Dream About Tiger – Meaning and Interpretation

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This dream brings with it several meanings, some positive and others negative, but in a general context, dreaming of a tiger means that you are a very strong person and that you do not let yourself be overwhelmed by the difficulties that usually appear throughout the life of any person. Human being. Due to your strength, you will be able to get rid of these problems.

This dream can also show a certain fear of facing adversity at this time. Despite this, you have a lot of courage and willingness to do the best you can.

However, these are general interpretations. To get a better interpretation it is necessary to remember all the possible details of our dream. When you have them, you can continue reading the different dreams about tigers together with their interpretation that we have compiled below. Keep reading.

Dream about Tiger – Meaning

Dreaming of a wild and ferocious tiger – Dreaming of a ferocious tiger means that perhaps you are not acting according to what is expected of you.

Some people who live around you can be scared by the way you act with them, hurting their feelings. Be more careful with their actions, with the way you talk to people and try not to act on impulse!

If the tiger of your dream is black – Dreaming of a black tiger can be associated with the possibility of making money; if you have had this dream, wait and you will receive a good amount.

If it’s a Bengal tiger – Dreaming of a Bengal tiger means that you are becoming a more and more mature person, dealing better with internal problems that previously bothered you a lot. Nowadays it is easier for you to deal with them and you are doing very well, showing a lot of control of your emotions.

If you dream of a tiger and a lion at the same time – Dreaming of the lion and the tiger means that you are a person who knows exactly what he wants and works hard to achieve his goals. You have a thirst for power and you are an excellent leader that is why you are able to choose perfectly your allies to solve any problem.

Dreaming of a meek and calm tiger that does not attack you – Dreaming of a meek tiger is connected to a good phase that is approaching your life, of great prosperity. Take advantage of the moment to carry out your plans.

If you dream of a tiger cub – To dream of a tiger cub means that you have many true friends, and that is good. However, it is important that you pay more attention to them. You know exactly who are the people who will always be with you, so show them that you have great confidence and esteem for their friendship. Beware of fake people, they will not add anything to your life.

Dreaming of being attacked by a tiger – To dream that you are attacked by a tiger means that some area of ​​your life is not going well. You literally feel persecuted, and it could be at work or by someone interested in you. It is important to be careful in these situations so that something bad does not happen. If you feel very insecure, it is because there is a problem.

If in your dream there is a loose tiger – Dreaming of a tiger in freedom means that you need to pay attention to your attitude. You are in a moment where you say things without thinking and you behave with a lot of impulsiveness. This can cause you to hurt some people, and it is important that you do not allow this to interfere with your relationships.

Dreaming of a caged prisoner tiger – Dreaming of a caged tiger can be the solution for that moment when you feel worried. The imprisoned tiger means that people who wish to harm you will not succeed, and you are completely safe against threats.

If you dream of a tiger resting and calm – Dreaming of a tiger resting means that, like the tiger, you are comfortable in relation to your problems. Right now, you are not taking the important things very seriously or you are giving up pursuing other things that will be necessary for your future.

Dreaming that you love and play with a tiger – If in your dream you were fond of the tiger, prepare yourself for a moment of luck, where everything you propose will turn out well.


Dreaming of a tiger in a circus – Dreaming of a tiger in a circus means that you need to be more careful than usual with the situations that come your way. Danger is hidden where you least expect it – betrayals from close friends, co-workers … – and observing people’s behavior can help you emerge unscathed from various situations.

If you dream of a dead tiger – Dreaming of a dead tiger or dreaming of killing a tiger means that if you are going through a difficult time, you will overcome obstacles quickly! Get ready for a bonanza period after the storm!

Dream about Tiger – Interpretation

What does it mean to dream of tigers? There are countless dreams, fantasies of various kinds, which are due to memories and experiences that we have had in our past. In today’s article we are going to talk about what is the meaning of dreaming about Tigers, and their symbols.

When we talk about tigers, we all know and know this animal, many will probably know it from movies, books, documentaries …, and few will be able to say that they have seen or caressed it in the flesh, because it is not an animal as common as for example it can be a dog or cat.

The tiger is one of the best known and most dangerous felines, both for the animals that belong to its food chain, and for humans.

They have powerful legs, with large claws, and a sharp mouth with fangs that can bite off a hand. Its skin is characterized by stripes, which allow it to enter in search of its prey, without being discovered.

The meaning of dreaming of tigers shows in a much accentuated way, the basic and instinctive foundations, which are in the human being and which must be mastered to remain a non-savage rational being.

Therefore, in general, dreams with Tigers warn of the beginning of internal struggle in the subconscious of the human being, which indicates the need to control ourselves and protect impulses.

When we dream of Tigers attacking in dreams, it is because in one way or another, we are the object and desire of revenge; giving rise to fantasies such as that of the Tiger in the cage, which symbolize defeat against real life opponents.

So far we have talked about the most negative part, but there is also a positive interpretation of dreams with Tigers, since if we manage to escape from a tiger in dreams, it will be an announcement of overcoming difficulties and problems that happen to us; seeing even in real life, that tiger skin symbolizes victory and success.

If we dream that we are in any situation, being chased by tigers, it is because in real life problems beset us; and the closer the tiger is to our skin, the more likely it is that this inconvenience will affect us.

On the other hand, if at the end of the dream we manage to escape from the Tiger we have it far away, it symbolizes that the conflict is not immediate.

This type of fantasy represents in a singular way, the pressure to which we are subjected on a daily basis. We are not talking about a specific trance, but we are referring to certain professions or social and personal relationships, which suffer a lot from what they will say.

We have to be able to free our mind from these prejudices which will make us happier in general terms, because many times we do not realize it, we are not aware, but internally we suffer from these situations.

It is a positive dream, because it represents the success and triumph of perseverance on a personal level.

Even if we end up being scratched and bleeding, we have not died, and the claws have simply caused a small wound that will eventually be healed. We have to be happy and always follow the same direction, which is clearly a synonym for opportunity.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, tigers are dangerous and impulsive animals, which is clearly represented in dreams.

The tiger remains on the prowl until his instinct tells him to attack, so psychologically dreams with Tigers are indications of a successful and intuitive life, which does not need to be standardized or subjected to the canons of strict control. We act on our impulse and not only are we not wrong, but we are right.

By cons the tiger symbolizes energy, strength… .; in a way they are traits that, combined with the aggressive nature of this animal, lead to a probable dangerous situation, unless we are faced with docile or caged Tigers, which represent a danger in a controlled way.

Finally, the psychology of dreams with Tigers, speaks of a hidden psychosis of the dreamer. That is why many times these dreams allow us to analyze the subconscious, and find small points that altered the personality.

When women dream of Tigers, it may occasionally be due to the need to find love and sex, represented in instincts that are sometimes uncontrollable.

Dream about Tiger – Spiritual Meaning

For many representatives of the dreamlike, the tiger indicates danger or betrayal in the interpretation of dreams, although it can also mean strength and professional and personal success.

Dream About Bengal Tigers – Bengal tigers are one of the most flamboyant and majestic feline species in the animal kingdom. This dream is related to our physical image and the sexual energy that we emanate, which makes other people fall in love or feel attracted to us.

Dream of tame tigers – The tigers in the dreamlike representations directly symbolize the enemy, so seeing this meek and calm animal means that times of peace are coming; It doesn’t matter if we just had a bad time with our adversaries;

It is also interpreted as the arrival of good times in both physical and mental health, in addition to the tranquility that we can have in our actions and emotions, which will allow us to live better with others.

Dream of a wounded tiger – If we see a wounded tiger, it indicates that we are going to relive a bad moment from the past or perhaps a person who wanted to harm us, can return to achieve their goal; It is also related to the virility of a gentleman, usually this occurs only in men who feel that this part of them is being questioned.

Other interpreters express that this can be a wound from the past in the love plane, a memory of childhood or something that we need to relive to solve a situation that is happening in the now.

Dream of hunting a tiger – Hunting a tiger can be seen as an act of great courage and even strength and intelligence. The connotation that comes from this dream has to do with the need to hide something we did, it can be from the past or the present, but it is something of which we are ashamed or we do not want to be known.

Dream about tigers – The tigress represent various stages of the woman, in her maternal facet and the one that shows her sensuality and power, this is who protects the herd, her partner and stands up for her family, it is the perfect definition of a woman who is “Leader”.

This dream represents many aspects, especially for those who live it; If you are a woman, this means that you are strong and prepared to take on any challenge, whether at home or at work, and if you are a man, you define yourself as a lady in life who is in charge and who is important to him and for this he admires her and you could even say that he loves her.

Dreaming that tigers protect us – We already know that tigers are protective, strong and loving animals, so dreaming that these cats protect us means that there are people around us who want to take care of us.

In general, this dream representation is an omen of care in our environment; it tells us that we have people close by, who would be willing to act in our defense if necessary.

Dream of a big tiger – The large tigers point out that ambition plays a fundamental role in our lives, that we will do the impossible to achieve our goals, all within the law and without harming anyone.

Dreaming of a sick tiger – This dream representation is the announcement of a negative moment in the sentimental area.

Dreaming that a tiger is chasing us – If we are being chased by tigers, it indicates that in real life we ​​feel harassed or that something is affecting us; the closer the animal is to us, it has to do with the proximity of the problem.


Tigers are charming animals, which can usually cause a little fear in people due to their imposing and physical appearance; Dreaming of this type of animal specifically can be related to many things, among these it may be our favorite animal, we saw it before sleeping or it simply causes us a lot of fear.

If we dream that a tiger is advancing towards us, it means that we will live in fear of being chased by our enemies, other experts also say that these animals symbolize women, because of the provocative and sometimes sexual way with which they walk and develop. In her world, but also for being an overprotective mother with her cubs.