Dream Interpretation of Making Love With a Stranger

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Sometimes we really enjoy what we dream about, but not so much when we wake up and remember the dream.

It is the case of dreaming of making love with a stranger, a most disturbing dream that leaves us reflecting for several days. Discover in our dream dictionary all the meanings of dreaming of making love with a stranger.

Those dreams that bring out your most erotic side can worry you for a while until you find the most appropriate interpretation.

When you dream that you are making love with a stranger, the first thought is that you have some behavior problem, that perhaps you have gone crazy. Nothing of that. Dreaming of having making love with a stranger is a most common dream.

This dream acquires several meanings and in some cases it is a meaning related to making love. The stranger you dream of represents your need to free yourself in this sense, to forget prejudices, repressions and, why not, complexes in bed.

Many times this dream comes to warn you that you are not making the most of your making love life.

But other times the dream in which you make love with a stranger does not find a making lovely meaning, but a vital one.

It also means that you want to be freer, more independent, make decisions for yourself and manage your life in a different way.

It is a dream that appears at that moment in which you realize that you have been living to please others and not yourself.

That is why you do not need to worry when you dream of making love with a stranger.

It does not mean that your subconscious pushes you to lead a life of making lovely excesses and debauchery, but it is an invitation to stop living influenced by others, to start from scratch if necessary and, ultimately, to dedicate yourself to seeking your own happiness.

Dream Interpretation of Making Love with a Stranger – Meaning

Let the person who has never had a strange erotic dream raise their hand. For example, with someone close to you (your boyfriend’s best friend, your boss, someone you hate with all your soul) that you don’t like at all.

After that, it is quite common to find yourself a little uncomfortable next to that person, and you cannot help wondering if it is not that, deep down, deep down in your subconscious, you are not attracted in any way to them.

Dreams do not understand rich or poor and, luckily, we have them all. From the earliest times, human beings have obsessed us, since they allow us to travel to unknown places and live strange experiences without leaving our bed.

Some, like Freud, tried to respond to those dream fantasies that are repeated in all cultures and countries.


You dream that your teeth are falling out, that you fly, that you try to scream and cannot or that you have forgotten your shoes and are going barefoot, and of course you also have erotic dreams, but what do they mean?

It is not easy to determine exactly what you’re unconscious is trying to reveal during REM sleep, but experts know how to respond to those fantasies that are repeated in many people and that leave them worried about their possible meaning. Don’t worry, they generally have little to do with what they represent. These are some of the cases.

It can imply that you want an escape that you need passion, excitement, and all the wonderful things that make you feel alive.

As Lauri Liebenberg, a dream analyst who has investigated the dream fantasies of more than 75,000 people around the world, explained in ‘Prevention’: “You don’t have to worry, it doesn’t mean that you secretly continue to sigh for him a period of drought and that you need to feel loved again.

It is also quite frequent that you dream of the father or mother of your children, that means that you want to continue with that person but that you intend to make a common front for the good of your offspring”.

Perhaps you are quite worried because you have dreamed that you had more than words with your boss or a co-worker and that has plunged you into shame and discomfort for a week.

Actually, it is a way of showing yourself that you have to improve something: power figures indicate that you have to assume that authoritarian role and make decisions in your own life.

Do you dream that you have relations with a stranger? Normally it is because you seek to possess a series of qualities that you unconsciously attribute to it.

On the other hand, the question of your partner is more difficult. “If every time you think of that person your heart beats a little faster, well, that’s pretty clear,” says the analyst. “But if you would not sleep with that person or in painting, perhaps it has to do with the fact that he has a series of values ​​that you would like to incorporate into your own personality.”

Do you dream that your partner is cheating on you? According to research, they are the most common. If you have been cheated on in the past and the dream repeats itself, it means that you still have mistrust and have not been able to overcome it.

If not, then you must find what the third wheel is in your relationship. It doesn’t have to be a person, maybe its football or yoga.

What was his face like? Did it exist? Dreaming of strangers is always disturbing, although quite common. If you have dreamed that you had relationships with a stranger, sometimes it is simply a longing, a reflection that you want to recover something.

If you don’t enjoy that making love, it could mean that you feel insecure when it comes to relationships. “It doesn’t mean you want to be in a relationship,” explains Lowenberg. “It generally represents a series of qualities.

If it is an unknown man, it usually symbolically manifests a series of characteristics that we usually attribute to this gender: assertiveness, defense …

In the case of the female gender, there are others such as compassion, creativity or the sensitivity “, account.

In reality, according to experts, you may be thinking and considering that in your daily life, so the dream may not be symbolic. Or it is possible that the dreamer wants to explore variety, or wants to express an aspect of himself that he does not feel comfortable confessing.

Dream Interpretation of Making Love with a Stranger – Symbolism

A dream in which you make love is certainly an omen of positive changes in life. It can promise you both new acquaintances and the development of new connections, as well as the transition of existing ones to a higher level.

A dream in which you have several partners during making love promises you the opportunity, when solving a difficult life situation, to choose from several options for the development of events.

If in a dream you feel fear of a future connection, you should not force yourself to anything in reality, because most likely such a dream indicates that you, through force, guided only by reason, enter into a relationship with a person.

If in a dream you do not recognize your boyfriend at all and decide to make love to him spontaneously, unexpected changes in your life will befall you, which ultimately will turn out to be a favorable coincidence for you. But it is too early to relax, because at any moment life can change the direction of events.

If in a dream you are devoted to your beloved and make love to him, but in a new place, then such a dream means that you are destined to breathe new strength into the relationship and give them some zest, enrich them with experience and originality.

If you are making love with a stranger in a dream, and you like it, you are bored with everyday life, and you have long wanted to change something in yourself and in your chosen one.

Many dream books claim that for this it will be enough just to look at what exactly you liked in making love with a stranger – this is what you lack in an intimate relationship with your loved one. You should be especially attentive to those dreams in which you have making love with your boss. These dreams promise you not only pleasant moments at work, but also unforeseen troubles and losses.

It is important to remember all the dialogues that you had in a dream, they can store information that you lacked so much to make the right decision.

If you dream that you are making love with a friend – such a dream suggests that you may have a trip, change of place of residence, change of priorities thanks to the person who appeared in your dream.

Why dream of making love with an ex? Such a dream says that you often return in your thoughts to the past and delve into it, look for a way out of this situation and look for opportunities to improve your present intimate life through the experience of past relationships.

Why dream of making love according to Freud’s dream book Freud’s dream book says that the dreams in which you make love often indicate that you are already ready to change your partner and until this moment there is very little left.

Even if in a dream you make love with him, then such a dream suggests that you are fundamentally not satisfied with making love with a partner. You would like him to be more active and varied.

If you are making love in an unfamiliar place, such a dream suggests that you lack the acuteness of sensations in the relationship.

If you change several partners in one dream, such a dream claims that you lack not only intimacy with them, but also banal communication.

This is also important in your case, and if you do not ultimately get the satisfaction of this need from your partner, you will no longer enjoy it.

Why dream of making love with an ex? Such a dream often suggests that past relationships are deeply rooted in the subconscious of a person.

If a girl could not build a new relationship and she has such a dream, she will not be able to establish her intimate life for a long time precisely because she is too demanding of candidates and expects them to comply with the stereotypes of the past.

If her relationship is formed and she still had such a dream, you need to be careful with your desires.

She needs to try to develop existing relationships and not run after illusory future, not return to forgotten past.

It is worth discussing with a partner everything that she lacks in the current relationship, everything that she dreams of in an intimate sense, and it is worth realizing it.

Why dream of having making love with a man? Such a dream can speak of a girl’s complexes in terms of making love.

Perhaps she considers herself not so attractive and is even ashamed of her appearance. But this only exacerbates the problem.

Perhaps in a dream she saw herself with perfect shapes and in chic underwear, which in reality she could not afford.

Such a dream says that she needs to change her perception of her body and her appearance by all means.

Otherwise, she will not be able to establish her intimate life for a long time. Why dream of making love according to an esoteric dream book.

The esoteric dream book says that it is important to listen to the prompts of a dream in which you made love to a stranger.

Such a dream suggests that your relationship is envied and wants it to end sooner.

Why dream of making love with your husband? Such a dream is interpreted by an esoteric dream book as a warning against you telling someone else about what is happening in your home and in your relationship. You shouldn’t trust everyone so meekly and listen to the prompts of friends and loved ones.

Your relationship with your husband has long been on display and too many outsiders are aware of everything that happens in them.

In order to change the situation, you just need to revise your social circle and explain to your loved ones that you temporarily do not need their support in this matter.

If love with your husband in a dream does not bring you pleasure, but only brings disappointment, such a dream may even warn you against the possibility of having an affair on the side. You will not experience the pleasure of it, but you can harm the already existing relationship.


If a man dreams that he is making love with a stranger, joy and happiness will come to him, he will receive additional income and will be able to establish wonderful relations with his beloved woman.

Grishina’s dream book says that if a girl dreams about how she is making love with a stranger, such a dream promises her disappointment in the opposite making love and in love.