Camera – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Seeing a camera in your dream can be a symbol of the past. You might recall some past memories and events that happened a long time ago and you might decide to get in contact with people from the past.

Also, this dream indicates that you are likely to get in a contact with someone you are not talking to because you had a fight in the past. You want to make it up to them and start being friends again.

A camera is a symbol of past memories and beautiful moments you had and it reminds you of how good it was back then. You would like to recreate these moments and see people that were involved in your past.

The most common dreams about a camera

Dreaming of seeing a camera

If you saw a camera in your dream, it means that you will get in contact with someone from your past.

That is likely to be a person you were friends with you were in a relationship with. You are starting to remember all the good times you have spent with them and you start missing them.

That is completely normal and you should do what your heart wants you to because life is short and who knows, maybe there will be a beginning of something new.

You need to let yourself try and accept the fact that you are still thinking about that person.

Don’t pretend it’s just a thought when you have feelings and you shouldn’t restrict yourself from enjoying the company of people you loved once.

This dream is a positive sign and it is telling you to do whatever you want. You have the right to miss people and you should try to recreate the beautiful past because you deserve to be happy.

Maybe that person also wants to see you and that is why you had this dream. You know that they didn’t forget you, so be open to getting in touch with them.

Dreaming of holding a camera

If you were holding a camera in your hands, trying to take a picture or you were just holding it, it means that you want to capture something good in your life. You want to see how other people are treating you nice and you want to show them that you care too.

This dream is connected to your feelings and the way you are expressing them.

Maybe you don’t know the right way to show someone that you care about them, so instead of using words, you take action.


That is a good way of showing someone your feelings, but you need to make sure that they understand you. You are afraid to be left alone because sometimes people don’t realize that you care. You are often a cold-hearted person and some people might mistake it for not caring.

You should try to open up and express your feelings to people who love you because that way you will be sure they won’t leave you.

Holding a camera in a dream is a symbol of expressing feelings differently and it shows that you like being subtle.

However, sometimes you are concerned that it’s not working and that people don’t realize how much you care. This dream is telling you to open your heart and let people see the real, sensitive side of you.

Dreaming of taking a picture with a camera

If you were taking a picture with a camera and the picture looked good, it means that you will accomplish great things in the future. You will work hard and your hard work will pay off. You need to be patient, just like the photographer that awaits the perfect moment to take a picture.

If you are in a hurry and you constantly try to finish your work earlier, it won’t be successful. You need to patiently wait for the perfect timing to take that picture and to take your chance to become successful.

You have the potential to become very successful and achieve your biggest goals, but you need to stay calm and wait for the perfect shot.

This dream is a warning to you that if you try to make things go faster, you will make a mistake and your work won’t be appreciated.

But, if you slow down a little bit, and you wait for the perfect change, which will come, you will make great things and you will be very successful. This dream is a sign of inspiration that you will get in the future and you will use it to make your life much better.

Dreaming of seeing an old camera

Seeing an old camera in your dream is a symbol of the past that will never come back. This means that people from the past will stay in the past and you can’t do much about it. You need to accept the fact that the things that happened in the past need to stay in the past.

If you constantly think about the past that was beautiful, you won’t have time to focus on your present life or even future and create another beautiful memory. You need to focus on the present moment and appreciate it more.

If you are stuck in the past, you let the time go away and you lose your chance to fulfill your life with new memories that will make you happy.

Accept that the past is nothing but a past, not a way to live your life. You need to let it go, but you don’t need to forget that it even existed. It is normal to remember some things from the past, but from time to time, and not constantly think about it.

There is so much more to life than the past. You have probably suffered a big loss in the past and you can’t get over it. Just give the future chance to be better than the past.

Dreaming of a digital camera

A digital camera is a symbol of something new that will come into your life and refresh it. You are likely to find a new hobby or meet some people that might become your friends. This dream is a very positive one and consists of beautiful signs that everything will be alright.

You won’t be alone in the future and you will find many things that interest you.

Maybe you should try to go out more and meet new people that will bring a new perspective of life to you. You need something refreshing to make you moving and inspire you to make the action.

Dreaming of a broken camera

A broken camera in a dream is a symbol of pain from the past that you can’t forget about. You have been hurt in the past and it still hurts you now. You need to try to compensate for the pain and transform it into your strength.

Be stronger and look at the past as something good because it gave you an experience that you will never forget.

Everything you have ever learned from the past can be useful for you in the future. Don’t forget how strong you are and that you are capable of moving on.

This dream tells you to accept the past and move on. A broken camera is a symbol of hurt feelings and wrong perception.

Maybe something that happened is not as bad as you think it is, so you should analyze your feelings and why you have them. Be more open to change and don’t stop working on yourself.

Dreaming of making pictures with your camera

If you were creating pictures with your camera, and you were holding them in your hand, it means that you will soon have a profit from something you did.

Maybe you will get a promotion on your job or you will find a new job which will give you much more money.

Your financial status will be perfect and you will be able to buy yourself things you have always needed.

Maybe you will also have more time for yourself and for the hobbies that you like doing. You will finally have time to do whatever you want and to make yourself happy.

This dream is a sign that you will take action in order to make your life better and you won’t let yourself be stuck anymore.