Cake – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreaming about a cake can be interpreted as a need for having a relationship and being surrounded by people.

This dream means that you need attention from others and that you can’t be alone for a long period. You need to be accompanied by someone because you feel insecure when you are alone.

Dreams about a cake have many various meanings and their interpretations depend on the context of the dream and the feelings you had through the dream.

For example, if you saw a rotten, old cake it means that your love life is not standing very well. You might have problems with your partner and you might end your relationship.

Dreams about eating cake are related to being needy. You constantly ask for attention from others and you act childish when you don’t get what you want. You need to start acting more seriously and take things into your own hands instead of waiting for others to solve your problems and give you what you need.

On the other hand, if you saw melted cake it means that someone is going to disappoint you very badly. You won’t believe what happened to you and you will be very shocked.

Also, if you had a dream about sharing a cake with someone it means that you will get in contact with an old friend or even an ex and you will spend some time with them.

The most common dreams about cake

Dreaming of eating a cake

If you had a dream about eating cake and you were enjoying it, it means that you are a very needy person who always asks people to do things for you.

This dream indicates that you are the type of person that uses people for your needs and you don’t know the limit.

That is wrong and this dream is a warning to you. You should be there for people that care for you if you don’t want to lose them.

This dream is telling you to be more polite and caring for people around you and to treat them well.

Another meaning of this dream is that you should change your diet. Sometimes, we dream about things we need and crave for. Maybe your body needs more sugar.

If you are on a strict diet, you should consult your doctor and see if you can add some sugar to your diet.

Dreaming of baking cake


The meaning of this dream depends on the occasion for which you were making a cake.

If you were baking a cake for someone’s birthday, it means that you will soon have a chance to do something nice for a friend or a family member.

This dream means that you are a caring person and you always offer your help to people in need.

Your friends love you because you are so generous and kind and they know your worth.

This dream is a sign that you will experience some beautiful moments in the near future and you will enjoy every single minute of it.

Another meaning of this dream is if you were having a hard time making that cake.

If you were trying to make a cake but you didn’t manage to do it, that means you will fail to do something important to you.

Maybe you will fail to surprise your friend or partner because you will give them something they already have or they won’t like your present.

It will look like you don’t know them well enough and they might get moody.

This dream is telling you to think wisely and choose the correct present.

Dreaming of rotten cake

If you saw a rotten cake in your dream, it means that someone will disappoint you deeply.

A person you trust will make you lose your trust for them and will put you in a bad situation. You would have never thought that they could do something like that, so be prepared.

This dream is a sign that someone is pretending to be your good friend and you should try to find out who that is. You should know that not everyone in our lives can be a true friend and not everyone wants the best for us.

Dreaming of a chocolate cake

A chocolate cake is a symbol of an expensive gift. You will either receive or give an expensive gift to someone soon. Maybe you will go to a wedding or a birthday party and you will have to spend a lot of money on the gift because you don’t want to be embarrassed.

Another meaning of this dream is that someone will give you an expensive gift because you gave something expensive to them.

So, everything you gave will come back to you, but in a different shape.

Dreaming of a vanilla cake

A vanilla cake is a symbol of friendship. This dream indicates that you will make a new friendship with someone who is very similar to you. You two will get along very well and you might become best friends very fast.

This dream is a sign that you will soon find someone who will always be there for you and you will be very happy to have them.

Dreaming of a fruit cake

Dreaming of a fruit cake is a sign that you will fall in love with someone. There will be a person who will make you forget about everyone you had before. They will show you what true love is and that you deserve much better treatment compared to your exes.

You can expect to be treated very special because that person will love you as nobody else did.

Dreaming of melted cake

A melted cake is a symbol of losing faith. You will be hurt by someone and you will stop trusting people.

You shouldn’t let the bad actions of one person affect your way of seeing people. Not everyone is bad and not everyone will hurt you.

This dream is a sign to you that you should be prepared for the worst when it comes to betrayal.

Someone close to you will betray you and will make you very sad.

You will have to find a way to get over it and it might take you years to recover from that. This is a very negative dream and it is warning you to be more cautious when it comes to trusting everyone around you.

Dreaming of buying cake

If you had a dream about buying a cake, it means that you will be very proud of yourself. You will do some great things or something that is very important to you.

It is very important to be proud of yourself and you will certainly be in the near future.

Maybe you will finish something you have been waiting for for a couple of years, and you will finally feel free from that obligation.

Also, it could be that you will pass some important exams and you will make your friends and family very proud of you.

Buying a cake in a dream is a symbol of awarding yourself for an accomplishment. You will achieve great things in the future and be very successful.

Dreaming of a birthday cake

A birthday cake is a very positive sign in a dream and it symbolizes birth. Maybe you will give birth soon or someone you know will give birth.

Another meaning of a birthday cake is that you will go to a family meeting and see some of your family members after a long time. They will be thrilled to see you and you will have a very nice time with them.

Generally, a birthday cake is a positive symbol because it indicates that you will have a nice time with people you love.

Dreaming of a wedding cake

A wedding cake indicates that you or someone you know will attend a wedding.

Maybe someone close to you will invite you to their wedding and you will be very happy to go.

Another meaning is that you will make your wedding this year. You will make plans and organize the whole wedding the way you want it to be.

A wedding cake in a dream is a good sign and it suggests that soon you will attend a wedding either as a guest or as a bride/groom.

Dreaming of dropping a cake

If you had a dream about dropping a cake, then you will have unnecessary expenses which will cost you a lot.

You will have to pay for some things that you shouldn’t because you were reckless.

Or, you will have a problem in a store because you might break something and then you will have to pay for it.

All in all, this dream indicates that you will have to give money for some things that you don’t need because you weren’t focused.

This dream is telling you to be more focused on the world around you and be more careful when it comes to spending money.

Dreaming of getting a cake stolen

If you had a dream in which someone has stolen your cake, it means that you will lose something precious in your life.

You might be in a situation where you will have to say goodbye to something that you really like because you will need money.

Another meaning of this dream is that you have an enemy that wants what you have. You will have to defend yourself because someone will try to take something that belongs to you, so be careful.