Dream of Goldfish – Meaning and Symbolism

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Do you like the dreams that you’re having? If they are pleasant, you indeed do, why wouldn’t you? But they are primarily nightmares; we can assume that you don’t enjoy them. And can you remember what the things that made you feel comfortable when you saw them in your dreams were?

Were those people that you know, some romantic situations, or animals? Animals can be very soothing on a person’s soul because they don’t ask; they just listen. And animals give you love even if you don’t ask for it.

It typical to dream about dogs and cats, but is it to dream about goldfishes? Goldfishes are a specific kind of fish because many stories, myths, and superstitions surround them.

One of the most know things, and maybe the first thing that comes to mind when talking about goldfishes is their power to grant your wishes. Have you ever fantasized about catching a goldfish that will grant you three wishes?

Do you know what you would wish for if you had a chance? Do you have your wishes prepared? We know that many people have them and secretly love to catch that unique little goldfish.

A goldfish often symbolizes desire, an urge to have more and more incredible things. Maybe dreaming about this kind of fish has to do something with the things you desire the most.

But that is not all. A goldfish can mean many other things besides wishes, fantasies, and the things you don’t have but need in your life. You can easily decode the meaning behind a dream, but it can also be challenging. Sometimes the dream can give you mixed symbols, and you are left without any clue.

Because of that, it is essential to find a place where you can decipher your dreams, and if you are viewing this now, you are at the right place.

For now, your one wish, the one to know the definition behind your dreams, will be granted.

What is essential to know before you start searching for the meaning

If the dreams are repetitive, it would be best for you to write them down to distinguish the dreams’ differences and figure out the meaning much easier.

Perhaps you think that all dreams about these cute little fishes mean good things? You are mostly correct, but not all dreams must mean a good thing.

There are many meanings and many interpretations. It would be best to remember that even the same or very similar dream can mean different things to different people. It would be great if you always considered your life circumstances and what is possible to happen to you in reality.

Most dreams signify that you will hear good news or that the universe will grant some wish to you. Some of the vision can mean that you have a deep desire for something but that you will not get it, or you will have to work very hard to get it.

Others can tell you that you are seeking things that you don’t deserve or being overly greedy. Another possible outcome can also be that you want things to happen without your effort, and that’s highly unlikely.

The vital things you ought to know to decipher a dream are the fish’s details and the dreamy atmosphere. It may sound silly, but it is of crucial importance to remember if the fish was happy or not. It’s never good to see a sad fish.


And also, was the atmosphere cheerful or gloomy. Those things will determine the outcome of the dream in waking life and your destiny.

And finally, it is time to explain the whole story of the meaning and symbolism behind goldfishes in various dream situations.

Read carefully, because the explanations you need are somewhere in the upcoming lines.

You were buying a goldfish

If you experience this in real life, if you were recently buying a fish for yourself or as a gift, then this dream means precisely that. It doesn’t have any higher or more profound meaning. You are just reliving the situation from your waking life.

But if that wasn’t the case, we are sad to inform you that a dream like this isn’t a good sign. In most circumstances, it is a sign of a wrong business move, lousy investment, potential financial loss.

Another possible meaning is that you will buy something that will be a lousy buy and a bad investment. Even if it doesn’t look like it, a dream like this almost always means that you will lose money.

You were a goldfish

No, you are not weird if you had a dream like this where you were the goldfish. It’s widespread to have a dream like this, but it’s not a good thing. Unfortunately, this is often a dream that is intended to warn you. Some kind of hidden danger is lurking around you and is waiting for the right time to strike.

Even if this dream is saying that bad things are about to happen, you need to look on the bright side of life. Take this dream as an opportunity to finally think about the people surrounding you and who are your real friends?

Also, it would be best if you established a way to protect yourself and your close ones.

You caught a goldfish

Everybody wats a goldfish. To be more precise, everybody wants to catch a goldfish.

So, there is nothing peculiar about this dream because it’s normal to want something like that and dream about it. You want to catch the fish so that it can grant you your three wishes.

But there is also a meaning behind it that suggests that you are good at dealing with your problems and that you are successfully going to solve anything that happens in your life. A dream like this is always a good sign.

You held the goldfish in your hand

In contrast to the previous dream scenario and the negative meaning, a dream where you are holding a goldfish in your hand is good. It is a sign of great fortune and the birth of something new. If you are a woman, it can signify that you will find a man you will love, but that man will be wealthy.

Also, it can signify a birth of a new baby in the family.

You caught the fish, but it slipped away

If you held the fish in your dream, but in one moment, it slipped away from your hands, you don’t have luck. A sign like this is never good, and it almost always signifies financial trouble. You will first gain something great, but very soon after it, you will lose it.

You caught the fish, and you played with it

Another good sign is when you play with the fish you catch. When you decode its meaning, you learn that it has to do with your job or your own business. You are about to take a business trip, and it is going to be a successful one. If you do it, you will probably have excellent results, and you will meet many people and gain many valuable business contacts.

Everything that happens on that business trip that you will take will have a powerful but positive impact on your future business endeavors. You will also sign some contracts that will turn out to be very profitable. Your business will thrive, just like your personal money, and you.

A goldfish died

When it comes to death in the dream, it is often not a good sign. It could be that it is an omen of some sad and unfortunate event. Something sad is about to happen in your life, and it doesn’t have to be something that will involve you directly. It can be something that has to do with your partner or your close family.

If the fish was already dead when you saw it, it also signifies a bad thing. You will most probably lose money and have financial troubles. Your near future will not be bright, so you need to prepare yourself for the worse.

A fish was dying, but you saved it

A dream like this is a similar situation to the previous one, but you could save the fish that was dying in this one. A fish that didn’t die signify something good.

It is a sign of great success that will come after a lot of struggle, hard work, and stress. You will have a bumpy period shortly, but you will emerge from it as a survivor and victorious.

You saw a goldfish jumping

A goldfish jumping is a sight that you want to see in your nighttime visions. It’s, no matter what, a good sign and something you want to see. It is a sign of great success and extreme happiness that will soon happen to you.

The goldfish was jumping into the water, but it died

A vision like this is rather peculiar, but it happens occasionally. You can say that something like this is impossible, but in the dream world, everything is possible, even a fish to die when it reaches the water, or even before. Of course, this is a bad sign. It means that the project you are currently working on will fail, and you will not have success for quite some time.

Also, it can be that you are hoping for something, but that something will never come.

Another scenario is that a preparing project will not see the day’s light because something unexpected will happen. It will not be your fault; it just won’t be the right time. You will be greatly disappointed with the whole situation and life, but don’t let it get to you. There will always be another time that will be better for the things you have planned.

You saw a fish in an aquarium

A sight like this is something utterly ordinary. If you ever saw a goldfish in real life, it most certainly was in an aquarium. And if you saw it just before your dreams, the verdict for this dream is straightforward; you are just reliving what you saw in real life.

But if ages passed from the last time you saw a goldfish in an aquarium, then this vision has a different meaning. And there are more meanings.

If the goldfish was living and swimming in a clean and bright aquarium and seemed happy, it’s a sign that you will also be happy, and you will have a good life.

But, if you are a woman, and you had a dream like this, it can mean that you will get married soon. Unfortunately, it will not be a good marriage; even if everything were perfect, you would feel like you live in an aquarium.

It could also be that a dream like this is a sign of future pregnancy, and it’s a good sign. Everything will be good, and you will be happy in your life, at your home with your new baby.

The fish was suffocating

It is awful to see a fish suffocating and struggling for its life while you can’t help it. A dream like this is never pleasant, and it also doesn’t signify a good thing either. It is a representation of your view on your current relationship. You feel like you are suffocating and like you can’t breathe.

Because of that, you are currently thinking about breaking up with your partner, but you don’t know how to do it. A dream like this is a sign that you should do it because if you don’t you will suffocate, and you will be miserable. You need to learn how to let people go because if you don’t do it, you will not have a chance to meet someone else who will be much better.

We expect that you’ve found all the answers that you needed. And that now you can finally go to sleep peacefully, knowing what your dreams mean.