Chicken – Biblical Dream Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreams with chickens are mostly loaded with a positive and auspicious symbolism. These animals are lively, they always seem cheerful but at the same time they are quite fragile. In these aspects lies its symbolism in dreams, they represent times of growth.

They symbolize good luck and positive energy that draws closer to the dreamer.

It is also remarkable that when these animals grow up, they represent fertility and favorable times in dreams.

Chicken – Biblical Dream Meaning

In turn, it is important to remember that another aspect of these animals is their fragility. Chicks are very dependent, they can be injured by any simple circumstance.

In the same way, these animals represent that one is not yet ready for certain risks without help.

Dreaming of chickens is not a bad omen sign, although it should be considered that these animals usually represent needs.

Since chickens are animals that are kept together and depend on their mother. Chickens require constant care, their health can be quickly affected by any circumstance.

This dependency and fragility may not only be due to the dreamer but also to projects or plans of the same.

It may reflect that there are ventures that are just being formed and require a lot of attention. They could even be a manifestation of the loneliness that the one who dreams feels.

But in order to determine the reason for these dreams, it is necessary to identify what it means to dream of chickens.

These dreams are an invitation to grow, to become independent in certain aspects to stop being vulnerable. They mean that there are areas in which to mature they will come prosperous times and good luck.

But otherwise these areas are not worked on, they will continue to be weak, dependent and could have repercussions.

Dreaming of chickens could also mean the desire for company to cover certain weaknesses. Because chickens are not often alone, they do not have the maturity or strength to care for themselves.

In turn, they can represent that there are predators aware of the vulnerability of the dreamer or their projects.

However dreams with chickens are very varied and it is impossible to include them in a general definition. In order to find out what it means to dream of chickens, it is necessary to take into account details of the experience.


Dreams where there are white chickens symbolize changes for the life of the one who dreams it. It means that new experiences come for growth, experiences that will bring both joy and satisfaction.

They warn of a possible change in routine that will be presented soon, it can be caused by several reasons. Dreaming of white chickens can indicate new friendships, new opportunities or new interests are coming.

Dreams with black chicks do not have a pleasant meaning, they are not a sign of good omen. They are indicative of problems to come, it is in a way a premonitory dream, a warning.

It is important to note that the problems that this dream announces are the responsibility of the dreamer.

In most cases they are caused by immature attitudes or by not acting responsibly. However, dreaming of black chickens allows you to be prepared or take provisions to deal with problems.

Dreams with yellow chickens represent joy and positive situations, their meaning is due to the color of the chick.

In the same way, it could also represent the unconscious desire to have children. The desire to start a family can sometimes occur without any specific trigger.

Although dreaming of yellow chickens repeatedly reflects that the dreamer has an overprotective personality.

It reflects that she wants to take care of her loved ones as the hen takes care of her chicks with constant attention. Which is not always positive, it could affect relationships or harm these important people.

Few experiences can have as positive a meaning as having dreams with flying chickens. Chickens are not animals designed to fly, they may soar but only for a few seconds.

So this represents something impossible, taking it to everyday life refers to impossible goals. Dreaming of flying chickens is good luck and represents these seemingly impossible goals will be met. So this dream allows you to enjoy this pleasant moment even before it occurs.

Dreams with chicken broth can have two interpretations that need to be considered. Dreaming of broths represents illness and difficult times, so it is important to identify if it was a chicken broth.

Since dreaming of chicken broth represents the des eon of attention, affection and care. It may be due to a great sense of loneliness or feeling overloaded. This dream warns that you need to take care of yourself, take a break and get help with problems.

Dreams with black chicks do not have a pleasant meaning, they are not a sign of good omen. They are indicative of problems to come, it is in a way a premonitory dream, a warning.

Dreams about chickens that are plucked warn of an unexpected event coming soon. They represent a profit that was not expected, an income, an achievement or a goal that was not aimed to be achieved soon.

Although dreaming of chickens and plucking them represents negative emotions or desires. It symbolizes resentment or a possible desire for revenge that is felt but perhaps not expressed.

Although these dreams invite you to let go of these feelings, to overcome these negative emotions to grow.

In turn, if you are already married, it is a sign of good omen and prosperity for your marriage. Therefore, these dreams have a wide range of meanings and signals for those who dream them.

Eating chicken in dreams is a positive sign, it represents prosperity and luck. These types of dreams reveal that some plan or project is coming to an end and that results can be seen.

It is a sign that a stage will be completed in a good way, in turn it can be the beginning of a new cycle. Eating chicken in dreams represents consuming the fruits of the effort in this project and finally enjoying them.

Dreaming of being pecked by chickens is a red flag, but it should not be strictly a bad sign. These dreams indicate that times are coming when it will be necessary to push yourself and expose your maximum potential.

It predicts that circumstances are approaching where courage will be needed to solve problems. It can refer to relationships, economic or work circumstances.

It is necessary to take the time to evaluate each dream even if it seems insignificant on first impressions. Since dreams have a value, a motivation and a purpose to present themselves.

Dreaming of chickens even though it might not seem important has a wide range of meanings. Identifying these meanings allows addressing certain areas of daily life that need to be worked on.

Chicken – Interpretation

Dreams are ways that the unconscious has to alert us to our own feelings or emotions, and often to keep us abreast of what is to come.

A chicken is a symbol of concern for what others think and for friendships. In a broader sense, it is also related to perfectionism and pythoness – gossip.

The dream itself is neither good nor bad, it depends on other factors. Dreaming of chickens or hens can be a sign of happy times, fertility, creativity, prosperity, and it can also be a sign of bad omens, self-sacrifice or cowardice.

The meaning changes according to the moment you are going through and the way you see the bird in your dream.

Dreaming of animals and birds can be related to the images that we have seen recently, so before interpreting your dream, be aware of what you have eaten or where you have walked in recent days, you can dream of a chicken if you have small children.  At home, because the phrase ‘keep children under the wing’ refers to this, then it will not have a hidden meaning, only unconscious.

If you have no contact with a chicken or a chicken, or through communication channels – television, the internet – and have recently dreamed of chickens in some of the following contexts, your interpretation of the dream will be closer to the truth.

If it is a single egg, it is a sign that things will be financially limited, but there is no omen of need. Dreaming of a couple of eggs is a bad sign, so be careful.

When in a dream a hen lays several eggs, it is a sign of a lot of profit, or even when there are several eggs, but no sign of the hen that laid them, there are windfall profits on the way.

If, on the other hand, the hen is incubating eggs, or there is a litter, it is a sign of success through work as a result of your efforts.

The dream also indicates a prosperous life and happiness in the relationship. A chicken or chick, both white and strong, is a sign of adventure and fun to behold. If they are new chickens that are growing, it is a sign of success, as long as you work hard on your plans.

A black hen means little discomfort to the eye, it is better to remain calm and not worry so much.

If you dream of a chicken, on a farm or walking, the dream may mean a lack of self-opinion in a given situation, or even that you need to be less faithful to what you are told.

When you dream of a farm, and you have no relationship with birds, nor have you seen or had contact with chickens and hens recently, it is a sign of fertility and creativity.

Here the dream bodes well if the farm is yours, it is a sign of financial rewards. Especially if you deal with chickens and catch them in the dream.

This is recognition for your work and your money on the road. If the farm is owned by someone else, it may indicate that your job is at risk or that sacrifices are on the way.

Dreaming of a dead chicken, lying down, or sleeping, indicates false friends, asks to be careful with people around.

When you dream that you have already eaten a meal with the chicken, that it has already been served, this is a good sign, it represents the realization of a dream or the completion of a project soon.

If in the dream the chicken appears as a form of food, but it is not eaten, but only served or served on the table, it is a sign of betrayal by friends.

If the chicken scratch is a sign that some distant relative or friend is about to come visit, and if you laugh, it is a sign that there will be rumors and gossip.

When in a dream with the chicken cackling while she scratches, your visitors will bring you news that deserves a second attention, because not all of them are true.

This dream may indicate that you are wasting a lot of time gossiping, and wasting your energy on unimportant things.


When dreaming of chickens on a farm, it is necessary to consider the current life situation, since this dream has multiple meanings.

Dreaming of a chicken farm represents extra money, additional earnings that are going to come.

Although if you live near an area where there is a farm or you live in one, it represents a wedding for you.