Biblical Meaning of Death In a Dream

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It is quite common that, throughout our lives, we sometimes dream of someone’s death.

Even with our own. For many it is usually a terrifying dream, but in this article we show you all the interpretations for the variants of this dream. You will see how dreaming of the dead is not as unpleasant as you thought.

Death is a scary thing, yet it is a step that we all must take and it is inevitable. But now we will see what role this condition plays in the world of dreams, because it is not as negative as you have imagined.

The meaning and interpretation of dreams is often ambiguous and inaccurate.

But, in general, dreaming of the dead could be interpreted as a warning from that deceased person who has taken a moment to offer you an important message.

It can also be interpreted as a figure placed by our subconscious to warn us about something we are not doing right.

This is because our subconscious uses many tools to show us important messages, and in this case it uses a dead person as a messenger.

Biblical Meaning of Death in a Dream – Meaning

And it is normal that, when we wake up, we cannot get rid of the anguish because we have felt very bad sensations even if it is only in dreams. What are the meanings of dreams with the dead? Our dream dictionary helps you find out. Don’t be afraid to dream of death!

Despite the anxiety that nightmares related to death produce in us and, contrary to what it might seem, dreaming of death is not a premonition, not even a warning of misfortunes. In general, dreams of death reflect a change within you.

You must bear in mind that the meaning will vary greatly depending on what happens in your dream. For example, you can dream of your own death and its interpretation will be that your unconscious is preparing you for an important change in your life, which does not have to be negative: a new job, a new relationship … Or, simply, a reason to rethink your current vital state.

Also its meaning will vary if you dream that someone who is alive dies suddenly, and you attend a tornado of feelings as if it had happened in reality. Its meaning, as you can guess, does not refer to any premonition nor should you worry too much.

Very positive messages are those that arise from nightmares in which they appear dead or death, because if you dream that you stumble upon a dead person, it is interpreted as an important economic improvement.

And if in your dream you sit down to eat with a dead person, everything indicates that a long life full of health awaits you.

To dream that someone dies, be it from your family, your ex, your boss, your pet … It is a dream with which you will wake up quite misplaced and with thousands of questions or doubts. Why did you have a dream like that?

It all depends on the person who is dying in your dream, but usually it can be because either you have distanced yourself from that person, or that you are too worried about him and his life, and want him to have a kind of rebirth. , to revive and to get back on track in happiness.


But, as we say, everything will depend on the person you dream of since it is not the same to dream that your father dies than to dream that your uncle or your grandmother dies, don’t you think?

On the other hand, if what you dream of is the death of a love, do not feel guilty because it is not about your hidden desires, but it means that you are unhappy with your partner, that something has changed and that the best moments of the relationship.

Something different happens when what we dream about has to do with a very dear person who has passed away.

Despite the passing years, you can continue dreaming of that person who once left you and who is still very present in your mind, in your heart and in your memories, so much so that you have multiple dream experiences with that person.

That deceased relatives appear in your dreams does not mean that they have a message from the afterlife, they simply appear because their memory is so great that your mind brings it to your dreams.

You may have pending things to say, and that is why you dream of them, but you may also be in the process of grieving and that you are beginning to assimilate that that person is gone. Especially when you miss seeing him alive in your dreams.

Pay attention if the person you dream of has passed away and tells you something. What message does it bring to you? What does the message he gave you mean to you? Surely your subconscious wants to tell you something about yourself and does it through people so dear to you and who are no longer there.

It is possible that in your dream no person appears who is alive and dies, or the other way around (who is dead and appears alive).

A grave may appear in your dream that draws your attention especially, a tombstone that conveys very negative feelings when you wake up. But the reality is that the meaning of this dream is quite different from what you can imagine.

Dreaming of tombs or tombstones means that it is time to leave the past behind, that it is time for you to bury all those negative feelings that you have, everything that makes you feel or feel bad and that you have a new way of living.

In the event that the grave or headstone bears your name or the name of someone you know, you should not be alarmed: it means that you are worried about your own rebirth or that of someone close to you.

It may be that instead of dreaming of a specific grave or tombstone you dream of a cemetery. What interpretation does this dream have?

As with the previous ones or with dreams with funeral homes, it is a symbol for you to leave your past behind once and for all, to bury all the bad memories and focus on the future.

If you dream that you are bringing flowers to the cemetery, it will mean that you miss someone. It is also common for this dream to appear in times of insecurity, although if ghosts appear in the dream it can be positive since it is interpreted as that soon you will have the support of your loved ones.

Concerns, doubts and unresolved issues are what this dream brings, which can give you such bad feelings when you wake up.

Biblical Meaning of Death in a Dream – Symbolism

Dreaming of death is something more common than we think, whether it comes for us or it is a family member whom it takes. But should we fear dreaming of death?

The site clarifies that this recurring dream is not precisely the notice of the death of someone, not even the person who appears in it, but rather that it is about important changes, very relevant to our life and our personal development.

When we feel that our work no longer satisfies us, when we understand that our partner no longer makes us happy, when we yearn to fill our gray days with color, then we may dream of death, which will talk to us of destroying the known to install new hopes, or that these changes, if they have already reached us, will make us see things in a totally different way.

Death in dreams can also be an escape route for times of excessive fatigue, those in which we have set very high goals that we find difficult to achieve and we feel frustrated for not being able to. Death then appears as a need for rest, recollection, desires to stop time and isolate ourselves from everything.

If we dream that it is someone else who dies, it can mean either that we feel that that person needs important changes and we wish them to achieve it, or that said subject has ceased to be what he was for us, that is, that we no longer consider him friend, partner, lover … And that we will no longer relate to him or her in the same way.

It depends on the interpretation, of course, of who that person is in our life and what has happened to us with them lately. For example, if your brother, or a friend, is suffering some kind of tension from which he does not know how to get out, his death in your dream expresses your wish that he find the way out that he so badly needs.

But if, after a time of marital tension, you dream that your partner dies, obviously, it tells you about your desire for him to simply disappear, for a quick and radical separation.

For the elderly, this type of dream can mean preparation and acceptance of one’s own death. It may be that when they feel that it is close, it is difficult for them to recognize that it is coming and the subconscious tries to prepare them for it. Or it may, in the case of sick people, yearn for it as a means to end their suffering.

Burial in dreams can simply mean that you have a family event shortly, not necessarily that someone has died or that it is a premonition. It can have positive meanings, because you need to renew yourself, start from scratch and become the person you really want to be. But it can also have negative meanings.

Among them it is remarkable that you look at the sky while you are at the funeral. Is it raining or very cloudy? Is it a dark setting? Then the dream reveals that, soon, there will be bad news related to your work or your friends.

On the other hand, dreaming that you are buried alive means that you are in a time of insecurity and much confusion.

Among the most common dreams of death we can find the meaning of dreaming of dead animals, whether they are wild animals (such as snakes, crocodiles or rats) or animals.

As a general rule, the coffin in dreams is an announcement of fights, fights and a loss of people who are not going to die but who are going to move away from your life.

It is a change in the life cycle and the people who are in it, but it is also a reflection of your inner world and the bad things you need to bury.

Be careful, because the dream of a coffin can also be a harbinger of bad moments in love, emotional problems or relationship. Was the coffin full of flowers? It is the announcement of a close wedding, but that the marriage will have many problems.

For its part, dreaming of a hearse serves to reflect on the moment in which you are currently. You should not take the dream at face value and it does not mean that someone is going to die, but rather you should think about why your subconscious brings that hearse to your dream world.

Are you going through a bad time and need to start over from scratch? There you have the answer!

Perhaps in your dream death personified appears, with that black hood and that scythe that is how it is usually represented. And it can be scary, very scary, even turning the dream into a nightmare. Why have you dreamed of death? Relax, because it does not mean that your time has come.

That you dream of the Grim Reaper means that you have the opportunity to completely renew yourself, to wake up and change your life, to turn the page and to be happy again.

Face your fears and you will get a new opportunity that has nothing to do with the stage of your previous life.

La Catrina is a beloved character in Mexican folklore who comes from the world of the dead.

But, if she appears in your dreams, she carries a rather encouraging message about harnessing your strength and inner vitality.

What good news! Catrina represents the spirit of positive thinking, the desire to continue living and the ability to make a smile even in the worst moments.

The interpretation of this dream has to do with, perhaps, it is time for you to have more confidence in yourself.

That you have enough energy to face all the problems you have with integrity and that you overcome all those obstacles that are preventing you from being happy.

Among the most common dreams of death we can find the meaning of dreaming of dead animals, whether they are wild animals (such as snakes, crocodiles or rats) or animals.


Most of us fear death, and this is transferred to the dream world in the form of nightmares. We dream of our own death, of the death of family members, of someone who has already passed away, of a cemetery, of the Grim Reaper … And a long etcetera.