Biblical Dream Meaning of Passport

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If you see documents in a dream, it means that you are overburdened with obligations. It is possible that the environment has too high expectations of you, which creates additional pressure and tension.

48 hours would not be enough for you to do everything that is on your agenda. You will realize that you cannot achieve anything at that pace and that it is for your own good to learn to tell people no.

Biblical Dream about Passport – Meaning

To dream that you have lost documents indicates that you are irresponsible. It often happens that you run into problems that harm not only you, but also the people around you.

If you work, you should watch your behavior because colleagues complain that you are late and that you do not do your part of the job as expected of you.

A dream in which you browse through some documents is an indicator of progress. If you are a student, it is possible to hope that your work will be rewarded in the form of a scholarship to continue your studies in another country.

If you are employed, your employer may offer to train you in a foreign partner company. Either way, it will be the realization of your dreams.

If you read documents in a dream, you may be afraid that your friends or acquaintances will deceive you. You have some experiences with people you have trusted who have betrayed your trust.

Now you are quite careful when choosing to whom you will entrust your secrets, plans and money.

If you cannot read what is in the documents it implies that you are confused. There is chaos in your head, so you are not sure what to do.

This is just proof that now is not the time to make important decisions. Wait until the situation “settles down”, and only then take the next step.

When you dream that you have found secret or confidential documents, it means that you will spend the hard-earned money on nonsense again.

You must have already experienced that at some point you have enough money, and at the next you risk going bankrupt. It would be best if you would write down expenses or plan spending.

Only then will you not be in that unenviable position, and maybe save some money.

A dream in which you stack a scattered pile of documents is a symbol of a challenging time during which you will have to trample on your pride. You may need to do something below your “level”.

However, remember, no job is humiliating if you know how to do it.


If you sign documents in a dream, it can have more meaning. If you sign a contract in a dream, it means that you could get a good job offer.

If, on the other hand, you sign an unknown document, it implies that you will get into a controversial situation, it is not excluded that you will testify against someone in court. If you sign the wedding book in a dream, it presupposes a duty that you will not like.

A dream in which someone else signs documents indicates a problem with buying an apartment, house, car or some other valuable thing. It is possible that the problem is a consequence of unresolved or complicated property-legal relations.

Submit documents – If you dream of handing over documents at a counter or in an official office, you will probably face losses due to carelessness or recklessness. If there is a big problem in your relationship or marriage at the moment, this dream indicates a breakup or divorce.

Receive documents – When someone hands you documents in a dream, it means that you are a person that many trust. You have an impeccable reputation that you have worked on for a long time and you are trying to maintain it.

Do not deal with anything that is suspicious to you and always look for the most favorable solution for each situation. If you are not already engaged in this type of work, run for mayor or MP, you will surely get a lot of votes.

Throw away the documents – If you throw documents in a dream, it indicates a loss. It is possible that you will invest money in something that will not bring you the expected profit or other benefits. This can also apply to buying an expensive device that will not meet your expectations.

When you dream that others are throwing documents, it means that you have a rival. Maybe a colleague at work wants to take over your job and everything that comes with it.

On the other hand, this kind of dream can also apply to the emotional part of your life. It is possible that someone is trying to kidnap your partner.

Biblical Dream about Passport – Interpretation

Dreaming of a document means that many positive things are going to happen in your life. It represents the insistence that the dreamer has, and thanks to them, positivity will be on his way. It is an excellent professional omen.

Commercial or legal documents seen in dreams, guard against speculation; However, if these documents were seen in a lawyer’s office, the dream portends increased assets. Signing documents in dreams is sure of success in business. Seeing documents scattered or out of place is a warning not to be fooled by a person with a good speech, but a bad character.

Dreaming about a document indicates, in general, that the dreamer needs changes in his social life; it is a sign that the person will try to reach his limit to win.

The meaning of dreaming about a document is also linked to various travel and employment opportunities. It is ideal that you reflect on your actions and become a more complete and happy being, because this is the opportune moment to act and put into practice everything you have done and desired for your future.

To dream that you see a document means positivity in the air, because documents are a necessity that every human being has to do to register something or identify himself.

The dream also translates into persistence and struggle on the part of the dreamer; It indicates that you insist on what you want and that, in the end, everything will work out. This dream shows that life needs to be followed correctly, respecting the lawful practices of any act, so that the search for improvements becomes something that does not harm another being.

Dreaming of business documents bodes well for your professional life; indicates that various job opportunities and ventures are going to knock on your door very soon, making you more confident in achieving goals and dreams.

This dream is also a signal for you to prevent yourself from gossip and speculation, mainly in the work environment.

Dreaming of documents in the office means that you will achieve all your professional goals.

But keep in mind that nothing will fall from the sky. To receive these achievements, you will need to work hard and learn to cope with obstacles.

The dream also indicates that a good period of luck is yet to come. Grab the opportunities and make them your lucky charm to get to the top.

The weather will also be favorable to make games and bets, that is, activities that need luck can work perfectly.

Biblical Dream about Passport – Spiritual Meaning

Burn documents – If you burn documents in a dream, it is an indication that in the near future you will encounter a lack of understanding of the environment for your decisions and actions.

Colleagues, friends and family will probably not be able to understand why you work so hard. You are convinced that this is the only way you can succeed in life, so you will do your best to explain it to them.

Cut (cut) documents – If you dream of cutting a dock with scissors this implies that your conscience is not at peace.

It is possible that you kept something very important from someone out of fear of criticism, so your subconscious tells you that you should tell the truth. Don’t even try to get out of it with small lies, because you can get into even bigger problems.

Split documents in your sleep – When you tear up some documents in a dream, it is possible that an unfavorable outcome of a trial awaits you. You have probably come to a situation where you solve a problem through the court, but your court costs will greatly exceed the value of what you are fighting for.

Official documents – A dream in which you see or read official or official documents of a government or some state institution is a warning to be careful with whom you cooperate.

Someone in your company will try to reap the benefits for themselves through your back. If you have a private business, pay attention to who you are working with. Don’t sign anything until you’re sure you really understand what it’s all about.

Fake documents dream up – Forged documents indicate caution. Do not share the confidential information you receive with others, no matter how sure you are. Just because they are “confidential” means you don’t need to spread them further. The same goes if one of your friends or acquaintances confides a secret to you.

The meaning of a dream can be simpler. If you have recently sorted out or lost documents, it has certainly left an impression on you.


When you dream of arranging documents, it implies that you will receive an inheritance. You probably expected it as well as the other vicissitudes that go along with it.

Conflicts with other heirs who will want to grab everything for themselves will be the hardest for you. You will be tempted to give up your right to keep the peace in the family.