Dream of Coffin – Meaning and Symbolism

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Coffins are used to bury down the dead ones, they are not really a happy subject to discuss about.

There are a lot of different types, sizes and shapes of coffins and there are also different materials from which they are made.

So for a long time now people are buried into coffins or cremated, depending on their wishes.

These dreams may be pretty uncomfortable and frightening for the one who is dreaming about this, the fear of dying appears after having this dream.

Everyone is going to die, that is a well-known fact, but still knowing something doesn’t make it easier to deal with.

It is never really the right time to talk about death, but sometimes you simply must.

There is no rule with death, you never know who is next but you do now that it will catch us all.

There are stories and theories in which you can hear people say that no one is ever really dead, that death is just leaving our bodies in this world so that our souls can be free.

In a religious way that theory is pretty common and it is acceptable, so you live this life to serve your Lord and to do good deeds in order to be rewarded after you pass over to the other side.

After dying you are well dead until the moment arrives and you are brought to the court,  there your deeds will be analysed and the decision about you going to heaven or hell is made.

It is believable, but our nature makes us question everything, even our faith.

Long time ago, people had a habit of putting all the things a person could need in the afterlife in the coffin with him.

So when a person dies he is buried with his belongings, food, money, clothes, books, etc..

It was a pretty funny ritual, how could a dead body use his money? But times our changing and so is our way of thinking.

Death is not something to joke about but it isn’t something to take too seriously either.


Some people fear death so much that they close themselves into their homes or somewhere else, in order to protect themselves.

But no one will protect you from a natural end, not even the higher force.

Death is scary because we are not familiar with it at all, no one truly knows and no one can tell us what happens after we die.

That is what makes it scary, there are hundreds of theories about death but not one of them is scientifically proven.

Recently an experiment was made in which they had put a person in some sort of a machine, that person was slowly dying naturally so they did an experiment.

That machine is analysing weight, and the moment that person died his weight fell down for a few grams.

Those scientist believe that they have succeeded because they think that those few grams that fell down was actually his soul leaving his body.

World is a strange place, but our mind is even stranger than the world.

Dreams of coffins may appear for several reasons for example constant thoughts about death, someone dying or died recently from your surroundings, perhaps certain issues in your social circle, etc.

Sometimes these dreams are a sign that your relationship is coming to an end or that your relationship is likely to fall apart at some point .

These dreams could also be a sign that you are trying to find a way to leave your past in your past, this happens if you are constantly thinking about your past mistakes or regrets.

It is possible that this dream appears if you are trying to bury down a secret, perhaps you are trying to hide something that could be damaging to you.

There are a lot of disturbing dreams about coffins, just seeing them in a dream is scary.

Coffins are a reminder of our mortality, and they represent something sad and heart-breaking but undeniable.

It is a symbol of bad news, heartbreak, these dreams are rarely a good sign for the dreamer.

Of course they don’t mean that you will die or something like that, so do not worry about that.

If you want to find the true meaning behind your dream, first you should analyse your dream and your emotions about that dream, secondly you should analyse your current life situation and possible triggers from your daily life that could have had an effect on your dream state of mind.

Hopefully you will find your answers here, just keep in mind that sometimes these dreams do not mean anything.

It may be a trauma response if you went to a certain funeral recently or if you are expecting that someone close to you will die.

The Most Common Dreams Of Coffin

Dreaming of carrying a coffin – Well if you had a dream like this where you are carrying a coffin, then this dream is an indication on your bad behaviour.

This means that you are making decisions which are hurtful to your own wellbeing such as it is to people around you.

You are selfish and destructive, this is very bad because you could end up being all alone if you continue doing this.

Or you will end up seeing the people that love you the most being hurt and heartbroken.

Dreaming of covering a coffin with ground – If you had a dream like this where you are covering a coffin with ground, then this type of a dream means that you are making bad decisions about your future.

So this means that you are finding certain paths that you think are leading to success, but actually they are leading you to your end.

You are always one decision away from a completely different life, keep that in mind next time you think about doing something stupid.

Dreaming of a coffin falling down – If you had a dream like this where it is either you or someone else that is responsible for a coffin falling down to the ground, then this type of a dream is actually a good sign believe it or not.

This means that you know when and how to act right, you are aware of potential risks and potential fails but you manage on escaping the bad and moving to the good .

This is something that people wish to learn for their entire lives, but have it all figured out already so keep doing what you are doing.

Dreaming of an empty coffin – If you had a dream like this in which you are seeing an empty coffin, then this type of a dream is also a good sign.

This type of a dream means that your finances are likely to go through a rapid growth very soon.

So your luck is about to turn around and there is a possibility that you will be richer than you have ever been before.

Be smart and make some smart investments so that you keep making this amount of money in the future.

If you had a plan about buying a car or a house but couldn’t afford it, now you are likely to go through with that plan because good times are ahead of you.

Dreaming of a coffin that is not empty- If you had a dream where you see a dead individual in a coffin, then this type of a dream suggests that you are either going to a certain funeral or that you are expecting the death of someone.

Another case scenario is that you are likely to separate from your current lover because things are getting harder and harder recently.

Perhaps you are in a toxic relationship so now you are trying to escape it completely once and for all.

But in most cases this dream is a representation of death, perhaps you will hear something disturbing or some shocking news about an unexpected death.

Stay calm and strong through this period, it will pass eventually.

Dreaming of seeing someone you know in a coffin – This dream is scary and it can confuse the ones who dream about it.

First thought after having this dream is that the person from your dream is likely to die after it.

Well you should know that this dream is a fantastic sign actually, there is nothing negative in its meaning.

It means that the person from your dream is likely to go through something great,  perhaps new doors will be open for him or her to enter them.

So it is possible that that person is going to receive a new job offer, maybe a vacation, winning at a certain competition, or something else.

Relax that person won’t die, well that is not said for sure no one really knows what life brings us but your dream is not supposed to predict something like that.

And there are religious interpretations that this type of a dream is extending the life of that person.

Dreaming of some stranger lying in a coffin – If you had a dream like this in which you see seeing a complete stranger lying there in a coffin, this could be an indication on possible different turns in your life.

Perhaps your life will change unexpectedly, maybe you will go through something new.

This dream is not a bad sign, unless the stranger looks really bad and in that case the new experiences are not going to be pleasant for you.

Dreaming of seeing your coffin – If you had a dream like this in which you are seeing your own coffin, then this type of a dream is not a good sign for you.

This dream is a sign that you will go through hurtful patch in your near future.

On your way there is a possibility of betrayal, heartbreak, disappointment but after this you will be stronger than ever.

Healing process will be tricky but you will find a way to go through it with grace.

Dreaming of a coffin covered with flowers – If you had a dream like this in which you are seeing a coffin that is covered with flowers,  then this type of a dream is not a good sign.

It is connected with your love life actually, perhaps you will meet the love of your life but after some time you will realize that the person you thought was destined for you is actually something entirely different.

You shouldn’t avoid relationships because of this, sometimes dreams do not mean anything but you should be really cautious when it comes to picking a partner.

This is the person that you will give your time and energy to, this person is going to see all of you at least make sure that he or she is worth it.

Dreaming of you being the one who lies in a coffin- If you had a dream like this in which you are the one who is lying in a coffin, then this type of a dream is a sign of stress and regrets.

Your life is currently fine but your mind isn’t.

That is not good at all, your mental health is falling apart.

Now you are constantly thinking about your mistakes and your bad decisions, you need to let it all go before it eats you up from the inside.

What is done cannot be repeated or fixed, you are only wasting your time.

Dreaming of making a coffin – If you had a dream like this in which you are making and designing a coffin, then this type of a dream could be a sign that you are going through a painful period, but that is all on you.

All of your past mistakes and problems that haven’t been resolved at that time are coming to get you now.

You should at least learn from this so that you do not repeat the same mistakes twice.