Dreaming of Chocolate – Meaning and Symbolism

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Imagine your best-cherished sugary snack? Is it hard for you, or it instantly pops into your mind? Some people can’t easily decide, while others immediately say it’s chocolate.

Chocolate has been around for eras. And before it was this concoction it is today; it was relatively simple. It had some additions because of the bitterness of the plain cocoa, but it was straightforward. And it was seen as an amenity.

Today it’s different; you can find it in every corner of the world, in any shape that you can imagine, and in various tastes. You can even find it in your dreams.

Have you ever dreamt about it or something that has to do with it? Did you find that odd, or you didn’t even pay attention to it? Visions about it can mean a lot of things.

You should know that dreaming about this mix of cocoa and sugar isn’t strange at all. And it happens more often than you can think of it.

You may fantasize about it because you adore it or because you ate it that day, but some deeper meanings hide behind this tasty and edible piece of heaven.

Do you want to know why this candy occasionally visits you in your dreams? Or why is it a permanent resident in them?

If the answer is yes, you’ll enjoy the text below.

Firstly, it means nothing negative in general, and it symbolizes many beautiful things.

It symbolizes delight, love, tranquility, pleasure, and even hope.

Chocolate thoughts can mean that you know how to enjoy your life and pamper yourself.

But it can also mean that you are having a burdensome period in your life, and you don’t know how to cope with tension and anxiety.

It sounds strange, but when you think about it, it makes sense. You imagine something sweet, something that can bring you joy in a difficult time.

But the reason why you have such dreams can only be deciphered when looked at the context.

First, we will tell you a bit more about you and guess why you have this piece of confection in your nightmares or fantasies. And then, we will look at the context of your visions and decode the meaning.


You dream about how you live

It is what we already mentioned, and it’s the simplest explanation. You have thoughts of it because you are eating it daily, or you indeed are a fan of it. You can also fantasy about it if you talked about it that day or someone else talked about it, and you overheard it.

Dreams are sometimes uncomplicated, and they reflect your actuality.

You need to unwind

Maybe you are having a grueling period in your life right now, or you are feeling a bit stressed out by something happening at your work.

Whatever it is happening, it is affecting your subconscious. It gives you a clear indication that you need to slow down and find a moment to solve your problems, or just indulge in something that will ease the anxiety.

You are clearly in love

It’s not a coincidence that we gift chocolate on Valentine’s Day; we are doing it because this sweet and tasty mixture symbolizes love. Often people in love with someone that they are not in a relationship have visions of it because it reminds them of the delicious taste of love.

It’s also essential to acknowledge how you felt when you had this fantasy and how it tasted if you tried it. If it was sugary and yummy, you are clearly enjoying these feelings that you have.

But if it was bitter and you were not satisfied with it when you’ve tried it, it could be that you are spawning confusion about your love life and the situation that you are in.

You can also picture it when you are in love and have a connection. And in this case, it is also noteworthy how you felt in the dream. If you were content and this simple dessert felt superior, you are understandably in a happy relationship, and you have satisfactory times ahead of you.

But if the taste was terrible, you weren’t cheerful and content, then deep down, you are not fulfilled with your current relationship or something that’s happening.

You desire something that you don’t have

Chocolate allures you with its rich flavor and enchanting smell, and in most cases, people can’t resist the urge to have a piece. You can be near a piece of it but not close enough to get it and eat it. It symbolizes something in your life that you truly desire but can’t have.

Something is tempting you, but you are fighting with it. Maybe it’s something that you know is bad, but still, you need it. The sensation you get when you know that you can’t have it is driving you mad.

But what if you have specific dreams that you find very peculiar? We are now going to try and unravel them.

You are drinking hot chocolate

Just at the mention of hot chocolate, our mouths start to drool. Who doesn’t love an enormous cup of hot, heavenly beverage? Especially when it’s freezing outside. But it’s not that magical and fantastic when you are dreaming about it.

If you often drink it, it can mean that you are having some trouble in your love life and that you are going to encounter some quarrels and fights. Some challenging times are ahead of you. But what’s good about it is that you will survive everything and become more potent when everything ends.

That’s not all. If you accidentally spilled your hot beverage or burned yourself while drinking it – it’s a good omen. You will come across the love of your life, or you will become aware of who it is.

You make the chocolate

You are combining and matching tastes and elements, and you feel like you are the central character of the movie “Chocolat” – seems like something familiar? Have you encountered anything like that in your fantasies?

If the answer is yes, you will be happy to know that it’s often a good sign. It is a sign of your creativity and your talent. You wish to do something innovative and original, and you desire it much that you kept having dreams about it.

You should look at these dreams as a sign that you need to do something creative if you aren’t at the moment. Do that project you’ve always wanted, enroll in art school, start your artsy business, just don’t suffocate your creativity.

You are eating a spoiled chocolate

We’ve mentioned that it’s not good to eat anything made out of cocoa, which doesn’t have such a good taste. Furthermore, if that sweet is spoiled and tastes horrible and even smelly – it’s not good.

You will encounter severe disappointment down the journey in your life. As a result of this dream, your partner can betray you and break your heart.

You are dreaming of chocolate that is melted

In contrast to the previous image situation, this one is perfect. You will find a person that will help you with a problem you are having currently. The chocolate that you see must be entirely melted in the dream.

Did you lick it? That can only mean that you have feelings for someone and you have an urge to have intimate moments with that person.

You didn’t want to eat the chocolate

Can you imagine a person who doesn’t want to eat this treat made by God himself? That’s a sad sign in real life, but it’s actually a good one in the dream world.

Those who hold against the urge to devour into a bar is an excellent indication of self-control. Whatever you try to do, you won’t be tempted by small things, and you won’t wonder about your course.

You didn’t want to receive a bar from a person

Why would anyone refuse a free piece of it or a bar? In dreams, it’s for the reason that you are imposing yourself some substantial barriers, and you are not relaxed at all.

The only person in your life that can hold you back the most is you, and you don’t want that.

You are not eating chocolate, but others are

It is evident that above all, you want and need to be happy and prosperous in your life, but at this moment, you are not. You are an observer of others’ success and happiness, but you don’t know how to make your life work.

Due to that, you are depressed and don’t see the light at the tunnel’s end. It doesn’t have to be like that. It would be best to make your opportunities by yourself and remember that only you can make yourself truly happy.

You are often taking chocolate from someone you know

Similarly, with the aforementioned dream conditions in this scenario, you also are not satisfied with your life, and you like the life of others more. In contrast with the previous dream situation, when everyone else is eating the chocolate, and you are not, you decide to take action and steal it for yourself.

It shows that you are envious of that person and want something you don’t have. But this is not the way you are going to get it.

It can also mean that you are in love with someone that already has a companion, and you secretly want to steal them all for yourself.

You are eating chocolate ice cream

Did you have a difficult period in your life recently? Have you experienced some turbulence that wasn’t easy? If it’s the case, then you can finally stop and relax. Ice cream of this specific flavor signifies that all your problems are behind you and that you’ve achieved to defeat your obstacles.

From now on, you will relish opulence in your life, and only good things will happen. Don’t get too comfortable; nothing lasts forever. It would help if you always were fitted when new problems arrive.

When you think about that dark, chewy, and rich flavor in real life, you feel the urge to get a bar and gulp it in a matter of seconds. It is because it makes us think about happy places, joyful memories, and untroubled times. It also raises our level of serotonin, and that’s the main reason we want it.

But in the unconscious world, it’s not always that jolly for this creation that originates from the old world.

Pay attention to the signals and the way you see chocolate while you sleep. Just slight details make all the difference.

If you concentrate and remember the way you’ve dreamt about it, you could have an opportunity to elevate your life and undertake what it needs for your life to become better. Some people have problems remembering the details of their subconscious adventures.  It is something normal that happens mostly to everyone.

You can hack it if you write everything that you know immediately when you wake up. It’s essential to do it right after you wake up because you will forget more the longer you wait.

A good thing to do is keep a diary of your peculiar visions that happen in the nighttime. This way, you can follow the progress of topics and things that appear in your mental images. And it is always fun to read about some old dreams that happened a long time ago.

Try it; it’s not that hard after you make a routine out of it. It will take you a week or two, but it will be deserving it.

After reading this text, we hope that you can understand how things work in the enchanted dream universe. And that you will take matters into your hands and deal with all the problems in your life. And if you don’t have any problems, we hope you will enjoy it to the fullest.