Biblical Meaning of Birds in Dreams – Meaning and Interpretation

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Some people admire them, while others can’t stand them. Many are delighted by their presence, but some are also scared of them. Yes, we are talking about birds. What is your opinion on birds? Do they scare you or you adore them?

We can understand both standpoints, because how can you not love a peaceful chirp of the birds, but also, it’s not pleasant when a bunch of birds attacks you.

Whatever your opinion is, birds have been here much longer than we are. And because of that, they were, and they still are, part of many stories, myths, and the symbolism behind them is unique.

When you think about birds, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it freedom? Most people think that birds signify freedom, and they are not wrong.

But many other interpretations are valid. Today we are going to tackle the Biblical meaning of birds. And, of course, the Biblical meaning of birds in your dreams.

Dreams can be a great portal that can help us communicate with the Universe and with God, so you should pay attention to the signals that appear in your dreams.

Everything that you see in your nighttime visions, you should remember to easily perceive the truth behind the unraveling stories in front of your eyes.

Do you know who the principal messenger of God is? The one creature who is there to help you, to guide you, and to forward the vital messages that God has to tell you?

Well, it’s always a bird. And if you’ve seen a bird in your dream, it is a sign that God loves you, and it’s God’s evidence that he cares for you, as he does for all his children. But sometimes we forget about it, and we need a little reminder.

Birds can also represent many other things. They are the manifestation of our understanding of life, hopes, and problems. They can be a sign of our worries and the things that bother us the most.

But if we focus on the Biblical meaning of a bird in a dream, it almost always signifies extraordinary things. It’s a sign that you are about to be blessed and that your life will take an upward trajectory.

In the pages of the holy book, we can see that birds are always connected with salvation. It can be that you are having a tough time in your life, but finally, that is going to change.

There were also times when birds were portrayed as symbols of sacrifices. That could imply that a sacrifice will be needed from you.

Perhaps you will need to renounce something in your life to achieve something better and more significant.

And finally, it can all come to your desire. A bird can signify the thing, a person, or a feeling of your great desire.


Do you have something on your mind? Is there something that you considerably want, but you can’t, have it? Maybe this bird from your dream is a symbol of that.

You can find writings of birds in the book of Genesis and Revelation. And Jesus is often accompanied by birds.

But to be more precise and to know exactly what your dreams mean, we need to know a tiny bit more about your vision.

What was the situation in which you saw the bird? Was the atmosphere good or gloomy? And what kind of bird did you saw? The specifics are vital. If you can remember and know what type of bird it was, it will be much easier to interpret the bird’s Biblical meaning in your dream.

Now we will talk more about different types of birds and what they could possibly mean in a Biblical sense.

Firstly, we need to tackle one thought. And that is, are all birds good? At the origin of our narrative, we mentioned that many people are scared of birds and don’t like them. And one of the reasons for that some birds are seen as evil. You already know it. Some birds are seen as couriers of bad news, bad luck, or even death.

But are birds evil? If we try to find the Bible’s answer, we will see that some are and even messengers for Satan. And if you have a dream about such a bird, it can be that Satan is trying to communicate with you. And it would help if you resisted it.

Now let’s talk about birds.

The White Dove 

The most impressive, the most graceful, and the purest of them all – the white dove. A bird like this is a symbol of innocence, and it represents the Holy Spirit.

If you’ve seen it, it’s a sign of a positive change, and God sent it with his blessings. It is eternally an ordinary sign to dream about it, and with a dream like this, you don’t have to be disturbed at all.

A Peacock 

In Christianity, in general, a peacock is a symbol that’s seen often. It’s a beautiful bird that has a beautiful meaning too.

It’s a positive thing to have dreams that include peacocks, and you shouldn’t be worried. IT represents eternity and also immortality. It’s a representation of these things because it is believed that the body of it never rots.

A Robin 

A cute little robin is a bird with a distinctly red chest that got its colors while sacrificing itself. A tale says that the red chest on a robin came from its sacrifice when he saved Jesus from a fire. That’s probably one reason why the robin is one of the essential birds in Christianity.

An Eagle  

An almighty eagle was always a symbol of strength and power. But what the Bible says about it? Believe it or not, it represents resurrection. Yes, in mythology, a phoenix can resurrect from its ashes after it burns, but in Bible, a similar thing can do an eagle.

It is believed that it can become young again if it flies high enough to the sun and falls into the water. If you’ve seen an eagle in your dream, it’s a good sign because this bird is considered a good bird.

A Falcon 

And now we are going to talk about the evil birds as seen in the Bible. One of those birds is a falcon. But the Bible can say that it’s not entirely evil because it was the bird that turned gentile to Catholics.

On the other hand, it is a sign of evil, and you don’t want to have visited by it in your dreams.

A Blackbird 

You can deduce by its color that this bird is also not good and that it is a representation of evil.

In the Bible, it is a symbol of all sins, darkness, and temptation. And that bird is always sent to you by the Devil to tempt your faith.

A woodpecker

A bird-like this is a symbol of the destruction of everything good. It is a sign of the Devil that tends to destroy humankind and wipe us from the Earth.

The owl 

In other religions, owls were symbols of wisdom, but they symbolize the Dark Lord in Christianity. Owls represent Satan, and in a Biblical meaning, they are not a good symbol you want to see in a dream.

The Goldfinch birds 

Here we have another good and a positive symbol; you can see it is often portrayed alongside Jesus. The goldfinch is a characterization of the passion of God.

A Goose

In the Bible, a goose is always portrayed as a symbol of vigilance and providence, and you can be happy if you dream about them.

A Lark  

Another cute little bird symbolizes humility and modesty. It can be a sign that God is satisfied with your modesty, and he is announcing it to you with the help of a lark.

A Partridge  

A partridge is a symbol of the church. When was the last occasion you were at church? And when was the last time you confessed? If you don’t know, it is time to go and do it. And this bird is telling you to do it.

A Stork  

A stork is often seen as a bird that brings babies to the world. However, in the Biblical sense, it signifies innocence and holiness. Also, it is a sign that God is coming and that the spring is about to begin.

Now we’ve interpreted most of the birds mentioned in the Bible, and we hope that now you have a better understanding of birds in a dream. But we are not done; there are more things that we need to share with you. We are going to talk about specific situations that can happen with these birds.

You saw a dead bird

A dream like this is always a failure, and it suggests that you will experience a failure, and you will be deeply disappointed. A dream like this is a warning, and you should be careful.

You were feeding birds

Something like this is a representation of your commitment to an excellent business project you are currently working on. When it comes to it, you should be patient and work hard, and in the end, it will pay off.

You saw baby birds

A dream like this can imply that you will finally be liberated from a burden that you’re carrying around. And when you become liberated, great success is waiting for you.

You saw a bird that’s flying

A bird that flies high up in the sky is a representation of your mental state. If the bird was flying freely, you are just like that bird. You are free, nothing can stop you, and nothing bothers you anymore. Be sure to work hard so that it stays like that.

You saw a bird in a cage

When you see a bird in a cage, it almost always means that you feel entrapped by your life and that you are not satisfied with the state of your freedom. You need to let go of some things in your life and forget about the past so that you can finally feel free.

You broke a bird’s wing

Something like this can always seem a little disturbing. And it certainly is because a dream like this is not a good sign. It is a warning sign, a message that you need to do something about your life. You are currently feeling stuck, and you don’t know what to do. You need to stop breaking your own wings and try to fly away from all the negativity.

Have you found the situation you’ve experienced in your dream and the bird that visited you? We hope you did and that now you can finally know what your dream means in waking life.