Dragonfly – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Most of the times that we dream of animals we must resort to the symbolism of each animal to find the meaning of the dream.

Dragonflies are insects that differ from the rest of their species by not causing rejection, but by inspiring illusions, desires, magic and vitality.

Everything is possible if you dream of dragonflies.

Dragonfly – Dream Meaning

Youth is also reflected in the interpretation of this dream with dragonflies. You stay young while maintaining the illusion for your dreams, while you feel strong enough to achieve the impossible and while still believing that your wishes can come true.

That innocence of when you were young and believed that life was going to bring you all kinds of wonders is what your dream of dragonflies provides.

If you do not identify with this moment of hope and confidence in life, if you are not going through your best stage in life, the dragonflies may come to announce the change.

Changes are always for the better, you can always start over in another way. Dreams can always be recovered, that’s what dragonflies remind you of in your dream.

Even when the dragonfly’s life is short, this symbol in dreams represents the immortality of ideals and desires.

The fact of dreaming about dragonflies can reflect our wishes for freedom and independence, however it is necessary to observe what happens with this animal in the dream to obtain a better interpretation.

Sometimes, dreams in which we see a large number of dragonflies indicate that the lack of perseverance and lack of interest in some responsibilities will bring us inconvenience and financial losses.

If in the dream we see ourselves killing a dragonfly, it indicates that we are unable to pay the necessary attention to our interests or objectives. It is an invitation to good sense and a radical change in our way of thinking.

A dragonfly that lands on us in dreams is an invitation to change some aspects of our personality, because even when there are people in our environment that we do not like at all, it is necessary to avoid abuse and abuse against them.

For the Swedes, when a dragonfly flutters over a person’s head, the soul of this becomes heavier and denser, so the physical body will suffer some injury as divine punishment.

For the Filipinos, if a dragonfly lands on a person’s head, they will go crazy in no time. For Americans, dragonflies have the ability to sew up liar children at night.

For the Chinese, it is a symbol of weakness and weakness, but they are also considered very beneficial and favorable. There are regions of China that have the superstition that apparently a large number of dragonflies is an omen that storms will occur.


For Hindus, swarms of dragonflies augur the start of the rainy season. For the Native Americans and the natives of pre-Hispanic Mexico, they are a symbol of the purity of the water.

For the Japanese, it is a symbol of good luck and fortune, of joy and rebirth. In addition, it is part of their national symbols

Dragonflies are said to be in charge of spreading the pure energy of infants and fairies, thereby making life more joyful and fun. Leaving behind bad energies, negativity and useless and meaningless thoughts.

Dragonflies remind us that in life it is necessary to enjoy fun, joy, freshness and everything that keeps us happy and at peace.

They are part of the spiritual teachers who give balance to life, they remember that within so much work there must be free time and leisure, that instead of being rigid, we must learn to adapt and above all be more flexible with ourselves and with whom around us.

Dragonflies have an infinity of meanings to their credit, some of them are based on their physical qualities and others on their magical descriptions.

Next, we are going to share with you some other meanings that these cute insects can have in our lives.

Dragonflies in most of the world symbolize evolution, either a change in attitude towards life or on an emotional and spiritual level.

The dragonfly’s flight through the water is a symbol of going beyond the obvious, of looking deeper than just the surface, seeing through problems and finding the most assertive solutions.

The dragonfly has the ability to fly and move with great freedom, it can change its flight direction many times within the same path.

This is as a consequence of the maturity and agility that only gets polished with age, which is worth imitating.

Learn to master emotions and always maintain balance in our life. The most incredible thing is that the dragonfly can do great stunts during its flight with only 30 flaps per minute.

One of the physical qualities of the dragonfly is the iridescent effect that its wings and its entire body have, these can vary depending on the position and angle they take to reflect the light.

Dragonfly – Dream Symbolism

Dragonflies can be very delicate insects, but they have a very broad spiritual meaning. They usually provide a great understanding to understand reality beyond the obvious.

In addition, they are the medium that spiritual guardians have to communicate with people.

This animal has the faculty of change and metamorphosis, as it develops and is born in water, then moves through the air and flies with unparalleled grace.

Dragonflies are symbols of evolution and transformation, which is why when they appear in front of a person, they are predicting that they will soon have a moment of evolution and thus achieve their maximum potential.

The dragonfly is a flying expert, she can change direction and speed without much effort. It is so light that it draws attention to its maneuverability and strength when taking a flight.

People who have the dragonfly as a totem have the characteristic of being very flexible and adaptable, which is why they are always in line with the situations in which they live.

When you are in an overwhelming situation or in a state of mind that does not allow us to see the solution of problems, the ideal is to request the energy and wisdom of the dragonfly.

She will transmit to us her spirit of adaptation and will help us to get the necessary answers from a different point of view or angle.

In addition, it will allow us to fill ourselves with lightness and emotional flexibility, so important when it comes to getting out of a stressful situation.

The dragonfly is directly connected to the realm of feelings through its intimate relationship with water. This vital liquid is a mystical symbol of the emotions and the unconscious.

When a dragonfly approaches the person, it is a symbol that he needs to analyze her emotions, but from a light and very cheerful perspective.

Without getting involved in unnecessary negative situations and conflicts.

The dragonfly provides light energy to have graceful thoughts and feelings, with which it will be easier to maintain flexibility in life.

It is important to learn to develop emotional flexibility, as it will be very useful in the darkest moments of our life.

Well, it will provide that extra positive energy that is so much needed at those times to find the simplest but effective solution.

From a symbolic point of view, the dragonfly means transformation, joy, positivity, humility, nobility, hope, faith. This peculiar animal instills power and adaptability in people.

In addition, their energy comes from emotions, which makes people feel the need to know their feelings more deeply.

Likewise, they are capable of exposing illusions or deceptions that we may be receiving externally or unconsciously with which we self-sabotage ourselves when doing something.

When dragonflies make their appearance in a person’s dream world, they want to signal that their life will soon undergo a major change.

The person will undergo a transformation that will also affect everyone around him.

Therefore, it is necessary to think very well and rely on wisdom before making an important decision, to choose the best option for yourself.

If the dragonfly lands on you in the dream, it predicts that the changes will be very positive, but if it falls on you dead it portends that the next changes will be very inconsistent and with great problems of complex solution.

On the other hand, when the dragonfly flies everywhere, it moves very quickly, it feels that it moves from one place to another with joy and happiness, enjoy it, because it is indicating that you live your life fully.

In addition, you should not go around worrying and overwhelming by what has not yet happened, because under its protection you will always be surrounded by positivism, joys and prosperity.


All people who have dragonflies as their guide animal or spiritual totem are beings of light.

In addition, they are beings that can inhabit two kingdoms, that of air and that of water.

It is said that the internal energy of dragonflies is connected with the spirit of Mother Nature.

They are part of the fairy kingdom so they are not only connected to the metaphysical symbolism of change and light, but they also symbolize the evolution / metamorphosis and the coupling of life.

When dragonflies make an appearance in our lives, it is a reminder from the spiritual guides that life should be lived with greater joy and more carefree (put aside a little rigidity and extreme worry).