level.

To dream of eating bananas in your sleep

When you dream of a banana in the context of how you eat it, it means that you will have a period to spend with boring and hard-working people. The only reason you spend time with them is that you feel a moral obligation or some other obligation that you cannot avoid.

This dream also has its positive connotation, which is interpreted as the fulfillment of all set goals. You have a fabulous and festive period ahead of you in your life with your family because you will complete all the obligations within the agreed deadline.


To dream that another person in your dream is eating bananas

Suppose in a dream you see another, familiar or unknown person who eats bananas. In that case, such a plan has a connotation of some new and completely unexpected acquaintances and friendships that you will gain very easily and quickly, and that can potentially turn into something more.

The people you have met very recently are your possible emotional partners to achieve either every day and beautiful life or get married and start a family.

This kind of dream is not a good sign, and it probably announces some regret and sadness, which you will not have anyone to share with. If your friend shared a banana with you in a dream, the dream might also herald an argument that you will start.

To dream of selling bananas

If you were selling bananas in a dream, such a plan could sign some insignificant business. You may be involved in some projects or activities that your discovery useless, pointless, and completely uninteresting.

If you are part of a job or project that you do not like, this dream tells you that you should give it up.

Even if you don’t give up, you will think a lot about giving up. There is a possibility that you long for someone in your environment for a long time, but that love is impossible, and that person remains inaccessible to you. Your partner may notice your absence, so avoid unnecessary problems.

To dream of buying bananas

If you dream of buying bananas, pay attention and remember the condition of this tropical fruit. If it was old or rotten, it means that you will be forced to participate in something you do not want. It can have to do with both the business and private aspects of life.

The dream is also interpreted as a signal of our subconscious that something is wrong with our sex life, and it refers to sexual intercourse and the distribution of power during it. If you have to buy bananas in your sleep, it means that your partner is not completely satisfied and that there is a loss of passion.

If all that matters to you is your satisfaction and you have neglected your partner, or the situation is the other way around, think about that relationship and why you are not ready to compromise. Such connections usually turn into toxic links that end badly.

Also, the dream means some recent failure at work that you could not prevent, and if you bought a rotten banana and ate it, it means that some events are coming that will upset you quite a bit.

If you are alone, this dream means that you desperately want to be intimate with someone, and not only in a sexual sense, but you need a life partner.

To dream of unripe bananas

If you have been dreaming of green and unripe bananas, they indicate potential bad relationships with new people you have met. You have to be careful in these new relationships because there is a chance that nothing good will come to you.

In these situations, it is best not to interfere in those relationships and ignore the new conditions. When dreaming of unripe bananas, they always hide a message with a negative connotation.

If you dream of green bananas on a tree, a period of exhaustion is coming. Usually, this dream is not acceptable and means that you are tired from work, or some person we can describe as an energy vampire. With such a person, you will only lose precious time.

To dream of looking at exposed bananas

This dream is always a sign of loneliness, isolation, or lack of a partner in your life.

This dream also carries the meaning of excessive spending of money, which means that you do not know how to make priorities and buy what you get and bring yourself into financial problems.

To dream of watching bananas

If you only look at bananas in a dream and do not eat them, it means that new love and relationship is on the horizon. This kind of plan is always right because it brings great news on an intimate level.

To dream of carrying bananas

A dream in which you bought bananas and took them home can herald a sexual affair. You may also find yourself in a new emotional relationship, which will please you a lot.

The dream may also indicate that you will suddenly receive a small gift, which will make you very happy.

Dreaming of giving or receiving a banana

If you dreamed of giving a banana to a woman, the dream is probably a sign that you want to have sex with that woman. If you received a banana from a woman in a plan, the invention might be a sign that the woman does not accept your attention or that she will even stop communicating with you.

Dreaming of bananas on the table

If you dreamed of bananas standing on the table, the dream might herald some annoyance, discomfort, the failure of some efforts, or a love affair with a man who is not worthy of you.

To dream of buying bananas on the street

If you dreamed of buying bananas from street vendors, the invention is probably announcing some pleasant encounters.

Peel bananas in your sleep

With this dream, the subconscious tells you that you are dissatisfied with your sex life and may not even be aware of it.

Just because you dream about it, it means that you are much more burdened by that topic than you want to admit to yourself, and maybe you are not even aware of it.

Pick bananas

Statistics say that this is rarely dreamed of and signifies a boon in sexual life: the one who desires this has healthy and fulfilling sex with his partner.

To dream banana cake

This dream has to do with forbidden love or lust for someone who, for some reason, cannot be yours. Think carefully about whether this forbidden fruit is worth your action.

Give away bananas

If you give or give bananas to someone in a dream, it can only mean that you are afraid of being tied to someone. You can’t give up entirely in a relationship because, for some reason, you don’t trust the person next to you.

Try to relax and not let your partner feel that fear of yours. There is no reason to be afraid that you will be hurt if you indulge in love because if you are destined to be broken, it will happen.

Get bananas as a gift

If you dream of a famous person giving you a banana, the meaning of the invention is straightforward, it means that you feel much more than friendship towards someone, and you want an emotional connection.

This whole dream is related to ​​your passionate partner’s idea and your vision of what he should look like. If you are afraid that you will lose your partner or are not sure of his loyalty, this dream appears.

If a stranger gives you a banana in a plan, it means that you long for sex with a new person, and you are ready to embark on an adventure.

Grow bananas

It is never pleasant to dream this dream because it means that you are too tired at work and have too many private obligations. We usually dream after difficult life situations when our body is still tense from stress. Sometimes we can connect this dream with our business in which we have invested too much knowledge and skills, and you still have not got the expected result.

The goal tells you that the work is not over and that you have many more hours to invest. You need a lot of patience in this period of life if you want to experience success.

Have you ever dreamed of a banana, and how did you feel in your sleep? Were you comfortable, and pleasant or did you want to wake up right away? Please share your experience about the dream of washing clothes with us in the comments.