Biblical Meaning of Preaching In a Dream

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Usually it is a feeling of guilt in the dreamer for something that he consciously or unconsciously thinks he has done wrong or something that he thinks he should have done but has not done.

In most cases, it is the very content of the sermon heard during dreams that can give us a clearer indicator of what we have done wrong or what we think we have done wrong and, if necessary, remedy it.

Biblical Meaning of Preaching In a Dream – Symbolism

To dream that we hear a sermon in church indicates that there are some issues and behaviors that concern us.

It is possible that our behavior generates reproaches in the people around us, but we do not want to recognize it.

If in the dream we hear a sermon from the mouth of a layman, it is a sign that in real life we ​​have been well advised but we have not put into practice the teachings of friends and family.

To dream that we are the ones who are giving the sermon indicates that we frequently try to impose our thoughts on the people around us, which generates upsets that affect relationships.

This dream may also be an indication that sometimes we pedantically advise people who turn to us for help.

It is quite common to dream of different trades even when we do not feel identified. In this way, a hairdresser could dream of being a policeman and a policeman dream of doctors.

In the dream world, each profession and trade has its own symbolism.

Since ancient times the figure of the shepherd has been characterized by its austerity and simplicity, although in the world of dreams it has other interpretations that are quite useful for you.

Even certain passages in the Bible deal with herding and lost sheep.

Today, although the figure of the shepherd is losing the importance of yesteryear, in the dream world it defines people with high personal values. But, what does it mean to dream of a shepherd?

The interpreters of dreams affirm that dreaming of shepherds means your degree of interest for a group of people to achieve a goal.

For this reason, it is not surprising that many teachers have these kinds of dreams; they teach their students to be professionally prepared.

Other dream analysts also claim that dreaming of a pastor represents a person with a talent for leadership.


Try to reflect on which of the previous explanations best describes you to know the answer. If you still don’t feel reflected, you should know that dream interpretations are subjective.

You can learn a lot from dreams by remembering their details and the way of acting you had in them.

In this way, it does not have the same meaning to dream of a flock of sheep and lead them through a terrain in poor condition (Do you think you have made a wrong decision?)

Than to dream of losing some heads of your cattle because you consider that you are not trained or you have enough knowledge to lead a group.

For this reason, it is recommended that you continue reading other possible interpretations when dreaming of shepherds. Teaching the people you care about the right way is reason enough to dream of shepherds.

Dreaming of shepherds because you have a protective instinct. How do you act when you see a defenseless puppy? Do you tend to be protective of the weakest in your class? Who more or who less have ever experienced the feeling of being safe by being most unprotected.

Dreaming of a pastor to redirect the behavior of people who made bad decisions. For example, dreaming of a lost goat and trying to find it can suggest that you are a person who is worried about the bad decisions that others may have. You try to lead them on the right track.

In other cases, dreaming of shepherds indicates how thanks to your experience and knowledge you try to prevent other people from making certain mistakes.

Think for a moment about the figure of the shepherd. He knows the sounds of the woods, he knows what food is the right one for his herd, and he can also anticipate possible inclement weather.

You can also take advantage of and describe your dream with those details that have most caught your attention. In some way, other dreamers can identify with you.

Biblical Meaning of Preaching In a Dream – Meaning

I know that some of us have had different dreams, which, not knowing their meaning, have turned into real nightmares in our lives.

While it is true that there are dreams that bring us joy and peace, there are others that bring us fear and frustration.

My words today for you who are looking for the Lord, are words of comfort and peace for your life. I hope that God will fill you with blessings and joy in being able to share so many precious testimonies for the glory of God.

To the glory of God when I read I knew the interpretation of the dream.

Remember that God’s armor is different, so I knew that being a servant, he is not dressed in the armor. He is dressed in the clothes that he thinks are correct.

He also said that the enemy throws darts, and they do not believe that also arrows, it refers to the fact that being a servant of God he judges, condemns, putting himself in the place of judge, as if wanting to teach God who to forgive and who not.

Let us not forget that we live in the time of grace because the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is near.

I want to thank God for that wonderful gift, that by his mercy he gave me this gift. God’s word says to long for the best gifts, praise God for this. May God fill you with blessings and may your dreams be truly interpreted by God.

Even if you are not a religious person, it is possible that you dream from time to time about Jesus Christ.

Interpretations of this very spiritual dream vary depending on what appears in the dream, if Jesus appears to speak to you or is it just a divine vision, if you see Jesus Christ on the cross or if his presence is evident because you are praying to him. You already know that every detail is important when interpreting dreams.

Taking this into account, one of the situations that is most dreamed of is when Jesus Christ is the protagonist of the dream and is speaking to you.

It is a dream in which you must be very attentive to the words of Jesus because in them you can help yourself to make that important decision.

In this sense, the dream is similar to that of dreaming of angels, as messengers of important words. It can also happen that you see Jesus Christ in dreams while you are praying to him.

As in dreams with God, the dream speaks of a period of reflection in your life in which you need help to find the emotional balance that you seek so much.

Praying to God is one of the most effective exercises to find peace in believing people and that can also help you in dreams.

The interpretation of dreams with Jesus Christ moves away from your inner world if what you dream is of Jesus Christ on the cross.

In this case, the meaning becomes more forceful, it is time to renew yourself, to leave the past behind and face the world.

It is also the time when you should start a new life from scratch, but don’t worry because you will have help.


Beyond how fantastic the dreams we have when we sleep can be, God wants us to understand the things he wants to tell us while awake.

Since God did not create us to sleep and yes, to be doers of his word.