Dreaming of Vacation – Meaning and Symbolism

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A wonderful way to overcome the hours we spend indoors is to let our imaginations run wild. To think about the trips that we will make in the future, the places that we will visit when we finally can.

But the truth is that we can do much more than imagine it, we can get down to work and dedicate that time that every trip needs so that everything is perfect.

If we already know where we want to go, the first step has been taken.

Dreaming of Vacation – Meaning

Once we have this clear, the next thing is to know what we need to travel to this place, especially if it is abroad. If we are planning a great trip that crosses different countries, you may need different things for each one.

Now that we can organize everything calmly, find out if there is a need for a specific vaccination to visit it or a special permit or visa.

It is advisable to do the procedures in advance, although at this time we cannot make appointments, we can make a list of the vaccines that we will need, look for the vaccination centers, write down the addresses of the embassies to process visas …

This way we will avoid having to stay on land or reorganize our entire itinerary. This is precisely the next point to be discussed: what we want to see. Based on that, we will design the route that we are going to follow on our trip.

At this point we enter a research phase in which it is convenient to soak up the maximum of knowledge.

Gathering all the information you can about your destination can help you establish a route to follow. This is very useful when considering internal transport.

What do you need once your journey has started? It may be best to get around thanks to public transport, buses or trains, but it may be best to rent a private vehicle to get around the area.

It is not a good idea to leave it to chance, since the unforeseen events can make us have to modify our entire trip.

Once we know the general route, it is time to decide what we want to see in each destination.

A good idea is to select which sites are essential, which we would like a lot and which we could think about.

In all this approach we have skipped two basic things, the first is the roundtrip flights, which will mark the time you spend on the trip as well as part of the budget.

The other is the accommodation, which you will have to look for when the occasion comes, just like the above.


One detail that is often overlooked when buying a trip is the time of the destination. Make sure before you do not travel in the heavy rain season, unless that is what you are looking for.

Based on that, you will have to prepare the suitcase. Of course, these tips are intended for those who travel more relaxed having everything under control and with a defined route.

For the most spontaneous travelers, there is nothing better than taking your suitcase and embarking on an adventure.

Dreaming of Vacation – Symbolism

Summer vacations are just around the corner, and many families venture to one of the many destinations our country has to offer.

Taking the little ones on vacation requires good planning, this in order that the experience of rest and fun is full for everyone. And it is with this in mind that Club Med spokespersons – pioneers in the All Inclusive formula and children’s clubs – offer PASSPORT readers some tips to make this summer unforgettable.

Whenever possible, conduct your vacation on the “book early” principle. In addition to guaranteeing your space, planning usually has as a reward saving and even catching an occasional offer or promotion.

A good option for traveling with children are the “All inclusive” concepts. These usually offer all the services in one place, and there are several that include activities specially designed for the fun of children. Example? In www.clubmed.com.mx you can find some options to enjoy a vacation where you only have to worry about resting.

Go for the essentials. The little ones usually spend the day in the pool, walking on the beach or having a meal, so the best option is light clothing: shorts, T-shirts, sandals and of course a bathing suit -if possible two-, it will be what you need in the suitcase.

With this heat “on the grill” that we have had in the country, it is worthwhile that you also bring a cap, hat, sunglasses and a lot of sunscreen.

Also take repellent and it does not hurt some pills for seasickness, if your trip includes a trip by the sea or too many curves on the road.

Children can get bored on transfers from the hotel to the beach or any attraction you have in mind.

The best thing is that that time is not spent glued to the cell phone or tablet (you also have to take a vacation from technology), so some options to carry in the “magic bag” are coloring books, your favorite toy or a snack to trip.

A good talk does not come in a bag, but it is invaluable and above all magical. Dreaming of being on vacation is undoubtedly a very frequent dream experience.

We understand better what are the meanings that can be hidden behind this dream, also analyzing how important the difference between real travel / vacation and inner journey can be. We will also understand together what are the numbers to bet on if you dream of traveling or going on vacation.

The journey has always been read as a metaphor for life, as a symbol of an inner journey that actually encompasses the subject’s birth, life and death.

Dreaming of traveling represents the desire to cut all ties with what is daily activity, it indicates a deep desire for change, and it represents the desire to cut one’s ties with all those traditional patterns and habits.

The holiday in particular is a symbol of a period of break, relaxation, peace and serenity. It is a moment expected all year round, it is the symbol of something beautiful that finally arrives after all the work tribulations of the year.

There are also situations in which the theme of travel can be a symbol of more restricted and circumscribed areas.

In this case the journey becomes a dream symbol of small challenges of daily life, it becomes the representative of those that are the passages in everyone’s life.

If these are the general meanings that are linked to the theme of travel. It should be noted that some details allow the dream itself to be contextualized in a more precise and defined way.

Then there are a series of factors and elements to be taken into consideration to better define the meaning of the dream.

The first thing to know is that the reading to be given to the dream is strongly influenced by the sensations that are felt while the dream itself is in progress.

In fact, the journey can be connected to feelings of fear of the unknown or enthusiasm for discovery.

But let’s go into more detail and analyze some types of dreams.

The first situation is that in which a subject dreams of traveling alone.

This image can refer to the concept of profound loneliness, but also to the need to abandon everything and everyone and take some time alone.

If the dream sees a group of friends as protagonists, however, it is possible that the subject wants to spend time with the people dear to him, who represent an important point of reference in his life.

Pay attention not only to the journey itself, but also to the elements that usually accompany the journey itself.

If the traveler dreams of traveling without a suitcase, it is likely that he refers to a non-definitive departure, to an unclear situation, to a choice made without full awareness.


If the feeling that accompanies the dream is not one of loss but positive, the lack of the suitcase is instead to be read as a symbol of freedom.

Another element strictly connected to the holiday is the ticket or reservation.

The lack of these elements indicates goals that are too ambitious to achieve and which can therefore discourage on the one hand and motivate the dreamer on the other.