Black Dog – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Of all the animals you can dream of, the most common is the dog. This is because, in some way or another, its presence is closer than that of other species.

That is why you will not be surprised to dream of a black dog, although its color may disturb you a bit.

That’s right. It is not that black dogs are bad luck, but the color black in dreams is usually negative. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of a black dog.

Black Dog – Dream Meaning

We all know that dogs symbolize fidelity and that in dreams they are closely related to your social relationships and with your partner, with how you relate to them or with the moment you are living. You should also know that in the case that the dog is black, the meaning changes a bit.

Unfortunately, dogs of this color cause some rejection because some people consider them more aggressive than dogs of other colors. Hence, when interpreting this dream, this small detail must be taken into account.

Without the intention of positioning black dogs within the premonitions of bad luck, something that does not happen with black cats in dreams either, it is true that the black color in a dog indicates that you are going through a dark and negative moment.

Darkness is closely linked to depressed mood, so be vigilant. It is possible that this dream is sending you a message about the need to work on your spirits so that you do not sink further into the well.

Thus, the color black indicates bad times and pessimism, while the dog symbolizes fidelity and loyalty. If you mix all that in a dream, it can turn into a nightmare in real life because we talk about distrust and discouragement in all aspects of your life.

Do you think that a friend of yours has acted against you? Do you think that a colleague has taken advantage of you? Has someone revealed a secret that you have confessed to them? Betrayal seems to plan for your life.

This dream with black dogs usually occurs when you suspect an infidelity on the part of your partner, when you think that you are going to be fired at work or when a friend has betrayed you.

It is true that the interpretation is very negative, but for something you are going to wake up from the dream, to turn it around, face the problem that comes to you and regain optimism.

If you can come out of this dream revitalized, you can turn the tables on the situation and fill yourself with energy.

Black Dog – Symbolism

Dreaming of a black dog has negative connotations for reasons of symbolism and superstition, but we will never tire of repeating that neither black cats nor dogs bring bad luck.

Remember that the symbolism of dreams is still that, symbolism, in the same way that when we go to the dentist and have a tooth removed, we do not think that anyone is going to die (unless we are Phoebe Buffay).

That said, in this article we will analyze a few of the most common meanings of dreaming about a black dog.


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When dreaming of a black dog, in addition to the color of the animal, you have to look at other aspects and details of the dream that can give you clues about its meaning. For example, who were you with, how did you feel, what were you doing, what was the dog doing …

Dreaming of a black dog is intimately linked to a series of legends and superstitions that we can find in the British Isles, so influential that they even inspired works of fiction such as The Dog of the Baskervilles (and, of course, our dreams).

The pattern of these legends is always the same. In many parts of Great Britain, the black dog is an apparition commonly found in places related to death, such as crossroads or places where people have been executed, as well as, curiously, with electrical storms.

Furthermore, the apparition is usually larger than a normal dog and has bright red eyes.

Why these apparitions are considered a premonition of death is found both in ancient Celtic and German beliefs and in others that are closer to us. Cerberus surely sounds like you, the three-headed dog guardian of the Greek underworld.

Once we have seen the origin and the legends and superstitions with which dreaming about these animals is related, we will talk about the general meaning they have in our dreams.

Thus, and directly related to the stories of death omens, it is considered that dreaming of a black dog is a bad sign related to death and illness.

However, and continuing with the negative signs (unfortunately there are not many positive things to say about this dream), seeing a black dog while you sleep can also be a sign of betrayal, darkness and hidden secrets.

On a more personal level, it can also refer to depression and repressed feelings, so they are a reflection of our darkest part.

Finally, black dogs also have an ambivalent role in dreams, as they can be a representation of something unknown and mysterious that attracts us.

If in your dream you see a black dog but it is very nice and you do not feel threatened by it, it may mean that you know perfectly the bad things that surround you and how to overcome them.

In fact, this dream is considered the most positive, as it can symbolize that you are going to make your weaknesses your strength.

However, it must also be borne in mind that if in the dream you are playing with the dog it does not necessarily have a positive meaning, but it can refer to the fact that you are playing with fire. You may face difficulties and problems in the future that you will have to overcome.

As you can imagine, this dream is not very positive (surely, and with good reason, you have a terrible fear when dreaming it).

In summary, having this dream can mean that you feel threatened by something and that is why you try to run away.

That something may be yourself or something outside, in any case, you should look at other details of the dream, such as the dog, to deduce what it may be about.

Normally this dream refers directly to your feelings: surely there is something that makes you feel trapped, without options, and that you feel that the problems that you face only leave you the option to flee because they are insurmountable.

Finally, in this curious dream you dream that you are the black dog. In this case, unfortunately, there is not a very positive meaning either, since it usually means that you consider that you can be a danger or a bad influence for others.

Black Dog – Spiritual Meaning

The dog is seen as a faithful animal, gaining fame as “man’s best friend.” In dreams, its meaning is positive. The black color of the dog does not interfere so much in its meaning, even black is a color that represents fear or grief.

The black dog in the dream can be a sign of a “friendly shadow”, which means that you will soon discover the dark mud of some friend.

Generally, it is related to long-term friendships, because it symbolizes sincere friendship.

If in your dream the black dog attacks you or even hurts you, it is a sign that your friend is interested in something that is yours or even in something that only you can offer him.

It is very likely that this person, as soon as he has the opportunity, will hurt him. Beware of friends who approach you with interest in something.

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If during the dream the black dog advanced, understand as a warning: someone will betray you soon, very quickly. Open your eyes!

Being trapped means there is no way out. To dream that the black dog does this to you indicates that betrayal will occur in various areas of your life.

This “friendship” can attack your professional, personal and even love life. Only after everything is destroyed will you see who your true friends are.

Understand this dream as a clear alert: identify this false friendship and cut off relationships, before it hurts you.

Puppies are always cute and chubby. But if they appear in your dreams, indicate financial problems. It is good to avoid spending for a while, especially if it is long installments or a very high payment.

Be careful when putting your hand in your pocket. If you already have some savings, try not to move and keep saving. If you don’t, it’s about time you took precautions.

Death, in a dream, is not always a bad omen. The dream of a dead black dog means that you are giving a lot of importance to something that has already happened and that will not return.

While you are remaking your past, you will not be able to move on. Take this dream with a warning, in which good things are yet to come, just forget the old things and make room for the new.

The gray dog, whether dark or light, means that something is preventing him from being happy. Analyze what your life is like and see what your barriers and difficulties are.

To help, find a friend, but be vigilant with friends, as someone close to you may be hurting you.

Police dogs in a dream are usually a recommendation so that you do not get involved where they do not call you.

Opinion or influencing the affairs of other people will lead to problems and misunderstandings with friends and even family. Therefore, the ideal is to hold on and not get involved.

The correct interpretation of dreams depends on the richness of the details. Therefore, do your best to remember your dream.

Dreams are signs of wishes and warnings that the unconscious tries to send to the human being. This happens because when we are awake our mind censors some things, such as the deepest sexual desires.

Through dreams, these wishes are expressed. The same is true in some situations where we see no danger, such as betrayal or financial difficulties.

Each dream has a specific meaning, but to be interpreted a deep analysis is necessary. Every detail can indicate one thing, so it is important to try to remember, in as much detail as possible, what happens while you dream.

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Finally, black dogs also have an ambivalent role in dreams, as they can be a representation of something unknown and mysterious that attracts us.

Normally this dream refers directly to your feelings: surely there is something that makes you feel trapped, without options, and that you feel that the problems that you face only leave you the option to flee because they are insurmountable.

Understand this dream as a clear alert: identify this false friendship and cut off relationships, before it hurts you.