Biblical Meaning of House In Dreams

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Surely you remember when you were a girl and you drew a house, with people, with a garden, or with pets.

The drawing of that house represented our wishes and our way of seeing life and many psychological studies have been made of children’s representations of houses.

In reality, the house reflects our personality and our interior like nobody else, which is why houses often appear in our dreams.

Dreaming of a house can give you a lot of information about yourself.

Do you want to know the meaning of dreaming of a house?

Biblical Meaning of House in Dreams – Symbolism

We have all imagined the home of our dreams at one time or another and have spent hours designing our ideal home as a realization of ourselves and as a reflection of our personality. Because houses are those places where we feel free, comfortable and relaxed to be how we really want to be.

Therefore, the information that dreaming of a house provides us is very important and can be very informative. When we dream of a new house, it is interpreted as an upcoming change in life that will be very positive.

However, the insecurity that we sometimes feel can be reflected in the dream of an empty house. In the same way, if the house we dream of does not have walls, it means that we feel very vulnerable and exposed.

To dream that we are building a house is a dream of good omen, since it announces new projects and the achievement of our dreams.

And if in the dream we are cleaning the house, it is interpreted as the need to renew ourselves internally, to review our values ​​and eliminate prejudices. In any case, a brand new and bright new house means success in all areas, social, work, sentimental and family.

Given the importance of the symbolism of a house in dreams, it is essential that we pay attention to all the details of the dream. Because if in our dream the doors of the house take center stage, it means that we are facing new opportunities. While dreaming of the bedroom represents, in general, our love life.

The attic of a house symbolizes our highest aspirations, on a personal and professional level, so we will have to analyze what feelings the attic leaves us in our sleep, if it is clean, if we feel comfortable and if it provides us with peace of mind.

On the other hand, dreaming of a basement can reflect our deepest fears.

Logically, it is not the same to enter a nice and clean house, which has a positive meaning, than to dream of an old and dilapidated house, which means that we must renew ourselves and leave behind our old convictions if we want to become happier.

You may experience sudden and unexpected problems, such as illness, death, or any other matter that requires immediate action. The meaning of this dream is one of the most obvious that you can dream of.


Dream about houses – If you dreamed of a single house, it indicates that you have or will have financial security. If the house was his because he has happiness in the family. If you see someone else’s house in a dream, be aware that there will be a legal action. With houses shaking, you will have financial losses. See a corner house, you will have good luck. Entering houses on a sunny day, then buying property.

Dream about the tree house – Dreaming of a tree house is a good sign, indicating social success and you will finally have the desired recognition. Stay firm in your purposes and invest in your dreams.

Dream of a house on the beach – Dreams of a house on the beach symbolize that you have an emotional problem or difficulty that you need to face. It is also an indication that you need to take a break or vacation to rest and relieve all the stress that is compromising your productivity.

Dreaming about buying or selling a house – If you dreamed that you bought a house, it is a sign that you will live a moment of intense love, but with a short duration. Selling a house indicates that new responsibilities will arise that will make you grow a lot.

Who builds a house – To dream that you built a house indicates that you will have honors. See a house under construction, a sign of full love. Other people building houses means that you will receive great comfort.

House being demolished – Dreaming of a house in demolition is a sign that you will need calm and humility to avoid a painful separation. A house in ruins must resume ancient beliefs.

Flooded house – If you dreamed of a flooded house, it bodes that you have spiritual protection and you will have career advancement.

Haunted house – Dreams of a haunted house symbolize fears and suggest that you learn to forgive. Get rid of all negativity and bad memories. Leave the past behind.

Do you have a recurring dream? Have you dreamed something that you think could mean something? When trying to decipher the meaning of dreams it is important that you focus on remembering every detail of what you have experienced while you were sleeping.

Dreaming of a house or dreaming of a home is quite common, but it can have different meanings in terms of dream interpretation.

A house is something really important in our lives, since it is within them where we live, we feel safe … To dream of a house is to dream of our own state, whether physical or emotional. The house symbolizes the state of the person, both physical and emotional, and the conditions of the house reflect the state of the person.

Have you ever wondered what it means to dream of a house? Have you had dreams related to houses? Visiting a house, a house in poor condition, a house full of life … Dreaming of a house can have different meanings depending on the state it is in.

Normally, the house is the representation of yourself in the dream, and the rooms represent different aspects of you. In addition, the state of the house reflects your physical and / or emotional state and your possible concerns.

Normally, dreaming of a house can have both positive and negative meanings, it all depends on the state and conditions in which the house is. That is why dreams with houses have different interpretations.

Also, the different parts of the house represent different aspects of the person. So, for example, dreaming of the attic of a house refers to the intellect, with the foundations to the subconscious. On the other hand, dreaming of doors can mean new opportunities.

To interpret dreams with houses, the part of the house that appears in the dream and its state must be taken into account. If the house is in good condition and full of life, the meaning of the dream is positive: new opportunities, success, joy, tranquility…

On the contrary, if the house is in poor condition or abandoned, the meaning may be negative: diseases, bad omens, drastic changes, or even the death of loved ones. If you have had a dream of a beautiful home, it means that you are currently feeling happy.

Your life is full both emotionally and professionally, it is full of success at this time. If you have had a dream of a new house or in which there are children, the meaning of the dream indicates a pleasant and peaceful life. Dreaming of a house full of life, new, with children and / or pets is one of the best dreams you can have.

If you have had a dream of a small and old house, be careful, this may indicate a deterioration in health, as if you have had a dream of an old abandoned and neglected home.

This can indicate serious illnesses if they are not treated early. But not everything is bad! Have you had a dream about leaving the house? This means that you have some inner restlessness, something that encourages you to adventure. Finally, if you have dreamed of visiting an old home, from childhood or years ago, you are likely to receive good news.

Biblical Meaning of House in Dreams – Meaning

Dreaming of a home means, in general, reunions or new directions in your life. However, many of its meanings will depend on the way the house will express itself in the dream, if it is a house that you have lived in, if it is old, if it is new, etc.

Dream about home – Seeing or visiting a house you already lived in is an indication that a trip will happen briefly.

If, when entering the old house, she was exactly as in other times, prepare to meet someone you have not seen for a long time, however, if it was totally or partially modified it is a sign that your life will take new directions, Get ready, everything will depend on you, just dedicate yourself to conquer what you really want.

Finding people in this house is alert so that they gain their shyness, express their emotions, soon they will perceive the result: joys and loves. Seeing or being in your own home is a good omen, a person who is far away will return to their coexistence?

The appearance or condition of a house will indicate the significance of the dream: if you saw or lived in an old house, wait for the resumption of a love; in a new house indicates stability and financial security; In a poorly maintained or damaged home, put laziness aside, there is a promise of financial success. But if a house was seen under construction, it is an indication of full and safe love.

If you have seen a house being demolished, if you are calm and humble, you can avoid a painful separation. See a flooded house, spiritual protection and career advancement. A tree house is sure to be graced with social success.

If you have seen a house in which a large number of doors and windows, fullness in love and sex, here is the omen for this dream.

You will live a short-term love case, but with great intensity, if you bought a house in a dream; But if you sold a home, prepare to take on new and tough responsibilities. When the dreamer looks for a house to rent, it is a sign that briefly a problem that worries him will be healed.

If in the dream you saw or visited a house that you had lived in, it indicates the possibility of making a trip soon. If the house was beautiful it is an indication that you are fine in every way, but if it was ugly it is an alert for the existence of intimate problems.

Dream of the big house – If you dreamed of a big or luxurious house, it is an excellent indication that you are a successful person, even a professional one, and represents prosperity, abundance and financial stability. Take advantage of good energies, invest in new projects and seek more knowledge.

Dream of a small house – Dreaming of a small house is a sign of bad omen, as it indicates that you may go through a dangerous situation or that you will receive the news of the death of someone you know.

If you saw a small and abandoned house in the dream, it is because something went off in your life, be it a dream, ideology or work done. Find your individuality and don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Dream of the old house – Dreaming of an old house represents the strong and sudden need of the dreamer to make changes.

If you were moving into an old and ancient house, it indicates that there could be disappointments and you should watch out for the changes to come. Entering an old house and with the objects intact indicates that you will meet someone you have not seen for a long time.

Entering an old house with some modifications indicates the taking of new directions in your life. Finding people in an old house represents that you have problems with your shyness and need to overcome it. Express your emotions to find your happiness.

Dream of a new house – Dreaming of a new house symbolizes your dissatisfaction with current aspects of your life and yearns for news and changes. It is a pretty positive dream and indicates movement. If you dreamed that you were moving to a new house, it indicates that you are entering a new phase with changes in thoughts and actions.

If in the dream you moved to a new, large house with wide windows and well organized, it is a sign that wealth is coming to meet you and you will have significant financial improvement. Dreaming that you left a new house indicates that you must be ready for changes and must, for both, forget the past.

Dream about abandoned house – If you dreamed of an abandoned or ruined house, it is a negative sign, and may indicate problems in your life, once you have acted with negligence and carelessness, and in that way you may lose important things such as your job, property or even someone. Dear in the family be more careful.

Dream about the house of fire – Dreaming of the house of fire is a warning that you should give more attention to your life, which is rapidly being destroyed.


Dreaming of a house represents the reunions and directions that you give in your life.

The most complete interpretation is made according to the observation of the type of house presented and the arrangement of other elements, which allow to understand the dream message.