Dream of Being Left Behind – Meaning and Symbolism

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We all know that going backwards is the action for which we go backwards both in space and in time. But, how to interpret dreaming of going back from a dream point of view? What does the subconscious try to suggest to us when it gives us a dream of this kind?

As you well know, thanks to the dream dictionary you can find answers to this and many other questions.

Also, it is always a good idea to get to know yourself better by diving into your subconscious.

Dream of Being Left behind – Meaning

In a certain way, it is logical that dreaming of going backwards symbolizes that you have wasted some time or wasted your effort unnecessarily.

However, many dream analysts say that dreaming of going back symbolizes that you should also be a more patient person and wait for your opportunity to stand out or shine as a person.

So it may be interesting for you to try to be prepared to take advantage of certain doors that will open before you.

On the other hand, other experts assure that dreaming of going back also symbolizes that you should try to be more courageous and not cower in certain situations. Do you feel unable to solve certain problems out of fear?

You must face your own fears. However, it should be noted that dream meanings have certain nuances of subjectivity that must be delved into to obtain more precise interpretations.

The details of your dream, for example, play a decisive role when making interpretations.

In this way, it does not have the same meaning to dream of going back in time (Read more about dreaming about a time machine) as dreaming of going back a King in chess (Read more about dreaming of chess).

Therefore, it is obvious that you need to take into account more interpretations about your dream of going back with other examples or situations.

Remember that you cannot always live in fear when dreaming of going backwards. You must face your own fears.

For example, dreaming of going back with the intention of getting a run indicates that you have found certain energies to make all your expectations come true. Your courage, tenacity and inner strength will help you achieve what you want.

On the other hand, dreaming of going back in time defines a person anchored in the past and with certain nostalgic feelings. You cannot live off your memories. You need to look ahead to prepare your future and future.

To finish, dreaming of driving back the enemy clearly indicates that you are a person that people fear.


However, it may be more interesting to you if people learn to respect you before you scare them. It is also not a bad idea that you leave a comment or a description of your dream with those details that most caught your attention.

For example, in your dream, did you retreat from the advance of the enemy in a war? Maybe you retreated to take a run? Did you push back an adversary because you were very angry?

Remember that all the details are interesting to the joy of making dream interpretations.

The dream is an experience that involves different meanings in a broad debate that can involve religion, science and culture. In various cultural traditions, the dream appears surrounded by premonitory powers or even an expansion of consciousness.

The fascinating world of dreams can take us to any time and place, and many attribute meanings to them, and can even reveal people’s future.

And in the case of left behind dreams, what do they mean? Usually, the dream of abandonment is always an indication of some life change.

Check below the most recurring dreams involving abandonment and their respective meanings.

Abandon something or someone: Dreaming that you are abandoning something or someone indicates your desire to change.

This dream may also suggest that you are overwhelmed by the problems and decisions in your life.

If, in the dream, you left behind something unpleasant, it won’t be long before you receive favorable financial news; if you have left behind someone close to you, the dream means heartbreak. But do not worry!

You can overcome it by paying attention to the warning. Dreaming that you are abandoning your husband or wife is a sign of indisputable proof of unconditional love, according to tradition.

Being left behind: Dreaming that you are left behind indicates that it is time for you to leave behind past feelings and characteristics that are holding you back. Go ahead, renew your old attitudes!

A more direct interpretation of this dream is that it represents your fear of being alone, of being left behind or of being betrayed. Left behind dreams may come from a recent loss or from fear of losing love.

The fear of abandonment can manifest itself in the dream as part of the recovery process by the end of a relationship, as well as it can originate from unresolved feelings or childhood problems. Alternatively, this dream can represent prosperity.

Dreaming that you are being left behind may also suggest that you are feeling neglected or that your feelings are being neglected. Abandon addiction: The dream in which you abandon an addiction indicates reconciliations.

Abandonment of the house: Dreaming of abandoning the house means the imminence of gains and profits. Abandonment of the country: The dream of abandoning the country where one is rooted and stable, usually the homeland, supposes mistakes with the consequent moral and material losses.

Dream of Being Left behind – Symbolism

They are not nightmares, but dreams where the past appears usually leave a bitter feeling as if some things were not completely overcome.

It is the case of dreaming about past issues, a dream that comes to stir the waters of melancholy and also the conscience. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream about past affairs.

Dreams in which the past appears are not always negative. Sometimes the illusion of childhood and the desire to continue into the future are recovered through them, but it is true that they always carry the risk of being anchored to memories.

Therefore, the meaning of dreams with affairs of the past always has its face and its cross.

The face is the illusion, also the need to treasure memories in the form of old photographs or old schoolmates. The cross is everything that you have carried in your backpack for years and that you have not yet overcome.

Do not be fooled by your dreams and wake up to your present as soon as possible.

When the affairs of the past return to your dreams, the premise is not to obsess. You don’t have to take dreams literally and interpretation almost always proposes vital alternatives to feel better and better deal with both memories and unforeseen events that are yet to come. Dream messages are usually messages of improvement.

So don’t let those issues from the past that you see in your dreams surround you. Maybe you feel guilty for some mistake you made, maybe there were unresolved issues, but it is too late to regret because you are in another time, in the present time to which you must wake up if you want to be happy and ensure an even happier future.

The forms of abandonment are many, almost as many as the labyrinthine shelves in our Dream Dictionary. Dreaming of being left behind, in addition to fulfilling the function of identifying with the fear of being betrayed or left behind, represents the need to let go of the sensations and characteristics of an immature and possessive mentality.

In this case, of course, we are talking about dreams of abandonment that do not have an objective matrix, that is, they do not come from a real abandonment.

Dreams of abandonment are a natural procedure that “trains” us to deal with a hypothetical analogous situation in real life.

In the cases of people who have been left by their partner, abandonment dreams can be interpreted as part of the Ego’s natural healing process.

If, instead, we dream that we abandon someone, it could be related to overwhelming feelings, problems and decisions that overwhelm us.

Many people have been “left behind” momentarily during childhood, that is, children who have been lost for a few minutes, but who have archived the experience in the darkest chests of the Unconscious.

To clear up doubts about the dreams of abandonment, and especially to eliminate the possibility that they are a residue of that disastrous experience, it is convenient to dissect a little the kind of abandonment that we have dreamed of.

Who abandons whom in the dream? Is it one or more people who have left behind us? And if not, have we left behind a group or an individual? If in the dream we are left behind by a partner, then we speak of a clear and unambiguous representation of our own insecurities regarding that relationship.

If we are left behind by a group, for example, being left behind on a trip, we feel lost on a mountain, then we are facing a manifestation of the atavistic fear of being left behind by family group.

In general, the dreams of abandonment have a double face that is difficult to deal with in generalities.

The act of abandonment itself is not a consolidated emergence in our fears. It is the isolation, the fear of being irrevocably alone, that produces anguish.

The dreams in which our partner leaves us also have a strong guilty nuance.

Statistically speaking, the people who repeatedly dream of being left behind by their partner are those who have been unfaithful, or who well bear the weight of an unspeakable secret.

Sometimes feeling left behind in a dream represents our inability to adjust to society, or at least to what society, represented in our close relatives, expects of us.

Many times the abandonment in dreams is not strictly physical, in fact, we can be surrounded by our loved ones, but feel intensely that they have left behind us, that they do not listen to us, that they do not see us, as if we were ghosts unable to communicate.

Additionally, recurring dreams in which the subject is left behind almost always reflect a personality that fails to consolidate her affections.


Almost all abandonment dreams have their source in childhood, a time marked by unconscious fears of being left behind by parents; one of the most powerful atavistic fears of the human being, since the separation from the family is also the entrance to all the dangers of the world, no longer the sieve of parental protection.