Dream of Garlic – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about garlic are not quite common, but they do happen. You had a dream about garlic and now you wonder what that could mean? You are in the right place to find out the meaning of your dream and what is the symbol of dreaming garlic.

Different cultures interpret dreams about garlic differently. However, we will try to give you the most common explanations and meaning of your dream.

From the spiritual side, garlic has a magical meaning, and in real life, garlic is a symbol of health and well-being as we all know.

Garlic is good for every aspect of your health and is an important part of everyday nutrition.

Let’s see what dreaming about garlic may mean, depending on the connotation of your dream.

The Most Common dreams about Garlic 

Dreaming about eating a garlic 

Dreams in which you eat garlic may mean that you feel lonely, whether, on love plain or friendship. This dream means that you need more attention from people around you. You often feel lonely and you could use help from people you care about.

This lack of feelings of happiness is usually short and will not last forever. Try to socialize more and to go out as much as possible. You will feel much better when you meet new people.

After a while, you will realize you are happy and you have everything you need in your life.

Dreaming of seeing someone eat garlic 

Maybe you are worried about someone’s health and you wish them to be alright, however, you are not sure about whether they will be. You constantly worry about your family and you want them to be happy and healthy.

You should stop worrying that much and try to look at life from a positive perspective.

Another meaning of this dream can be that your family member won’t understand you and will accuse you of something you didn’t do. You will get in a verbal fight with that person and each of you will tell what you don’t like about each other. This fight will only result in a positive ending if you solve your problem and forgive them for not trusting you.

Seeing garlic in a dream

In the next few weeks, you will meet someone you will fall in love with immediately. This dream suggests that you will finally get what you were thinking about for a long period of time.


You will get an opportunity to start over with someone who understands you and wants the best for you.

Also, it is possible that you will find something you lost a long time ago and you will be happy that you finally found it.

Dreaming of garlic smell

The smell of garlic indicates that you will be in an unpleasant situation which will change the way you think about someone. You will change your behavior towards that person and maybe you will be disappointed.

In your private life, it is possible that someone close to you will reveal a true face and you will have to decide whether you need them in your life.

Considering your career, it may be that one of your colleagues will do something behind your back and you will have to explain yourself in front of everyone at work. Maybe you have an enemy at work and you should be careful with who you share your thoughts with.

Dreaming of cooking garlic 

This dream is telling you to take more care of your health and to start living a healthier life.

If you cook garlic for someone else that means someone will support you and help you to accomplish your goals.

And if you are cooking garlic for yourself, it means that you are planning to do something you told no one about. You are hiding it from everyone because you don’t want anyone to stand in your way. You have no trust in others and you rely only on yourself.

Dreaming of preparing garlic with other food means that you will receive the great news that will calm you and will stop you from worrying.

Dreaming of someone else cooking garlic 

That person wants the best for you and you should listen to their advice. You think that you know everything better than others, but in reality, you need a piece of advice from someone who is older and has more experience than you.

Also, you should take care of your mental health because stress is causing you to feel tired all the time. You don’t pay attention to your health and you take it for granted.

Dreaming of garlic field 

Many changes will happen in your life, especially considering your financial and social status. Maybe you will inherit land or money from your family member or you will make progress at work.

Those changes will be positive for you and will be like a wind at your back. They will give you strength and a reason not to give up on your dreams because you will be able to make them come true.

Dreaming of peeling off a garlic 

In the few next months, you will behave differently from what you are used to. Maybe you will start caring more about yourself than others and people will realize that.

You will have a hard time making decisions and that may cost you a lot. You should think through every decision and make plans carefully. Don’t rush into things, rather let yourself think about them and give yourself enough time to consider every option you have.

Dreaming of others peeling of a garlic 

Dreams like this one implicate that your friend will tell you things they don’t mean and it will hurt your feelings. You won’t believe what you hear because you will be in shock.

You should think about their action and words and then decide if you still want them to be around. It always takes time to forgive, but if that person means a lot to you, you should give them another chance because they were speaking from anger.

Dreaming of planting a garlic 

When you see yourself planting garlic in a dream that means you don’t have enough patience. You are very quick to burn and you easily start a fight.

You have no tolerance for others and their mistakes and you can’t understand that others are not like you.

You are trying too hard to give someone advice and help them but you always end up misunderstood. People perceive you as someone who likes to interfere in everything and share advice that no one has asked for.

Maybe you should think about it and not share advice when you are not asked to.

Another interpretation is that you have been waiting for too long to see that your work didn’t pay off. You didn’t have much patience with that work and maybe you should put more effort next time.

Dreaming of others planting a garlic 

If you had a dream about someone else planting garlic that may mean that you will meet someone influential who will help you achieve something you wanted for a long period. You will suddenly meet a powerful person who will like your ideas and will help you realize them.

You will try to get close to them and start a conversation. Don’t try too hard because you don’t want to look like you are going to use them. They will offer you help and you will thankfully say yes.

Dreaming of picking a garlic

If you had a dream where you were picking garlic from the ground it means that you will finally achieve something you put hard work into. You were working hard and now your work will pay off.

Maybe you invested money into something and now you are waiting to see if your plan is going to work.

Dreaming of others picking a garlic 

If you saw someone else pick garlic in your dream, it means that someone will ask you for your help. You won’t be in a position to say no so you will help them, even if it is not in your interest.

You will wonder whether to help that person out or not because when you needed support they weren’t there for you and said no to you when you asked them for help.

Don’t think twice! It is always better that you help someone if you can than to tell them no just because you are angry a bit.

Dreaming of cutting a garlic 

If you had a dream about cutting garlic it means that you have suppressed anger within yourself. You carry too much anger in yourself and you don’t know how to cope with it.

Someone hurt your feelings but you don’t want to admit it, nor you want anyone to know that you have been hurt.

Dreaming of others cutting a garlic 

There are few explanations for this kind of dream related to garlic.

Firstly, it may mean that you will receive good news from someone who lives abroad. That may be someone from your family or a close friend of yours.

Secondly, this dream may mean that you have done something wrong to someone and now they want to take revenge. You hurt someone really bad, but it may be that you didn’t even realize how bad it was for that person.

Also, maybe you said something that offended someone and now they are mad at you.

And finally, this dream indicates that someone you care about is going to receive good news.