Biblical Meaning of Feces In a Dream

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In some cases dreaming of stools can mean a certain release that you need. Excrement is what your body expels because it does not need it and that is how you should take this unpleasant dream.

Get rid of toxic people in your life, pessimistic thoughts, and negative emotions when you have this dream about stool.

Biblical Meaning of Feces in a Dream – Symbolism

There are dreams that we do not even want to remember because they are unpleasant and not because they are a nightmare.

This is the case of dreaming about excrement, a dream that causes us a lot of repulsion but that contains important information that we must know.

Discover in our dream dictionary all the meanings of dreaming about excrement or feces.

It does not become a nightmare, but dreaming of excrement or feces is one of those unpleasant dreams that you want to forget as soon as you wake up.

Do not forget it, because its meaning can clarify many things about the vital moment that you are living. You may need to express your feelings, because that is the most common meaning of stool.

Your dream with excrement may find its interpretation in that feeling of shame that invades you when you are in public.

Because of your low self-esteem, you fear putting yourself in ridicule and this is reflected in that dream in which you cannot control yourself and you relieve yourself in public. Relax, because it is not a premonitory dream, but watch out for your emotional problems.

This dream with excrement may even make you feel bad smells in your own dream, but you should not worry.

Often dreams with negative meanings hide more teachings than pleasant dreams, so use this dream to identify all that is left over in your life and that you must expel in the form of feces.

Did you know that dreaming about poop also has its meaning? You will say that this has not happened to you, but despite what you think, it may happen that at some point you come to Dream about Poop or Excrement, and you need to know its meaning.

Here we explain it to you. In most of the times, it is usually linked to this type of dreams, which refers to a luck that arrives without expecting it and unexpectedly, giving new opportunities to whoever does it, although the act itself of going to the bathroom, it can tell us that what is left over is expelled.

But what does it mean to defecate? If you look for its meaning, you will find it as the proper act of expelling and repelling impurities and waste that the body does not need to maintain itself, obtaining nutrients from food and expelling what is useless.

Therefore, when you manage to dream of poop or excrement, it has a different meaning, depending on the situation that is presented to you in the dream.


Therefore, we wanted to give you some tips and advice on what each situation means in a dream, which deals with the act of defecation.

What You Need To improve your life through dreams Thanks to the interpretations that you can make of dreams, different solutions can be found to daily conflicts that have to do with your life, be they good or bad or need your wisdom and experience and the Dreaming of poop or excrement, can help you in some of these things.

The fact of dreaming about this topic can be a harbinger of events that are happening to you that are serious and require a quick solution, so this can help give you answers, even to things that you could not find a solution for.

Not all people the different types of dreams can help them, but in the specific case of Dreaming of Poop or Excrements, it can be a possible opportunity to carry out trips and projects that have to do with improving the work environment or even change residence in search of improving life and current position. Is it your case?

Always expect the best and therefore, you must always have a blank mind, so that when dreaming of any kind of thing, you can immediately understand that it is the way the universe and the environment are telling you to change your way of thinking or thinking lead your life.

Instructions Animal feces and human feces Man also belongs to the animal world, being the one who has thought the most and came to reason, making him have conscience, communicate and come to form communities, which sets him apart from other species. Dreaming about poop or excrement differs between one and the other.

This means that if you dream of animal excrement it has a different meaning than if you dream of human waste, so you have to differentiate between one and the other, to obtain each separate meaning, which can give us an idea in our lives.

Despite what you think, both one and the other can cause a feeling of disgust and repulsion, which leads to believing in vanities. But dreaming of poop or excrement, of animals can mean abundance and prosperity, depending on the animal.

As an example, you can place the feces of cows, horses and other animals of the bovine species, whose waste is used to serve as fertilizer for plants and harvest, making them prosper and obtain fertility to grow, which can augur growth, development and prosperity.

The personal privacy of defecation Dreaming of poop or excrement can be a symbol of personal intimacy, since the act itself is carried out in a solitary way in the privacy of a bathroom, without waiting for curious eyes or other intentions take away the inspiration to do it.

It happens that dreams sometimes come true and it usually happens more than anything to children and older adults, who during a dream with stools feel so excited, that they bring that to reality, waking up and realizing that they have defecated.

But it can also happen to anyone that when dreaming about poop or excrement, they actually do it without being sick. Only that the act is performed in such an explicit way that it becomes a reality without being expected or in a spontaneous way.

In addition, you must know how to interpret the meaning of each of the dreams with feces, which you have since some cause or consequence of a disorder that is happening in reality or personally depends on it.

It may be that some knowledge is needed, but on the web you can find a lot of information regarding the interpretation of dreams, but in the specific case of Dreaming of Poop or Excrement, we can help you with the information that we present in this article.

In addition, many of the interpretations that are made of dreams have become myths that have been brought to reality, in the way of becoming superstitions that leaders use to manipulate the minds of other individuals.

Biblical Meaning of Feces in a Dream – Meaning

Dreaming with feces is always an indication of fortune, profit, always an omen of luck linked to material gains. If, in dreams, you have seen or touched stool, know that it is time to risk and invest your capital; and you smelled feces, you will soon receive money that you considered lost.

Dreaming of feces – Feeling in bed is a sign of financial abundance; Defeating in public is a financially successful advertisement. Whoever sees feces in the street or steps on them in a dream can hope for luck in games.

If, in a dream, you were dirty with stool or if you saw someone dirty with stool, it is an omen that windfall profits will allow you to take the trip of your dreams.

Dreaming of feces, contrary to what most people think, has a positive meaning. This is surprising, considering the feeling of disgust that everyone has, in real life, for feces.

In general, the meaning of dreaming about feces indicates luck. Get ready because something unexpected and good is coming out there!

Your dream with excrement may find its interpretation in that feeling of shame that invades you when you are in public.

Dreaming about seeing feces – Dreaming about seeing feces presupposes luck in business. You will probably receive a very good job offer.

The dream may also want to alert you to invest your money in the sense that the time is now! If you have any capital available, do not miss the opportunity, as you will be financially successful.

This type of dream offers prosperity and good adventurous experiences. The trip you dreamed of so much may be closer than you imagine.

Dreaming of human feces – Dreaming about human feces can indicate your shame in some everyday things and situations. It means your emotions or some negative feelings that you are keeping to yourself.

Try to be less reserved and trust the people around you more, they can be the key to your emotional balance. Like any other type of stool dream, this also bodes well for financial and professional life.

Dream About Dog Feces – The dog is considered a man’s best friend, and dreaming of his feces is a sign of an excellent phase to design something new together with his friends.

If you have any intention of setting up a company, don’t waste time, this investment will bring you great benefits and benefits.

Depending on the friend that you form an alliance, the benefits can come immediately. The closer the person is, the better the project will be.

Dream about the smell of feces – Dreaming of the smell of feces indicates great opportunities to earn extra money. You will probably receive job proposals that can give an excellent increase in your monthly income.

For those who already have a business, this dream means improvement in profits. Enjoy the good phase and win a lot of money!

Dreaming about cleaning stools – Dreaming that you clean the stool indicates that you want to get out of yourself dirty and negative aspects that cause you rejection and unwanted feelings.

This dream can also be related to emotional encounters. Suggest that you be a more outgoing and less reserved person, since you tend to keep feelings within yourself, not sharing anything with anyone.

Dreaming that you walk in feces – To dream that you step on stool is a sign that you will be very lucky in investments and bets. Buying a lottery ticket would be an excellent idea.

Stepping on stool, in a dream, can also mean problems with sexuality. In the sense that the dreamer feels “dirty” in these personal matters.

In the most popular existing interpretation, dreaming that you step on stool can also indicate good changes in the near future.

If in the dream, you have stepped on feces in the street, while walking that means that some love misunderstandings will be resolved, and your life together will change for the better.

Dreaming about taking in feces – The dream that you take in feces is a very good omen. It means that wealth is going to accompany it.

If you are an entrepreneur, you will have a lucrative business opportunity, and you will also be able to help other people gain wealth as well.

This dream can also be an alert for you to invest in your career. Taking a course or even a specialization can be a good choice to take advantage of your growth at work.

Dreaming that you eat feces – Dreaming that you eat feces can even be disgusting, because in reality no one does.

But the meaning of this dream is very good; it can be synonymous with great luck in your life, not only in the sense of gaining something materially, but also in relation to the other spheres, such as the emotional and the spiritual, for example.

Dreaming about defecating in bed – Dreaming that you defecate in bed symbolizes your wishes and desires. You can become an influential person and lead a group with great responsibility.

Never miss the opportunities that life provides you, because everything you have dreamed of, depending on your performance and belief, you are going to achieve.


Being able to dream of poop or excrement can be the solution to some problems you have, it is enough to take into account the way you are in the dream and what you face in it.

So you have to pay close attention at all times.

Always keep in mind the need to be calm and take things with absolute calm, so that you can be in balance both physically and emotionally and can face problems as they come, achieving feasible solutions.

Find a confidant, within the same family, who can be your mother as the best friend, and tries to expel your most intimate feelings that you have repressed so that you can maintain inner peace and tranquility, to help you find viable solutions to problems.

Even Dreaming of Poop or Excrement, can bring prosperity to people who are working in any company, so try to see life with optimism and face difficulties with seriousness and a heavy hand to achieve the best in your life.