Biblical Meaning of Bats In Dreams

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As with all animals that appear in dreams, you have to understand the symbolism of each one in particular to discover its meaning.

The bat is a very strange animal, a mammal that flies, a kind of fusion between a rat and a bird and sometimes has negative connotations, perhaps because of its somewhat repulsive appearance.

But in many cultures the bat is a symbol of prosperity and in many more it is a highly valued totem animal.

Biblical Meaning of Bats in Dreams – Meaning

The bat, like the owl, is an animal that understands and lives the night, which is capable of seeing beyond what happens with the naked eye.

And he also has an unusual intuition. Do you feel identified with some of these traits in your personality?

Dreaming of bats is also a dream that talks about your social relationships. It is a very sociable and communicative animal and the dream may be inviting you to reflect on your social life: how you relate to your friends and how you communicate with your environment.

Take note of the high sensitivity of these animals because you may be going through a very sensitive time in which everything affects you too much.

But, generally, the dream with bats is related to the world of the night, with mystery and surely also with magic. And those bat-inspired vampires you dream of?

An opportunity to reflect on the darker side of your life and its relationship with the supernatural.

You may be surprised to dream of a bat because you have not thought about this animal in a long time.

Or maybe you have this dream because you have met someone on a weekend that you have spent in the field, because someone has told you about this animal or because you have been watching a documentary on television.

Anyway, your dreams want to get your attention through the bat. With all the force of its symbolism, you can begin to look at your dream from the perspective of attention.

Attention to your intuition, attention to your preconceptions about some things, attention to what surrounds you, attention to details, attention to the essence and the true meaning of the situations you are living.

At first you can take the dream of bats as a need to change your perspective on life. Yes, forget about prejudices, but also see life from another point of view, like a bat upside down. You don’t have to stay in that awkward position, but see if you see things differently. And then you move, then you transform, then you change.

Now that you have the base from which the interpretation of dreams with bats is made, we are going to discover the different meanings.


Dreaming that a bat bites you – We start with bad news and bad omens in this dream in which a bat bites you to suck your blood.

Keep giving your full attention, because around you have some emotional vampire or toxic person who is taking all your energy.

Dreaming of bats that fly – Flying in dreams always symbolizes freedom. And in the case of bats, which do it at night, we are talking about that freedom without fear, about the need to live adventures and even take some risk. Do you need a change of life? Need a little more action?

Dreaming of bats in your house – What emotions does this dream convey to you? You are in your house and it seems that you have guests a few bats.

If you are afraid, it is time to wake up from the nightmare and face those fears that come in the form of a lack of confidence and insecurity. Instead, you may feel good about their presence and you may even notice your energy surge. Pull the thread of the magic of these animals because now you have it too.

Dreaming that you talk to a bat – And what are you talking about in your dream? It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember the conversation because talking with animals, almost any animal, symbolizes the need for knowledge, represents your most curious side and your desire for knowledge.

In this case, since you are talking to a bat, we understand that you want to know all the secrets of the night and learn to use that power and that magic that you have in you.

Dreaming that you kill bats – Surely, this dream brings you some calm and tranquility despite the violence it contains. That emotional vampire, that toxic person we talked about earlier, has finally stopped exercising his power over you.

Do you think it hasn’t happened yet? Do you think you still haven’t gotten rid of his poison? Well, then, the dream he is talking about is your need to start releasing that bond. It is also urgent.

Dreaming that you have a bat as a pet – Most people have a cat or a dog, but you prefer the silent, nocturnal company of a bat.

What happens? Absolutely nothing. Or it happens that you are able to see beyond appearances, that you have the gift of discovering the best of each person or of each situation and that you are also not afraid that the way of doing things is different from the conventional.

Dreaming that you are a bat – This dream has a very important message for you. The time has come to accept your differences, to understand that you are a special person, to discover your gifts and abilities, to lead a more authentic life by getting closer to yourself, to your essence. No matter the appearances or the conventions, the time has come to be yourself.

Biblical Meaning of Bats in Dreams – Symbolism

It is an animal with nocturnal habits and, therefore, it orients itself in the dark in a different way, by means of sounds that have high frequencies and that, when reflected, can indicate where everything is.

The eyes of the bats are their ears. Therefore, it is not surprising or finding different that the meaning of dreaming about bats comes to symbolize a moment in life in which one must be governed by caution and increase attention to the facts.

Sometimes we are so connected to something that we end up not perceiving the true meaning of what we are connected to.

This deep implication, which does not allow us to see further, ends up leaving us in the dark in this phase. We do not see anything, no confusion or betrayal that you may be suffering or being created against you.

But these are general interpretations. Below, we have compiled the different meanings that this dream can bring to your life. Try to remember a few more details about your dream and read on.

The meaning of dreaming about bats flying can be a warning sign for your married life. Therefore, this omen must be considered as of great importance. There may be attacks of jealousy with great frequency in your relationship.

These crises can be detrimental to the life of the couple, compromising the union that exists between them. And the result can be the total degradation and separation of the couple.

If you dream of the bite of a bat, it is a warning that there will be an economic crisis in your life, or a marital crisis in your relationship. Try to stop and prepare to work things out in an accommodating and diplomatic way.

Dreaming of being attacked by a bat can be a sign that something is very wrong, prepare for difficult times, especially in the economic part.

This dream also means that you are feeling bad about some matter related to your life, due to some external cause. This means that someone may be stirring your feelings and your peace of mind.

The best way to fix this is to have an honest and open conversation with the person and show them how bad the situation is for you.

The black bat is tied to darkness. In addition, for the vast majority of people the color black symbolizes something negative. This is why the meaning of dreaming about a black bat can seem like a harbinger of trouble.

But the meaning of this dream is limited to warn of the end of something. For example, it can be the end of your love relationship, the loss of a course, your job, your friendship, and other similar issues.

Dreaming of a black bat indicates that, in your environment, there is something that is not going well.

Therefore, attend to this dream and pay more attention to your life, to the people around you and to those things that need more attention.

This dream indicates something very disturbing. After sleep, in a period of 24-48 hours, problems can arise that will generate some sadness in you. Small reasons.

This dream shows you that you are vulnerable. Time to stop and reflect on how you can use your patience to solve any problem.

If you dream of a white bat, the outcome may be somewhat sad. The dream with a white bat can symbolize the death of a relative.

But do not despair, and be attentive to the people in your family, taking care of them and showing how much you love them. The dream is not something universal, and you can change some destinations.


The moment in your life when this dream takes place will be a harbinger of a transition within you in which you must believe more in yourself, practice detachment and seek new experiences in your life.

But what does it mean, in fact, to dream of a bat? Dreaming of a bat can have different meanings, and one of them is a warning of betrayal. You have to start looking better at the people around you.

A dream about a bat can have good and bad meanings. The bat is a nocturnal mammal, known to the vast majority of people as a “flying mouse”.