Dream of Losing Wallet – Meaning and Symbolism

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If you have recently lost your wallet somewhere on the streets, then this dream is no coincidence for you.

Usually, we dream about things we experience during the day, and they often have no hidden meaning.

However, it happens that when something we saw or heard that day has left a big effect on us and we have a dream about it.

So, if you lost your wallet, no wonder why you had this dream!

But, how about people who didn’t lose their wallets? Why some people dream about things that they didn’t experience recently?

There are several explanations on this one and we will try to make it simple for you to understand your dream.

Firstly, losing a wallet can be a very stressful event and it can make our week or even month horrible depending on the content of our wallet.

Dreaming of losing a wallet full of money is a symbol of the huge stress and fear that a person is experiencing.

In that dream, a person loses a lot of money and that is a symbol of losing something very important to them.

On the other hand, if the wallet is empty, and a person loses it in a dream, it means that something unexpected will happen.

If dreaming of losing a wallet with an ID and other personal documentation, it is a sign of having personal issues and having difficulties with reasonable thinking.

Maybe some outside circumstances will make that person feel a little bit out of control.

Or, dreaming of having your wallet stolen can mean that some people might try to fool you and take advantage of you.

It depends on the person who stole your wallet from you – if it was a stranger, it means that you will experience negative things from a stranger.

And if it was a person you know and trust, it means that you will stop trusting them after they fool you.


Let’s see the most common dreams about losing your wallet and the meanings that hide behind them.

The most common dreams about losing a wallet

Dreaming of losing your wallet

Dreams about losing a wallet are deeply connected with the things we find valuable and important. Losing a wallet is a very frustrating thing and can affect our lives deeply.

If you had a dream about losing your wallet and you felt horrible and sad, it means that you are likely to lose something important in your life.

Maybe you will lose your job or a perfect chance to build your career, or even you can lose a chance to be with someone you like. This dream indicates that the odds won’t be in your favor and you will have to try double harder to get what you want.

Losing a wallet in a dream is the equivalent of losing strength and power in the real world. You might find yourself in a situation where everyone will be in a higher position than you and you might feel worthless.

But, you should know that things can easily change if you change your mind. This dream indicates that losing something doesn’t mean that you can’t take it back or make something new and better.

Dreaming of losing a wallet full of money

Having your wallet stolen in a dream means that you will suffer a great loss. And, if your wallet was full of money, then your loss is related to your financial situation.

This dream indicates that you will have trouble with money meaning that you won’t be earning enough money or you will lose your money. This dream is a sign that you should take more care of your money and don’t spend it on silly things.

Losing a wallet full of money in a dream is a symbol of reckless spending and buying things that you don’t really need.

Maybe you should reconsider your decision to buy an expensive TV or a new sofa because there are more important things. Not that you shouldn’t spend your money, but this dream indicates that you will lose it if you don’t pay attention and if you don’t start being more responsible.

Another meaning of this dream is that you will get into trouble and it will force you to spend all your money.

Maybe you will get a ticket for making a mistake in traffic, or something similar. Either way, this dream is warning you to behave responsibly and to act mature.

Dreaming of losing an empty wallet

Losing an empty wallet is not so bad thing unless your wallet was very important to you. So, if you had a dream about losing the empty wallet that had no sentimental meaning to you, then it means that you will suffer a loss that won’t affect you badly.

This means that even if you lose something, it won’t hurt you because you don’t care about it that much. This leads us to another conclusion which is related to personal relationships.

Maybe you don’t care about your partner and you don’t mind losing them because they can’t offer you anything. The only question left is why are you still with them.

Another meaning of this dream is related to a wallet of yours that is really important to you. For example, you had a dream of losing an empty wallet that your father has bought you.

If you have lost a wallet that has a sentimental meaning to you, it means that you will lose a connection with that sentimentality. You will forget about some things from the past and you will get over it. This dream is a positive one because you will leave the pain in the past and move on with your life.

Dreaming of getting your wallet stolen

If you had a dream of losing your wallet, and you find out it was stolen, or you were in the middle of the dream when someone stole your wallet, it means that you will have problems with trust.

Maybe someone you trust and cherish will try to fool you and you will stop trusting them. This dream indicates that you will be disappointed by someone and it will hurt.

However, you can’t do much and you should let it go because it is not your fault that you trusted someone who you shouldn’t have trusted.

Dreaming of losing important documents with your wallet

Losing important documents with your wallet is a sign that you will start a makeover. You will change your life to an unrecognizable degree and everyone around you will be astonished. You will make a big change in your life and it will make you a new person.

Losing important documents is a symbol of change. If you have lost your ID card, it means that you will start a complete makeover of your life.

But, if you have lost some papers that are not related to your identity, it could be that you will suffer a loss in your professional career.

Dreaming of losing someone’s wallet

If you have lost someone’s wallet in your dream, and you felt guilty, it means that you will be in a situation to do something bad to someone soon.

Maybe you will accidentally fraud them or fool them and you will feel guilty for doing so. This dream indicates that you are a good person that will be in a bad situation. You need to be strong and try to make things right.

Another meaning of this dream is that you don’t care about someone you should care for. Maybe you are in a marriage and you don’t feel satisfied with your partner.

If you have lost your friend’s wallet, it can mean that you don’t care about them as much as they do about you. Think about your relationship with people and try to see if there is something wrong so you can fix it.

Dreaming of losing a wallet and finding it

If you lost your wallet in a dream but then you found it, it means that your hope will be restored. You will lose faith because of something bad, but later something good will bring you back your faith. That means that you should question your belief and the strength of your faith. If it’s gone when you feel bad, was it even there?

This dream suggests that you should believe in yourself and never stop having faith in good because, after every bad thing that happened to you, a good thing will come.

Another meaning of this dream is that you will lose something important but you will find a way to get it back eventually.

This is a very positive sign and it means that you should never give up searching for what belongs to you and you shouldn’t give up hope for finding it.

Dreaming of losing a wallet on the streets

Getting your wallet lost on the streets is a symbol of being under too much stress. You are occupied by the things that are very important to you and you keep losing your mind.

You need to be more careful and take more time for yourself.

The rest is what you need and you should listen to your body and mind. If you don’t do so, you will start falling apart and everything that you have been working for will be gone. You can lose everything if you don’t take care of yourself so better start taking care of yourself.

Dreaming of losing a wallet on the bus

Losing your wallet on the bus is a sign that you can lose a lot if you decide to leave everything and start a new life.

If you want to make a change, go step by step, not by turning your life upside down.

This dream indicates that impulsive actions will lead you nowhere and you will expose yourself to a great loss if you don’t think through your decisions.

This dream is telling you to start making a change slowly and be more patient.

If you are impatient, a lot of things can slip through your hands and you will be left with nothing.