Dreaming About Dreaming – Meaning and Symbolism

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This is quite an interesting phenomenon and it must have wakened some questions inside you.

Why do we dream about dreaming and how is it possible that we see ourselves sleeping while we are asleep?

These kinds of dreams are very intriguing and they always have our attention.

Being aware that you are sleeping and dreaming, on the other hand, is a phenomenon called lucid dreaming.

That is when we are aware that we are asleep and dreaming. It can be related to this kind of dream where we dream about dreaming.

If you were aware that you were dreaming about having a dream, then it is a type of lucid dreaming.

What could it mean to dream about having a dream is a very interesting question.

However, the answer depends on what you were dreaming about as well as the emotions that you had during that dream.

In this article, we shall discuss the possible meanings of dreams that are related to dreaming about being asleep as well as dreaming about having a dream.

Usually, dreaming about having a dream is a sign that you are going to become aware of something important.

This kind of dream is a sign that you should observe yourself more and that you should find out something about yourself.

On the other hand, dreaming of yourself being asleep is a sign that you are restless.

This dream indicates that you worry constantly and you can’t relax even when sleeping because you are always on the watch.

Let’s see the most common dreams about dreaming and find out what they could mean!

The most common dreams about dreaming

Dreaming of having a dream


As we discussed previously, dreaming of having a dream can have many meanings depending on the context of the dream and the feelings you had through it.

But, there are some general things that can be said on this topic.

Firstly, dreaming of having a dream is a type of dream that differs from others because you are half aware of that dream. You know that you are dreaming about dreaming hence you know that what is happening is not reality. This resembles a lucid dream, but you are not able to control your actions.

This dream indicates that you will be in a position in your life where you won’t be able to do anything you want and you will have to accept that fact and be patient until your time comes.

Dreaming about having a dream is a symbol of being a side watcher and it is related to your life deeply.

Maybe you will feel like a stranger in your life because you won’t be able to make any important decision.

Something will stop you from expressing yourself and you will have to keep your mouth closed. Maybe someone will blackmail you and you will have to do what they say.

Be careful around powerful people and try to focus on yourself. You may have to stay silent about something you saw even if you think that is wrong. Be strong and don’t let people control you.

Dreaming of sleeping

If you saw yourself sleeping in your dream, it can mean different things.

Firstly, if you were sleeping soundly without moving, and it felt good, it means that you won’t be having any problems or troubles in the next period.

This dream is a sign that everything will be alright and you will feel peace and happiness.

If something is bothering you right now, this dream is a message to you that everything bad will go away soon. You need to be patient and believe that things can change for the better.

On the other hand, if this dream was about you being asleep but you had trouble sleeping, meaning that you felt irritated or you were waking up, it means that some bad times might wait for you.

If you weren’t sleeping peacefully in your dream it means that something will be a burden to you and you will go through a stressful period. You have to prepare yourself for sleepless nights and be ready for a tough time.

This dream indicates that you will experience some unpleasant things in your waking life and it will disturb your sleeping schedule.

This is a sign to you to be more relaxed and don’t take things so seriously. You need to think about your benefit and your health and you should try to let everything bad go.

Sleep is very important in our lives and if you sense that you are losing your sleep pattern, try to meditate to calm yourself down.

Dreaming of falling asleep

Falling asleep represents a peaceful part of everyday life where nothing and no one disturbs us. It means that it is the most relaxing part of the day and it is when we are ready to finish the day.

Dreaming about falling asleep is a sign that you are ready to finish something and leave it in the past. This dream indicates that you are ready to start from a fresh beginning and leave some things in the past. You are falling asleep, leaving the day behind and you will wake up to a new day with new possibilities.

Your life will change because you will decide to make a change.

Maybe you will stop your habits and start doing some things that are better for your mental and physical health. This is a very positive dream because it suggests that you will leave all the negative things in the past and move on with your life.

You need to be strong for that, and this dream says that you are. You watch yourself making a change and you observe your actions.

That is why you will realize which parts of your life need to be changed and how. Seeing yourself falling asleep is a symbol of observing yourself changing, getting into a more relaxed state, and feeling relieved.

Dreaming of sleeping in your bed

If you saw yourself sleeping in your bed, it means that you will start thinking about your actions from the past. You are likely to start feeling guilty for something that happened years ago.

Maybe you will realize that you have made a mistake in the past and that you truly regret it. This dream represents you and your soul. You will observe your soul and your character and you will realize who you are and what is wrong with you.

People should more often talk to themselves and see who they are.

Most people are not aware of themselves and they just keep living automatically. This dream is your way to stop living automatically and start making a difference.

Once you realize what are your flaws, you can change them and start living a better life. If you know what are your weaknesses, you will know how to become stronger and what parts of your life should be worked on.

Dreaming of sleeping outside

If you had a dream about yourself sleeping outside, on a bench, or somewhere else, it means that you are not satisfied with your life. You have lots of troubles in your life and you can’t sleep peacefully.

You can’t relax because there are so many things hanging above your head and they constantly keep reminding you of the pain you feel.

Sleeping outside your bed and house is a sign that you feel like you don’t belong somewhere. Maybe you feel like you are being rejected by the people you care about and that is making you feel horrible.

This dream indicates that you will be lonely for some time in the future because for some reason people will act hostile to you.

But you shouldn’t let that bother you because you know your worth and you deserve better. You need to go through that difficult period and try to build your confidence.

Another meaning of this dream is that you will get in a fight with someone you love and they might leave you. That is why you had a dream about sleeping outside. It represents the loneliness that you will feel after that person leaves you. Try not to get into a fight and be more polite to people you love.

Dreaming of having a dream about someone

Dreaming of having a dream about a person you know is a sign that your mind is too obsessed with that person. Maybe you were dreaming of someone you love or someone you want to be in a relationship with. This dream indicates that you will start thinking about someone constantly and their picture won’t leave your mind.

Also, it is possible that you will fall in love with someone soon and you won’t be able to stop thinking about them. They will change your life and make you think differently. That is a good sign because you can change for better with them, but don’t let yourself depend on them too much.

If you sense that you are feeling too attached and that they might try to take advantage of you, step back and think about it. You shouldn’t let anyone make a fool out of you, even the person closest to you. You should know your worth and be more self-aware.

Dreaming of sleeping with someone

If you were having dreaming of sleeping next to someone, it means that you miss the human touch. It is possible that you are lonely and you need someone to be there for you. If you are feeling sad and lonely right now, that is the reason for having this dream.

Also, this dream can be related to your childhood and family. Maybe you miss being around people who love you infinitely and you feel that you need someone to be around.

Sleeping with someone in your dream is a symbol of missing some people and memories. You miss past times where you were happy and filled with happiness and joy. You should try to live in the present moment and create those memories again with someone new. Don’t let the time pass by because you will regret doing nothing to make yourself better.

Dreaming of moonwalking

Having a dream of moonwalking is a sign that you have a secret desire to go somewhere but you don’t want to tell that to anyone. You want to be able to go wherever you want whenever you want, but some people are stopping you from doing it.

It is possible that your family is the reason why you can’t fulfill your dreams and why you have to stay in one place.

Maybe you can find a way to make your wish come true and at the same time make other people happy.