Dreaming of Fainting – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming of fainting is usually a symbol of worrying and stressing too much. You have a burden on your chest and you don’t know how to get rid of it.

Many things are making you anxious and you feel overwhelmed with obligations that you have.

You probably feel like you don’t have enough time to accomplish every task you have and you need someone’s help.

This dream often means that you are alone in everything you do and you need support from your family and friends.

It is not easy to always be there for everyone and help them with their problems and have no one to listen to you and help you out.

Fainting is a state where your brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen through the blood and can be caused by a shock.

When you are overwhelmed with emotions, either negative or positive, you may faint.

There are some interpretations of dreams about fainting and we will try to give you an answer on why you had that specific dream.

Of course, the meaning of every dream depends on how you felt during the dream and the emotions that were mostly present while you were dreaming.

Not every dream about fainting means that you are going through burn-out, so let’s see what your dream could mean.

The Most Common Dreams about Fainting

Dreaming of fainting in front of a big crowd of people 

If you are afraid of big crowds and being in the center of attention, it can be the reason you had this dream.

Maybe you are supposed to have a conference or a speech related to your job, or even at someone’s wedding. You are not ready for that yet and you wonder if you can pull it off.

You have to work on your confidence and build up your skill to present yourself in front of people. It is not easy for introverted people to be exposed like that, but it is important to resolve the problem you have.

It can be that you are scared of something that will happen in near future and you want to be ready when that moment comes. Try to share your problem with close people because it may help you get stronger.


If you are shy and don’t like to confront others, it may be that you will be in a situation where you will either be humiliated or you will fight back, which will be a step further and progress.

Dreaming of fainting for no reason 

This is an unusual dream which often ends up with you waking up. There may be something from reality that is bothering you and you can’t handle the pressure anymore.

If you had a dream in which you just fainted it means that you are under stress and you are struggling to keep things normal, but you can’t.

This dream usually happens when people are afraid of the future and don’t want to admit that they are weak and need help.

Dreaming of someone else fainting 

If that was someone close to you, it means that you are worried about them and you want to help them but you feel like your hands are tied.

Maybe you feel guilt for something from the past that was your responsibility and made someone feel bad. You want to make up for that, but you don’t know how to approach that person.

Also, maybe you were acting bad towards someone and you didn’t realize it until now. You should try to apologize and move on.

Dreaming of fainting after injury 

It may sound contradictory, but this dream is very positive. If you were injured in your dream and after that, you fainted, also in your dream, it means that you will have a good time ahead.

There is something really good waiting for you to get it. It can either be a new job, an adventure, or something unexpected.

This dream means that you will overcome any problem you have and you will be happy with yourself. You can get through anything and you are not afraid to confront anyone who gets in your way of happiness.

Dreaming of fainting in front of your enemies 

If you had a dream in which you fainted in front of people you don’t like it is not a good sign. Maybe someone is being negative toward you and trying to set you up something bad.

This dream often indicates your weakness to fight against bad things in your life and suggests that you can’t resist those things. You think you are not worthy and you don’t feel like you can overcome that problem.

Maybe someone will make fun of you in front of many people and that will leave you speechless but in a negative way of course.

Dreaming of a family member fainted 

If you had a dream about someone from your family fainting, it can just mean that you are too worried about them and that you shouldn’t be.

If you tried to help them but you couldn’t, it may mean that you feel worthless and like you are not capable of anything good.

Also, this dream may indicate that someone from your family is going through tough times and they expect you to help them.

Maybe you are not close to your family and that may be the reason for having this dream. It means that you should try to stay in contact with someone from your family because they will offer you help.

Dreaming of someone fainting because of hunger 

This dream is often a really bad sign. It may indicate that you didn’t help someone in need and now they are distancing from you and won’t accept your call for help when you need them.

It may be that you will get sick, but not seriously. It will just be a warning to take care of yourself more.

Also, this dream may indicate that someone you care about is feeling left out by you. Try to be nice to people you like and don’t put them in the second place because they love you.

In the end, this dream may mean that you will have financial difficulties and you will need to work really hard to get back to a normal state.

Dreaming of someone fainting because of illness

If you tried to help them, it means that you care a lot about someone who doesn’t want your help. They are living their life the way they do and there is nothing you can do about it. You have to let them be who they are and accept them.

However, this dream may mean that your friend will need your help and you will be there for them. You are a generous person who is always willing to give a piece of advice and support your friends.

This dream may reveal fears your friend has and help you to understand them and ask them if they are okay.

Dreaming of fainting in front of your partner 

If you had a dream of fainting in front of your loved one, this dream may indicate the feelings your partner has for you.

If your partner was upset about you fainting, it means they are honest with you and wants the best for you because they love you.

However, if your partner did nothing or is the reason you fainted, this means you can’t rely on them because they are not there for you when you need help. Think about your partner and his/her actions and whether they are good for you.

Dreaming of being close to fainting 

If you had a dream in which you felt like you are going to faint, it means that you are mentally and physically exhausted. Try to rest and don’t get burned out because it will affect your health.

A different connotation of this dream is that you have worked hard for something and now it will finally pay off. You are a hard-working person who is giving their 100% and that is why you will succeed in everything you do.

All in all, you either work too much and you will eventually suffer from burn-out, or you are working hard enough to make your dreams come true and you can separate your personal life from business.

Dreaming of feeling good after fainting 

This is an extremely positive dream because it suggests that you will overcome every problem in your life. You are really resourceful and you can do anything you want.

Even after life treats you badly, you will rise and shine! There is nothing that can stop you because you are strong and you won’t let yourself waste your time suffering and crying over your destiny.

Dreaming of pretending to have fainted 

You are trying to fraud someone and you hope they won’t notice. This dream is a bad sign and you should stop before you make a big mistake that won’t be reversible.

You are pretending to be someone you are not and that may cost you a lot.

This dream reveals that you are an extrovert who constantly needs others’ attention and you will do anything to make sure you are in the center of attention. That is why many people avoid you and your company.

On the other hand, this dream doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad sign. If you pretended to be fainted to avoid danger then it is normal.

You are trying to hide from bad things like many of us do and there is nothing wrong with that.

Dreaming of fainting because of a heart attack

Unfortunately, this dream is often a bad sign and is telling you that you are anxious and worried about something.

Also, it suggests that you don’t take care of yourself and that you should pay more attention to your body and mind.

Another meaning is that you are about to have a bad time that will make you stronger. So, in every bad situation, there is something good and you should remember that.

Dreaming of getting ill and fainting 

You can’t handle the pressure others put on you. You are constantly exhausted and everyone uses you.

You can expect negative news and events which will be the reason you will finally cross a line and stop doing everything for others. Instead, you should try to help yourself and get out of negative situations.

No matter how hard life gets, you must be even stronger and fight for yourself.

Dreaming of fainting because you were in too much pain

This dream is a really bad sign and something you would never expect will happen. That may lead to your health problems and put you in a hospital.

On the other hand, if you try to change your life, it doesn’t have to be like that. You are in control of your life and you can make it better.

But, this dream is suggesting that you will have a really tough time either at work or at your home. Things will get complicated and you will be forced to leave because you can’t handle the pressure.

Dreaming of fainting because you are tired 

The meaning of this dream is obvious. Get some rest and stop working too hard without taking time for yourself.