Crystals in Dreams – Meaning and Symbolism

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The meaning of dreaming of crystals is variable, since it depends on the object that has been built with this material.

Crystal has been attributed a powerful force for many generations, so this dream experience bodes well for the dreamer in every way, but what does it mean to dream of crystals?

Is it always a positive premonition or can it have some negative meanings?

Crystals in Dreams – Meaning

Dreaming of crystals is a very auspicious interpretation for the one who dreams it, but when something bad has happened to the element, the omen can be very negative.

A broken glass in a dream has an important warning for the dreamer, just as it will be just as important to hold a glass tableware in your hands.

Dream of crystals in your home. The crystals in your home express that you need to restore peace and harmony to your special place.

This dream also tells you that the problems will not affect the family union or the love that occurs in your home, even if you live alone.

Dream of broken glass. This dream speaks of your unfulfilled goals and the need to begin to be successful in everything you set out to do, since you have let time pass without achieving your ambitions.

This experience is a clear invitation to trust yourself and not to forget that you have the power to achieve everything if you set your mind to it.

Dream of shattered glass. This dream expresses a longing that is disappearing little or a project that is not working as you expected, but it warns you that all is not lost, since there is still time to fix things.

Dream of fine glassware. Fine glassware in dreams indicates that very soon you will enjoy many benefits thanks to your work, which will bring a resounding change in the way you live your life. This dream is highly auspicious for those who are in business.

Dream of old crystals. Ancient crystals invite you to value the experiences of others, especially those who are wiser than you. This dream tells you that it is important to listen to the advice that certain elderly people in your life constantly give you.

The type of crystal, as well as its use or color are very important to define the meaning of this dream.

Dreaming of colored crystals will not be the same as making it transparent, just as it will not be the same if the crystals in your dream are polished or opaque.

Dream of polished crystals. A polished glass implies that your future will be clear and the decisions you will make will be very beneficial for your path in general. This dream usually augurs the arrival of more abundant and profitable earnings.


Dream of opaque crystals. This dream tells you that you are not giving real importance to your talents, which leads you to make very wrong decisions and makes your future look totally blurred.

An opaque glass in dreams is also an omen of bad luck caused by the envy of one or more people in your life.

Dream of colored crystals. The colored crystals refer to everything positive that you will receive in your life, being red for love, green for personal fulfillment, blue for maturity and yellow for material.

Other colors also have different interpretations, but the aforementioned are the most common.

Dream of transparent crystals. This dream indicates that you will have many new opportunities, which you will see clearly without the possibility of confusion, so that your future path will be successful and fruitful.

Crystals in Dreams – Symbolism

A quartz crystal is the representation of the purest achievement and a sample of the perfection of the actions undertaken. When they appear in dreams, it is a reflection of dedication and satisfaction in the projection of the feelings or thoughts of the person who experiences the image.

If in dreams you perceive yourself looking through a glass, if it is clean and transparent, it is the way to analyze your interior. To find your true desires and clarity of thoughts, it suggests not having prejudices or preconceptions, you must observe everything objectively.

The only way to find the right way to achieve our life goals is to be objective with the circumstances that surround us. In most cases we let ourselves be carried away by feelings and we are subjective in our appraisals. Which unfortunately sometimes puts a bit of a brake on the achievement of the goals that we have set for ourselves.

Although you may not believe it, it is a very positive dream, it indicates that the one who dreams will be admired for his abilities and talent. In the representation of the admiration you arouse for your brilliant gifts within your environment, be it work, social or family.

Also, it generally refers to elements from the past that bring you reminiscences that fill you with nostalgia for the good old days. Cutting yourself with a crystal in your dreams is the benchmark that seeks to open new paths. Memories that could replace or enrich those you already have treasured in your heart.

It is a dream that focuses on the presence of great vulnerability in the dreamer, perhaps he is going through an unstable stage requiring to overcome pressing circumstances. You may have trouble expressing your feelings or thoughts, making it difficult for you to communicate clearly.

It can also mean that sometimes you can make some very sharp comments that hurt the susceptibilities of the people around you.

What makes you seem insensitive and not receptive to the feeling or way of being of each individual close to you. It is advisable to review the way you communicate with others and try to be a little more personable.

If in dreams you perceive that you have found several broken glass on your way, it is the signal that you should take precautions against foreseeable negative things. Glass as a fragile element is susceptible to breaking very easily, which refers to the vulnerability of the dreamer.

It is a dream that projects the dreamer’s need to feel protected on the one hand and her fragile state on the other. It is possible that in the face of various circumstances that you are going through, you feel vulnerable and even overwhelmed.

When in a dream you have the sensation of stepping on rose quartz, it is a dream that refers to past wounds that have not healed.

Although you have progressed in your daily life, you have not allowed the events of the past to heal. The pain in your life will go away the moment you accept that everything has changed, you must overcome this stage once and for all.

To overcome past situations, it is essential to stop thinking about them and give yourself another chance to move on. You need to stop walking or stepping on broken glass and keep going.

Try to heal your soul and your thoughts so that you can find the right path and achieve your goals.

It is a dream that indicates that you will have a good job, you will be able to dedicate yourself to what you like, and the only drawback is that you will be subordinate.

It is not something you should worry about, if you are looking to gain experience and then plan your own venture.

It is a dream that tells you that you must train yourself and then be sufficiently prepared and start with your own steps.

A very clean crystal indicates clear accounts, relationships with your environment, in harmony and with good communication.

The glass represents the container for all projects, the glass partly symbolizes their fragility and dedication.

The success of each action depends on the way in which the dreamer performs, fulfilling his responsibility to satisfactorily achieve the proposed goal.

You are very wise and you know how to perceive what others cannot even think. You have abilities to discover truths because you are very perceptive and observant.

It is not that you have magical powers, it is only that you have a concentration that you must polish and take advantage of for good. You are going to have an idea about something and then you will see it materialize.

This dream symbolizes that you have very high ideas. They do not stagger but stand firm despite their apparent fragility. You should focus on getting your lofty dreams into motion.

This dream reveals that it will be possible to achieve them.

If when dreaming you see yourself giving an amethyst, it indicates that if you do not measure your steps in a business, you could lose out.

The size represents your plans, which are clear and specific, you have not left anything unexplained and anyone could take advantage of the moment.


Dreaming of crystals has always indicated the transparency of the various realities in which we face in life. The excellent results in situations of daily development, which are like our personal battles in which we develop the skills that facilitate daily life.

The crystal represents the outcome of an objective that has involved a lot of effort and determination on the part of the dreamer.

It is the representation of the improvement and the commitment printed in each step taken to achieve the goals and desire of our inner self.