Dream of a Holding a Baby – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams are not what they seem and are almost never foreboding.

So when dreaming of a baby in your arms, do not think that you will soon increase the family.

Maybe yes, if it is what you want and you are looking for it, but the dream does not talk about maternity, pregnancies, or babies, but rather about projects, more specifically about taking care of those projects. You want to know more? We tell you about it in our dream dictionary.

Dream of a Holding a Baby – Meaning

You are cradling a baby in your arms and you feel wonderful. Because the baby is calm in your arms, he feels safe and protected. He feels cared for. You may also have held the baby in your arms because he was crying, because he was restless, to reassure him.

Being in the arms of his mother is the best place in the world for any baby. Nobody better than the person who has created this life to protect you and guide you in the development of it.

And the same thing happens with babies, it happens with any life or work project you have in mind. Dreams with babies almost never refer to motherhood, unless being a mother is precisely your most immediate project.

So think about what you have in mind, what are you working on, what are you working on and what are you dedicating most of your attention to because that is what this dream in which you have a baby in your arms is about.

About your project, your goals, your objectives. And take a good look at what happens in your dream, don’t let the baby fall from your arms or someone will snatch it from you. Do you want to know all the meanings of this dream?

There are many situations that you can find in your dream with a baby. And each one has a different meaning.

Be careful because not everything is good omens and good news, so pay attention to the different meanings of dreaming of a baby in your arms.

The most common dream is when you see yourself directly with a baby, who is also your baby, in your arms. You are cradling him and the baby is calm and happy, just like you. You feel good, you feel wonderful to see how you are able to take care of that little baby.

This dream indicates that you are in the best moment to start reaping the successes of your previous effort. If you’ve been working on something for a long time, it’s time to enjoy it.

You may be holding a baby boy in your arms and you feel strange because you know that she is not your baby and you have no idea how she has appeared in your arms. You wonder why you are the one in charge of taking care of that baby and you are not sure you know how to do it.

This dream occurs when you are taking care of tasks that do not correspond to you or when you find yourself immersed in other people’s projects that are important to someone else, but in which you are not so involved.

We find bad omens if carrying a baby in my arms and the baby you are holding falls to the ground.


The dream speaks of the fear of failure, the fear of doing it wrong, perhaps due to an excess of perfectionism or perhaps because you have not tried hard enough.

Most of the time this dream is an alert of the insecurity that dominates your life, so you can use it to improve that aspect of your life.

When the baby is in your arms and does not stop crying, it does not have a positive meaning either. You sense that something is wrong in what you are engaged in, that something you are doing wrong or that there is some obstacle that prevents you from moving forward.

Unfortunately the dream does not tell you what it is about, it only tells you that your baby’s tears and crying will bring you many problems.

You can also dream that you are with a baby in your arms and you have many people around you. They smile, they look at you, they congratulate you and someone will even give you some advice.

But everything is going well, it is the expectation that your project produces among the people who know you and love you. The dream is the previous step to being able to share your success and your happiness with yours.

Whatever situation you dream of with the baby in your arms, remember to take good care of that baby, pamper him and give him all the attention in the world. Because in that baby your future can be found.

Dream of a Holding a Baby – Symbolism

Do you wonder what it means to dream of babies? This can be a good sign, as babies are signifying a new beginning. It can also mean something related to your innocence and vulnerabilities.

Since Freud published his book Interpretation of Dreams, the importance of understanding what our mind tells us while we sleep is one more tool to understand our life.

Many times, when we wake up from a dream, we reflect on it and understand the meaning the first time.

Others, however, find it difficult to understand the symbols and messages of the unconscious. In this case, dream of a baby.

In this Psychology-Online article you will know all the answers to what it means to dream of babies and you will be able to easily interpret the message of your subconscious to understand it.

The analysis of your dream will be much more accurate if you write or write down the details when they are recent. Next, you will learn everything about dreaming about babies and the possible meanings that are attributed.

If you wonder what it means to dream about babies, it is usually a positive message from birth. It does not have to mean that you are pregnant or that you are going to be a father, it represents the beginning of a new life project.

It can symbolize a new stage in your life, be it work or personal. Babies represent the beginning of something new.

In addition to the opportunity for a new beginning, dreaming of newborns also symbolizes the purest innocence. It depends on the state of the baby, when dreaming of a newborn baby we can understand the state of that personal vulnerability:

Dreaming of a crying baby: it is synonymous with the fact that a part of you requires your attention and that it is unattended, begging for help. That most defenseless part of your personality needs you to take care of it and dedicate time to it.

If you constantly complain about everything but do nothing about it, you are probably dreaming of a crying baby. You have to treat yourself well and attend to your internal needs.

Dreaming of a hungry baby: it can be related to dependence on others. As Guijarro points out, “you are experiencing some deficiency in your life that needs immediate attention.”

Dreaming of small babies: it can symbolize those fears that are not externalized. You may feel that you need help and those fears make you feel small, but you will be able to do anything if you let yourself take care of yourself.

Dreaming of a dead baby: as terrible as the dream is, it symbolizes the end of a part of you that will give way to a new beginning. It is probably related to your innocence, your fears or concerns.

One of the possible situations if you wonder what it means to dream of babies, is that in your dream you appear pregnant. The interpretation of dreaming that you are pregnant means that a new idea or a new aspect of your personal life is growing and developing within you that will bring you good things.

However, some dreams can be negative. If you dream that you are pregnant but the baby is having complications or is dying inside you, your mind feels that despite all your inner effort, the result will not be positive or it will not turn out as you expected. Inside the bad, the changes of plans due to circumstances negatives are also new opportunities to try again or change paths.

If in real life you are pregnant and you dream that you are, it means that it is a very important issue for you today and it worries you on a day-to-day basis. It is completely common to dream of babies during pregnancy, because they reflect your wishes for the present and your fears or insecurities in the face of childbirth or the future of your child.

When you are holding someone else’s baby in your arms, you are holding and protecting that baby. Whether the baby in this case represents a new life stage or you think he may be related to your most innocent part, the most important thing is that you know that you are in control of the situation. You are the one who holds the baby and takes care of it.

As in previous sections, if you are carrying a baby on my back cries, it means that a part of your needs more attention and care. You must listen to what your subconscious recommends and take your time to take care of yourself.

Dreaming of a baby girl: dreaming of having a baby girl in her arms, of adopting a baby girl or breastfeeding a baby girl indicates a beginning, a new beginning, the beginning of something internal, since the female gender in dreams refers to the inner world and the inner aspects of the person.

Dreaming of a male baby: dreaming of a male baby in arms, breastfeeding or laughing, has to do with a beginning, some novelty or an external beginning, something that can be modified in the environment, since the male gender in the dreams indicates the outer part of the person.

Dreaming of twin babies: the meaning of dreaming of twin babies from psychology refers to your need to expand or to show another side of yourself.

Dreaming of newborn twins can be related to the birth or discovery of a new part of you, another facet or a part of you that you did not know.

On the one hand, dreaming of other people’s babies can really symbolize the desire to have a baby.

If you’ve thought about it a lot lately, your mind is likely re-creating that imaginary experience while you sleep.

However, if you don’t want to have a baby, it can also symbolize something beyond in your subconscious.

Dreaming of other people’s babies is related to changes. You feel like you need a change, something new in your life.

If in real life you have children but you dream of other people’s babies, nothing happens: it represents that desire for change in other vital aspects, such as at work or in your personal projects.

If in the dream you go to the hospital to meet a strange baby, it means that good news is coming. Meeting someone else’s baby, after all, is meeting a new opportunity for change.

Probably, this change comes from some external situation that is not in your hands to control. It is your role to welcome and accept it.

If you wonder what it means to dream that a friend is pregnant, it is that that dear person is experiencing new changes in her life and is preparing for something good.

It also means that you care and that you will be there to accompany him in that process. Very rarely is it a real pregnancy premonition.


Dreams are created by our unconscious part while we sleep, so no one better than you to know the meaning of your own dream.

Since Sigmund Freud studied the interpretation of dreams as an introspective analysis tool, we felt the need to consult what a specific dream could mean to alleviate that curiosity when we woke up.

The truth is that each dream is unique according to the circumstances of each person’s present and past, so the meaning is 100% personal.

Dreaming helps you to have a perception of yourself that you did not know. It can help you understand situations that scare you or guide you through times of great uncertainty.

The most important thing is that you recognize that dreams are just imaginary situations based on your inner self. Understanding yourself is essential.