Dreaming of Winning the Lottery – Meaning and Symbolism

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Most people fantasize sometimes about winning the lottery, and how they will travel the world or present something to themselves or a loved one.

So the dream of winning the lottery can only be an extension of that fantasy.

However, often dreams of winning a large amount of money or valuable prizes can also be the result of something else.

Dreams of winning the lottery do not have to and often do not mean that you will win the lottery in real life.

This dream has different interpretations and to get a clear idea, you have to keep in mind every detail of the dream.

Also, like for every other dream, you have to put the feelings into the equation too.

Dreams are a combination of your real-life experiences, what you think about, and what you have ever experienced.

Dreams should help us understand certain situations we have gone through.

When reading a dream, all aspects should be taken into account because you never know what a certain symbol in a dream represents.

Below are some of the most common dreams about winning the lottery and their meaning.

The most common dreams about winning the lottery

Dreaming of lottery numbers

Dreaming of certain numbers in the lottery can be a sign of prediction. Pay attention to those numbers and see how they relate to you. Maybe those are your “lucky” numbers. And maybe you are the future lottery winner. You never know!

This dream also brings to the surface your desire to reach potential wealth and profit in the short term. Try to pay the lottery, you may win.

If you saw the winning lottery numbers in a dream, it may mean that you need to trust your intuition more as it will show you the right way.

On the other hand, if these numbers are strange in some way, it means that you should be careful in traffic or in places where an accident can occur.


Also, if you saw more zeros, numbers, that means some bigger temptations in your life soon. You will have to be more patient.

Dreaming of buying lottery tickets

If you dreamed of buying a lottery ticket, it means that you no longer want to plan, but to rely on destiny, so what will happen, will happen! You want to relax and enjoy yourself.

This dream can have other meanings, for example, that you invest very little effort in something about which you expect success, and that is unlikely to happen.

It is possible that you are not working as hard as before or just waiting for something to fall from the sky. You become lazy.

If you bought a lot of tickets and spent all your money, it means that you are too confident in your investment or your business. You need to think a little about the risks you take, often unnecessarily.

If someone gives you a lottery ticket in a dream, it means that that person depends on you in some way. Someone puts their destiny in your hands and that obviously haunts you in your dream. You are not sure that you will meet that person’s expectations.

Dreaming that you have won the lottery

If you dreamed of getting some money or winning it in the lottery, the dream can be associated with the feeling of power, strength, and progress that you feel is coming into your life. If you have seen or won money in a dream, the dream can also mean that success and money are at your fingertips.

If you donated money won in a lottery in a dream, the dream is probably a reflection of your generous and good nature. You are probably always ready to help everyone who needs help and selflessly share everything you have with those who are less fortunate than you.

Dreaming of losing a lottery prize

If you lost the lottery prize in a dream, the dream can be a sign of a lack of ambition, strength, and self-confidence, as well as a bad period and obstacles in life.

A dream can also mean that you feel vulnerable and weak and have no control over your life. Maybe such a dream is a consequence of the current feeling of insecurity.

A dream can be a symbol of the lack of energy and the feeling of loss and emptiness that you have. This kind of sleep can also be a consequence of general exhaustion and can be a warning that you need to stop and get some rest.

Sleep can also be a consequence of losing balance in life or relationships.

The dream can also be a reflection of your careless attitude towards money and property and warns that you should dedicate more time to their protection.

If you have dreamed a dream like this, it can be a representation of your feelings due to the current financial situation. You may have financial difficulties.

A dream can also indicate a subconscious fear of another type of loss, such as loss of self-esteem, feelings of self-worth, power, or success.

The dream is mostly related to the current situation and rarely represents a prediction of such events in the future.

Dreaming of stealing a lottery prize

If you dreamed of stealing lottery money or some other lottery prize, the dream can be a sign that you are in danger and a warning to be more careful.

A dream can also mean that you lack love. You may desperately need to be accepted.

On the other hand, a dream can also be a sign that you have finally set out to achieve what you want in life.

This kind of dream has a mixed meaning and depends on the attitude you have towards theft. If you think that stealing is not good and you respect the law, the dream is a reflection of your feeling that you are doing something bad, feelings of guilt or shame. A dream can also be a sign that you are doing something that you think is necessary, even though it is illegal or against some authority.

The dream of stealing can have a good meaning. It can reflect that you are taking and getting what you want, although perhaps in some unusual way. This can refer to financial gains, work, or emotional connections.

Dreaming of spending the money you won in the lottery

A dream in which you spend the money won in the lottery is usually a good sign and can indicate that you are achieving your goals and using all the opportunities that are provided to you.

If in a dream you had the feeling that you are spending money on nonsense, the dream can be a sign that you are spending energy on something useless and that you should reconsider your priorities.

The feeling you had when shopping is also important. If you dreamed that you had money to buy whatever you wanted, the dream is a sign that you feel safe and situated. If you dreamed that you did not have enough money, the dream may be a reflection of your feelings of insecurity and failure. A dream may be a message to rethink your goals and their achievability and perhaps set yourself some new goals.

Dreaming of spending someone else’s lottery prize

If in a dream you spent money from someone who won it in the lottery to pay some of your expenses, the dream is a warning of a possible negative outcome of a situation. A dream can also mean that you can be caught in some dishonest or deceitful act.

A dream can also be a sign that you will lose a good friend because of your careless and insensitive behavior.

Dreaming of borrowing money from someone who won it in the lottery

If you borrowed money from someone who won it in the lottery in a dream, the dream can be a sign that your environment expects a lot from you. This may be a pressure for you because that expectation is not in line with your realistic possibilities. At the same time, such a situation can upset you, because you are aware of your incompetence.

Dreaming that you have found a winning lottery ticket in your purse or wallet

This dream can be a reflection of your improved sense of self-worth and ability to appreciate some aspects of your life, which you used to take for granted.

On the other hand, if the ticket you found in the dream was not yours, the dream may be a sign that you are taking credit for something you feel you don’t deserve.

Dreaming of saving money won in a lottery

If you kept the money won in the lottery in a dream, the dream can be an announcement of some winnings and an improvement in the financial situation, regardless of the reason why you kept it.

This kind of dream can have both good and bad meanings. Usually saving and saving money indicates a sense of responsibility, security, abundance, happiness.

On the other hand, keeping the money won in the lottery can turn into accumulation and the impossibility of enjoying material security. A dream can be a message to relax a little, start sharing with others and enjoy life and what you have.

A dream can also signify emotional relationships in which you only take without giving and your inability to establish a normal balanced relationship.

Dreaming of heaps of money obtained from the lottery

If in a dream you saw piles of money won in the lottery or counted it, the dream is probably a sign of a peaceful and comfortable life that awaits you, without worrying about finances.

You just feel your time is coming. It would be an unexpected gain from some project or an inheritance.

Dreaming of giving away lottery money

If you gave money won in a lottery in a dream, the meaning of the dream should be sought primarily in the feeling you had while giving the money. If you were uncomfortable or upset while giving money, the dream could indicate that you are afraid of financial losses, and it can also mean giving too much to others.

If you have been lucky to give money, a dream is a good sign that you feel successful and rich, and that you feel that success and money are constantly coming to you.

Dreaming that your enemy has won the lottery

If you dreamed of a person you don’t like or resented who won the lottery, that’s not a good sign. You should dedicate yourself more to your life instead of sticking your nose to other people’s things.

If that person gives you part of the lottery money in a dream, it means that you have partially forgiven him or her for some bad things they did to you.

If you ask or beg that person in a dream to give you the money she or he won in the lottery, it means that you envy that person for something. You need to think about what this is really about and who the main culprit for your bad relationship is.

If you dreamed that person did not care about the lottery money, it means that you feel guilty about your behavior towards that person. You should apologize.

Dreaming of throwing or burning money won in a lottery

If you dreamed of getting rid of the money won in the lottery, it means that you are very angry about something. You cannot take that feeling of anger anymore, you feel you have revenge and that is not good.

Your anger and rage have clouded your view of the future. You should wait a while before making any very important decisions in your life.

One should never decide if one is angry because one will almost certainly make a mistake.

You have the right to be angry with the person who betrayed or deceived you, but that anger will of course not bring you anything good.

You should be patient and wait for your head to cool down a bit before making any important decisions. Otherwise, you could strongly repent.

Dreaming of showing a winning lottery ticket to an audience

If you have dreamed of showing your winning ticket to others with pride and happiness, it means that you need some support in life.

You have started a project, but at the moment you feel demotivated.

Think carefully about who you ask for help. If that person is not well-meaning, you better do everything yourself.