Dream of Baby Falling On Floor – Meaning and Symbolism

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When we are born we are clean and innocent until we start growing up and collecting our sins and making new mistakes to learn from.

Babies are cute, pure, innocent and fragile.

The biggest fear while having a child in general is that they are going to hurt themselves, that some kind of an accident will happen that will hurt them.

Having a baby is a great responsibility, it takes a lot of effort and patience while taking care of and raising one.

Falls are completely normal and it happens to everyone, sometimes people do not hold onto that baby correctly so it fall out of their arms, babies can hurt themselves at every single step.

It is common for a baby to fall down on a floor especially once it knows how to crawl and walk a little bit.

Having a dream about this can be caused, for the parents and people who have babies,  by fear for that baby it is common fear and everyone has it .

It is not really whatever while babysitting a baby, you have to watch out on everything around them.

These dreams can be a symbol of freedom, you escaping a bad bond or situation.

Falling in dreams in general is a sign of letting go of something, jumping inti something unknown, while floor is a symbol of disappointment.

Baby falling down on floor is a sign of success in areas of your life, perhaps love life and profession or something else.

This could mean that you are going to start a new business or create something new out of your life, something will be different so any type of change can happen.

It is also a sign that you are a religious person that appreciates spirituality and believes in it, you have some strong beliefs that are making your life way better than before.

The Most Common Dreams About a Baby Falling Down

Dreaming about a baby falling on the floor- If you had a dream about a baby that is falling on the floor it could have a positive and negative meaning.

Positive meaning contains possible success, happiness, joy in your life and negative meaning contains supressed feelings or your attempt to hide your emotions away.


So it all depends on the person who has this dream, on your life situations and current state of mind, there are a lot of factors that are significant for this dream so you have to keep them all in mind.

Of course this dream can be triggered by the fear of you falling down actually not literally, you have a fear of failure.

Dreaming about a baby falling in general- If you had a dream like this where you see a baby that is falling down on the floor from something for example bed or chair then this dream is a sign of your inner conflict and troubles with clarity.

Perhaps you want something but your family does not approve that so now you are in the middle trying to figure out what to do.

But also this could be a sign that you are making some irrational decisions that are unfair to people around you, your selfishness is hurting other people and that is not okay.

Collect yourself and figure out why are you doing what you are currently doing .

Dreaming about a baby in general – Having a dream about a baby in general is a sign of something good.

In most cases baby comes as a surprise,  so having a dream about a baby is a sign of possible new and exciting chances that are not expected at all by your side.

People may show you good sides of them so your whole perception of this world is going to change very fast.

It is also connected with happiness and joy, purity and excitement.

Dreaming about leaving a baby all alone- If you had a dream where you have left a baby all by itself or if you are entering a room where you see only a baby then this type of a dream is a sign of your feelings and overthinking.

You have a feeling that you are not fitting in somewhere and you think that you have to leave that company.

Your intuition may be true but at the same time it may be a cause of your anxiety, sometimes you feel this way just because you have that urge to think about every little detail and every breath someone takes then you analyse it and come to conclusions that are absurd.

Dreaming about a disfigured baby- This may appear as a nightmare and the meaning behind this kind of a dream is an urge to change.

Daily habits determine out lives whether we like it or not, so if you want a better future look on the things you do every day.

This dream is a red flag for you, your subconscious is warning you that you have extremely destructive habit for example drinking, smoking something or not sleeping enough, eating too much when it is late or something else.

Change your habits until it is too late, once they affect your health you will be sorry for not making smarter decisions while you had the chance.

Dreaming about babies dead body- This could also appear as a frightening nightmare, and of course this is not a good sign at all.

When you dream about a baby that is dead then it is a sign of future troubles and challenges that will cause some serious damage to your mental health.

Possible illness is included and of course there could be a huge misfortune on its way.

You have to take care of yourself, be cautious and be ready for this at least try to be.

The thing is you won’t be able to control these bad times ahead but you can remain calm during your storms always have in mind that nothing in this life is permanent, everything passes so fast and even if it feels like the pain will never end it will.

Have some faith and look for the positivity in the negative environment.

Dreaming about a baby that is falling from a great height and surviving the fall- If you had a dream like this then this is a good sign.

There will be some positive news arriving into your life, perhaps you are feeling like everything around you is falling apart but actually everything is falling right where its supposed to be.

That realization is giving you strength and power to survive the ending of this troubling period without backing down.

Dreaming about you saving the baby while it falls down from a tree-  If you had a dream like this where you are catching and saving a baby’s life while that baby is falling down so it doesn’t hit the ground from a tree is a sign of possible new opportunities that are coming into your life as soon as possible.

Perhaps they are results of your previous actions and now you are aware of it so you strive to be even better than you were before.

Dreaming about a baby that is falling but being cached and saved by its mother –If you had a dream where you are witnessing a baby being saved by his or hers mother before hitting the ground is a sign for you to appreciate your mother more and your parents in general.

You should know her sacrifices throughout the years they were all for you, and she is the only person that actually wants the best for you without any hidden agenda.

You are trusting others, giving other people attention while they are ignoring you instead of thanking God every single moment for your mother.

It is a reminder to be more observant and smart, spend time with your mother while she is still there.

Dreaming about a tiny baby falling down from a vagina- This is not very common dream and it may be uncomfortable to dream about but the meaning behind this dreams is that you are overwhelmed with responsibilities and tasks.

So your subconscious is telling you to step back from them, spend more free time on the things that spark joy in you instead of killing yourself with work.

The thing is that you are a person that takes every single task no matter how hard it is you have to take it and that is your problem.