Biblical Meaning of Long Hair In a Dream

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The symbolism of hair in the Bible means strength, fertility, beauty, vitality, etc. It is thought that hair is a mirror of our soul and cutting it off has a negative connotation in Bible.

That means no one should have their hair cut off forcefully because it is a humiliating and disrespectful act.

For example, shaved people have always had a bad history and are thought to be different from others but in a negative way.

In Bible, hair is a symbol of strength and power, so cutting it off means that that person has lost their ability and power.

In some cultures, growing hair and a beard is a symbol of mourning the dead. For example, Egyptians didn’t shave their hair and beard in order to show empathy and respect for the dead person.

Jesus himself had long hair which represented his strength and dignity.

Dreaming of long hair is a specific dream and doesn’t have to be related to Bible. There are many different connotations and some of them may get connected to the Bible, but most of them have something to do with our subconscious mind.

As it is said before, long hair represents true power and natural strength. The Bible sees long hair as an infinite source of real strength and is connected to Jesus.

At the same time, the hair may be a way to show humbleness and humility which actually represent true power and strength because that is the only way to accept yourself and others and make up for your “sins”.

All in all, long hair is a good sign when it comes to Bible and its interpretation. However, let’s dig a little deeper into your subconscious mind and see what other interpretations of your dream are.

The Most Common Dreams about Long Hair 

Dreaming of having a long hair 

This dream may indicate that you have a lot of problems on your back and you don’t know how to handle them. You have been strong for a long period but now you could use a little bit of help.

Maybe you are about to see some uncomfortable things and be in a negative situation. Try to escape any discomforting situations and don’t get involved in anything suspicious.

However, dreaming of beautiful, shiny, long hair is a symbol of your inner beauty and positive experience. You are about to see some beautiful things and you will be very pleased.

Dreaming of cutting off long hair 


This dream is not a good sign because it symbolizes you losing your strength and common sense. Maybe you have experienced something really bad and now you blame yourself for that.

You should try to overcome everything that bothers you and stop blaming yourself for the things you can’t control.

Also, it may be that you will receive negative news which will break your mood. The next few weeks will be really tough for you, but you will find your way to happiness.

Dreaming of dying your long hair 

If you had a dream in which you dyed your hair in red color, but you are not a redhead, it means that you have a secret desire for someone.

You are trying to change yourself to get someone’s attention. But, that is not working.

Red hair is a symbol of passion but also rebellion. You can’t stand authority and you always try to fight against your boss.

Be more careful with how you act and try to bite your tongue sometimes. Even if you have the right in some situations you should keep calm and mind your business.

If you dreamt about dying your hair in black color it means that you are suffering and you want to make a change. Some bad news ruined your week and you feel exhausted. You just want to be happy for a while and forget about all the problems you have.

And, if you dreamt about dying your hair blonde, it means that you are ready for new beginnings. You want to change and you are ready for that. The only way to change our life is to change ourselves.

Dreaming of making a hairstyle 

Styling your hair is a symbol of impatience. You want something as soon as possible and you don’t want to wait for it anymore.

You have high expectations and that may be bad for you because you can’t always get what you want.

It may be that you will be invited to a party or for a drink by someone you find attractive.

Also, maybe you have neglected yourself and that bothers you. There is always time to start working on yourself again.

Dreaming of putting hair in a ponytail

This dream suggests that you will be in a fight. You had enough of staying silent and now is the time to open up and tell everything that is on your chest.

It may be a friend or a colleague that has been doing things that bother you but you never told them that. Soon, you will have a chance to finally stop them and break free from that little torture.

Or, it may be that you are suspicious about your partner and you think that they might be lying to you about something. Soon you will find out if you were right or wrong about being suspicious.

Dreaming of having braids 

You are thinking about the past and something that happened a long time ago bothers you now. It is hard for you to suppress that thought deep into your mind and it keeps popping up every time you go to bed.

Try to find help or to talk to your friend. Don’t run from your problems.

Maybe you will see an old friend and you will be very happy about that.

Also, this dream may mean that you are thinking about your ex-partner and you want them back. You have to try to win them back if you really care about them.

Dreaming of a long, curly hair 

This is a very positive dream and it suggests that you will be having a great time in the future. There will be enough time for you to finally achieve your goals and wishes.

You will be healthy and happy along with your family and everything will fall back into its place. Don’t let that time pass by and watch it fly away. Use it as much as you can and enjoy your life.

Also, this dream may mean that you will receive financial support at the right time. You won’t be missing anything in your life and it will all be perfect.

Dreaming of a thin, long hair 

This is not a good sign. This dream indicates an illness or sickness and is a warning for you to start taking care of yourself. If you feel tired, sleep. If you have an eating disorder, search for help.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to make things right.

Also, this dream may mean financial instability. You don’t know if you will have enough money to pay your loans this month and that is really stressing you out. Thin hair-thin wallet.

Dreaming of your hair falling off 

This dream is a symbol of your inner fears. You may think that you are not as attractive as you were before and thus you are insecure about your look.

Maybe you think you are not attractive to your partner anymore and that is what scares you. You don’t want to grow old and lose your beauty, but that is just something natural and normal. True beauty could never be lost and it is not hidden in your looks but your soul.

This dream is telling you that you are feeling scared and anxious when it comes to your outer beauty and health. Maybe you are scared of being sick and you can’t stop thinking about that.

The reason for feeling like this may lay in the fact that you are constantly stressed out mentally and you can’t cope with that amount of stress.

You need to know that this is all in your head and it is imaginary. Things are not always the way we think they are and our brain tends to invert our reality.

Also, you should take a break from what you do at the moment and spend time with yourself trying to figure out why you feel like this.

Dreaming of seeing cut hair 

If you had a dream in which you hold cut hair in your hand, then it is a good sign and means that you will be rich in all aspects of life – family, friends, partner, finance.

Holding hair in your hand or seeing it symbolizes gain. So, maybe not in every aspect of your life, but certainly in the most important ones.

Dreaming of seeing fallen hair 

It could either be yours or from someone else, but fallen hair in dreams is not a good sign.

Fallen hair symbolizes sickness and instability and you may go through bad times soon. Maybe someone from your family will have health problems and that will be stressful for you.

Besides that, it is possible that someone you care a lot about will pass away and that will be the last punch for you that you can take.

Sometimes life is hard and we have to survive no matter what. Try to be strong and don’t lose hope.

Dreaming of seeing someone cutting their hair 

If you saw someone you know cutting their hair, it may be that they have experienced negativity from your side and now don’t want you to be near them.

If that is the case try to give them space and apologize when they get ready for that. You should know that our actions leave marks on others and sometimes we do things that are bad for others without even knowing it.

Stop blaming yourself for things you are not in charge of, but start having more empathy for others.

Dreaming of brushing your long hair 

This dream is a symbol of sexual desire and your wish to be liked by everyone. Your subconscious mind is occupied by thoughts about your look and beauty and you constantly emphasize how that is important for you.

Maybe you want to attract someone who seems to have a little or no interest in you and you are trying your best to be seen by them.

Dreaming of having a wig 

This dream is telling you that you are not who you really are in front of other people. You hide behind your mask because you are afraid of letting people know you.

It is okay to let others into your life and to be who you really are.