Biblical Meaning of Insects in Dreams

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Dreaming of insects can have many interpretations and it is thought that insects are totems that symbolize ourselves and our possibilities.

The dreams about insects can either be interpreted as good and positive or bad and negative, depending on the types of insects and their number.

It is thought that insects represent our ability to be strong, hard-working, and independent, but also maybe a secret message that something bad is going to happen.

It is not important whether you are an insect lover or you hate insects, the meaning depends on the feelings and thoughts you had during and after the dream.

Of course, people who are not comfortable with the picture of insects or have phobias will feel scared and disturbed.

However, it doesn’t have to be that if you have a fear of insects that the dream carries a negative meaning, and otherwise.

The spiritual meaning of dreaming an insect is the symbol they have – productivity, proactivity, hard work, motivation, teamwork, and others.

Also, insects can be a symbol of pleasure and sensual feelings.

However, if you had a dream about insects attacking you or the ones you love, the meaning changes.

Maybe you are frustrated or feeling anxious, but also it can be that something negative is bugging you.

Insects are creatures that carry symbols of almighty and powerful energy and they are often the ones who can do unimaginable things when it comes to fairy tales and legends.

Also, they are often used as a personification in fables that are teaching humans how to be honest and hardworking, but also how to not be a person who only looks at themselves and forgets about other’s needs.

Let’s see the most common dreams about insects and their interpretations!

The Most Common Dreams about Insects 

Dreaming of an ant 

If you saw an ant in your dream, the feelings you had may suggest the ways you think of yourself.


As you know, ants are thought to be hard-working insects who can manage to do a lot of work on their own.

You are a strong person who can fight any problem and you don’t give up. When you have a plan, you make it come true no matter what obstacles may come your way. Nothing and no one can stop you once you decide to take action.

You are an honest person and you are full of dignity and pride in yourself.

This dream may suggest that you are currently going through a lot, but you are alone. You feel like nobody is really there for you when you need help.

Also, this dream can be a symbol of the hard work you will have to put in order to achieve your goals. But, in the end, that hard work will pay off.

Dreaming of ants 

If you had a dream about lots of ants it can mean that you have positive surrounding which is affecting you to become better.

There are people who want the best for you and who love you no matter what. You should be grateful for them and show that you appreciate their effort.

Also, this dream may mean that you have a lot of responsibilities, but you don’t find it hard to manage them. You are strong and you never fail to fulfill obligations.

However, if these ants were aggressive or threatening to you, it may mean that you don’t know how to carry all the burden you have and you are occupied with obligations.

Maybe you are afraid of tomorrow and you always imagine the worst-case scenarios in your head, even tho you do everything excellently. You don’t trust in yourself and you have doubts.

Dreaming of ants eating a dead corpse 

If you had a dream about many ants eating and crawling on a dead corpse of some animal or even on humans, it means that you are trying to start over and make a new beginning.

This is an uncomfortable dream and it suggests that you will receive some bad news. Not necessarily the worst possible, but something you won’t like will happen.

The dead corpse is a symbol of leaving something behind and is interpreted as an attempt to leave your past behind. Maybe you are not sure whether that is the right choice, but it seems like the only one you have right now.

Also, it can be a symbol of change. You are changing and you want to forget about the bad things that happen.

Another meaning is that something is eating you inside. You either have a secret or thoughts that are stressing you out, but you haven’t told anyone. You are full of negative energy and you should try to face the problems.

Dreaming of a cockroach

Cockroaches are insects that eat everything and will survive almost anything. They are persistent and always find their way to stay alive, but they are cockroaches. They are dirty and resourceful – eat everything they find.

These insects are symbols for impure creatures and maybe a symbol of someone who is using you. There might be someone who is friends with you just because they want to take advantage of you for their needs.

Also, there might be a person who will do anything for their own good. These kinds of people will fraud you and stab you in the back in order to achieve their goals. Be aware of that and don’t let anybody take advantage of you.

Dreaming of a butterfly 

Butterflies are thought to be pure creatures and are often found in fairy tales and surreal experiences.

They symbolize a feeling of relief and the end of sorrow. They are thought to have magical meanings and are connected to our inner selves.

These are often spiritual symbols and they show up in dreams when someone dies. There is not a tight relationship between butterflies and death, but they are often symbols of end and relief.

Maybe there is someone in your life who suffers, or it can be you. This dream is telling you that those bad things will end soon and you will feel unchained.

Also, a butterfly is a symbol of freedom and breakthrough. They don’t have to necessarily mean the death of someone but can be interpreted as the end of something, like the end of one chapter in life.

Or, you will say goodbye to someone you have known for many years or your life pathways will separate and you will have to continue on your own. This could be a good thing considering that a butterfly doesn’t have to be a bad sign.

Dreaming of a field full of butterflies 

This is usually an extremely positive dream and it suggests a good future. Many butterflies symbolize new chances and opportunities that will show up once you give up on the old ones that kept putting you down.

If you had a failure and you are still trying to succeed, this dream is telling you to let go and start looking for new chances.

This considers and personal relationships. If you had a bad time with someone in past and you are still around them, maybe it’s time to turn your back to them and start looking for someone else.

You have been missing out on good opportunities because you have dealt with others who happen to be a failure.

Start turning to the other aspects of life and try new things because there is plenty of new opportunities around you.

Dreaming of an unrecognizable insect

If you saw an insect in your dream but you couldn’t tell which species does it belong to, it means that you have an enemy who doesn’t want the best for you.

Maybe it is not a big deal, but someone will try to fraud you and you are not going to be sure about the identity of that person.

It can be someone from work or school that will talk lies about you and spread them, but you won’t be sure who started the rumors. Try to distance yourself from negativity and be friends with people who trust you, not the gossips.

Dreaming of a bee 

This is a very positive dream and is suggesting that something really good will happen to you. You will feel worthy and special because someone is going to make you feel that way.

A bee is a symbol of happiness and good times and you shouldn’t waste your time on negative thoughts. The next months are going to be very exciting and full of joy.

Also, it may be that you will feel inspired by something and that will motivate you to start doing a new hobby or get a new job. Trust your inner feelings and don’t miss out on good opportunities.

Dreaming of a bumblebee

This dream is not very different from the dream about a bee but is connected to a male person. Someone you know will give you positive energy and that will probably be a male friend, colleague, or partner.

It is not about romance, but about nice gestures. There is a man who is your true friend and will do anything for you.

The symbolism behind this dream is that you have a protector and a true friend which will always make you safe and sound. Don’t lose him.

Dreaming of a ladybug

The meaning of this dream depends on the connotation. If the ladybug flew to you or stepped on you it means that you will be very lucky in the next period and you will feel like everything is going the way you want it.

If the ladybug flew away from you, it means that you will drop a good chance and you will regret it later.

A ladybug is a symbol for happiness and luck, but also for awakening, in the meaning of self-awareness. You will learn something about yourself that will surprise you positively because you never thought you will be able to be that kind of person.

Also, dreaming of a ladybug is a symbol of being loved by others and that is something you should never forget. There is someone who really cares for you and brings you happiness.

Dreaming of a spider 

If you saw a spider in your dream, it means that someone could be setting you up a trap, like a spider traps its catch in the web.

There may be someone who is manipulative and is trying to get you like them. That person is not who he/she says they are and is pretending to be someone in order to get what he/she wants.

Be aware that not everyone you think of as a friend is your true friend. Keep your friend circle small and don’t let anybody fool you.

Dreaming of a dead insect in a spider web

Is dream is indicating that you will make a wrong decision which you will later regret. Maybe it looks like a good opportunity now, but the more you learn about it the more you will realize how wrong it is.

Also, it can be that you are involved in something you can’t escape and it is a big burden for you. You are trying to get out of that situation, but the problem grew so much that you don’t see the solution.

But, remember, there is a solution to every problem and this dream is just a warning that you should take for real.

Dreaming of a dragonfly 

This dream is a symbol of being indecisive and is telling you that you should be careful with the decisions you make in the next period.

Everything you decide now will have long-term effects on the future so you should decide wisely.

Dreaming of flies 

If you saw one fly or many flies in your dream it means that you will soon hear bad news which will disappoint you.

It can be about someone you care about and the news will shock you, so be prepared for anything.