Dreams About a Crush – Meaning and Symbolism

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The fact of feeling love or falling in love during your dream is a clear reference to a strong feeling in your real life, possibly passionate, that has little to do with reason.

In some cases, also, it is an allusion to the opposite of what you dream, that is, dreaming that you are in love can symbolize the lack of love in your life, the longing for affection on the part of another person. This meaning is more common, especially when in your dream someone falls in love with you.

Dreaming of a couple in love who love each other very much and walk hand in hand or kiss in front of you, also symbolizes that lack of love in your life. You want to feel more loved.

Dreams about a Crush – Meaning

Falling in love is so powerful that we can hardly think of anything else day or night. Therefore, it is not strange to dream of your crush and have dream experiences that range from dreams of good omens to nightmares through scenes that you wish were premonitory.

Sometimes dreaming of your crush does not mean anything beyond that you have that person in your thoughts constantly but other times the dream does have an important message. Do you want to know it? We tell you the different meanings of dream experiences with your platonic love in our dream dictionary. Attention!

And who does not have or has not had a crush? And who has not dreamed of that person? And who has not been deluded through dreams thinking that they were premonitory? Dreaming of your crush, of the person you like, of that platonic love or that crush that Cupid has thrown at you is very common. And this type of dream is the source of as much hope as it is awakening.

Because dreams with your crush are not premonitory, although it does not mean that they cannot come true. Because many times they are romantic, erotic dreams with happy endings in which that love is reciprocated, but many others are almost nightmares in which you feel the rejection of that person you have fallen in love with, or the mockery or betrayal.

And then you also dream the disappointment so real that it hurts you. For this reason, we want to make it clear that dreams are not reality, although sometimes they can help you to see more clearly that reality that blind infatuation does not let you see.

Do you want to know if your dream about your crush is positive or negative? Because there is everything. Dreaming that you kiss your crush is not a premonitory dream but it can give you an idea of ​​what you have to do when you wake up, which is neither more nor less than daring.

To kiss that person? Not necessarily. Rather, the dream invites you to follow your passions, to dare to do what you like, what you want, what moves you inside.

But of course, in your dream your crush may act as a cobra when you try to kiss him and you don’t have to take it as a nightmare that can come true. This dream presents you with a delicate and disastrous situation in which you will have to face rejection and test your tolerance for frustration. Quite a challenge, right?

Your desire to materialize or bring your platonic love to reality is observed in that dream in which you write a letter to your crush or decide to confess your feelings despite nervousness, despite doubts, despite uncertainty.

Because you have no idea how that person is going to react, but if you never tell them, it can never come true. These types of dreams with your crush come to raise the idea that the world belongs to the brave.

When you call him on the phone, when you propose to meet him, when you look at him, when you smile at him, when you make him see that you like him. Don’t wait for your crush to take the initiative and follow your dreams and your heart.

One of the best dream experiences is when you go to bed with your crush, when you see that you are in bed. Your desire is overflowing, so you better channel your passion in some way.


And you can have nightmares about your crush. That you are finally together and have a relationship but he is unfaithful or he just leaves you. That your crush makes fun of you and your feelings. That your crush plays with you.

Do not take the dream at face value, but the truth is that it is an excellent way to test yourself so that you wake up and take into account all possible scenarios.

Whatever you dream of your crush, be it positive or negative, don’t forget to enjoy that crush. Even if it is not possible, even if it is an impossible love for a famous person or even a fictional character.

And if this is not the case, if your crush that you dream of so much is your classmate, your workmate or the boy you see on the subway every morning, remember that dreams need your help to make them come true.

If you are in a happy and stable relationship with your partner, or if you are married, you may be struck by dreaming of a love from the past (read more about dreaming that you are back with your ex), or if you suddenly fall in love from someone who is not your girlfriend or your boyfriend.

But don’t worry, these types of dreams appear more often than you might imagine, even if you have been with your partner for many years.

On the other hand, if you are single, the fact of dreaming about love has many possible interpretations. But to accurately analyze the meaning of what the subconscious told you, it is necessary to remember the details of the context, your mood and the stage you are living today.

In general, dreaming about love or being in love represents the illusion for life, the sense of humanity and the hope of finding your better half. You want to fall in love or come home and love your partner every day, however, love is the cause of much misery and suffering.

Therefore, to interpret the dream correctly you must remember the circumstances in which it developed.

For example, it does not mean the same if you dream of a kiss to your girlfriend because you love her with all you might, than if your partner has been unfaithful and heartbreak hangs over you (learn more about dreaming about being cheated on you). To understand it better, read the following examples.

There are some who say “He who follows her, he gets her.” Thinking of your crush even in dreams says two things: either that you are obsessed, or that you don’t give up easily to “no” for an answer. Your ambition and the goals you set make you fight for what you want. Of course, beware of frustration if you do not meet your goals.

Do you want to know if your dream about your crush is positive or negative? Because there is everything. Dreaming that you kiss your crush is not a premonitory dream but it can give you an idea of what you have to do when you wake up, which is neither more nor less than daring.

Are you getting married and have you dreamed that you are in love with someone else? It is completely normal that doubts arise before you get married, it is a very important step in your life, since if you are truly in love with her, and you will be with him or her the rest of your days sharing all your moments.

Don’t worry about having doubts or insecurities for once. I also advise you to read what it means to dream of a wedding or to dream that you are getting married.

In another article I already explained to you the interpretation of dreams with a marriage. If you have not yet been married, it might cross your mind that your partner is not really your better half that you may be asked questions about whether you want to take this step.

The best way to overcome this setback is to meditate on what you really want in your life, and even talk about your doubts with your partner. There you will realize that you are truly deeply in love and that you are willing to move on to strengthen your relationship.

Dreaming of love towards a stranger symbolizes your lack of guidance in love life, although you are open, you fear that you will never find your better half. Do not get obsessed because it is worse, go little by little and when your soulmate has to appear, it will appear.

And if you know someone, don’t go so fast, give yourself time to get to know him little by little. Thus, you will fall in love when you least expect it, and that is when you will have to be sure of what you want.

Now I ask you to tell me and the readers what your dream was like, under what circumstances it occurred and what you interpreted about it. Was it a love from the past? Do you consider him the person of your life? Was it your ex? Did you secretly send each other letters or messages? Was it an impossible love to realize? Maybe another woman or man who was not your partner?

Dreams about a Crush – Symbolism

Dreaming that others feel love and that makes you happy – It is a premonition that the luck you will have in your affairs will make you feel satisfaction and freedom from the anxiety that your life produces.

Dreaming that you see how a couple loves each other – It always brings luck for the one who dreams.

Dreaming that you stop loving someone or that your love is not reciprocal – It means that you will feel dejected with some issues that make you nervous and decide that it is better to change your way of life and relationships. Or he will decide that he should marry someone of money, to change his life and aspire to another level of life.

Dreaming that your husband or wife is in love – It means a lot of happiness in the couple and having children together will take them to the climax of family love.

Dream about parental love – It means honesty and uprightness in character, with a magnificent future of achieving high social position and money.

Dreaming about the love you feel for animals – It means satisfaction with everything you own and everything you have achieved in this life. You feel like you don’t have to worry about anything and your fortune will grow over time.

Dreaming that your friend is in love with you – It means that a wish will surely be fulfilled. You may have developed special feelings towards your best friend and you wondered what he feels for you. This unknown worries you and makes you turn to your friend’s feelings towards you once asleep, with which your subconscious responds to which you wonder.

Dreaming that a lover appears in your dream – It means that you know his worth perfectly. You feel fully realized and complete. Dream of an old love – It means that he still has a pending assignment with him. Your current relationship must be suffering from this.

Has it happened to you that you have dreamed of a stranger, a person that you have never seen and suddenly appears in your life? Probably yes and depending on what you have seen in your dream, it generated confusion.

It is said that the brain does not create faces that we have never seen. But, there is something that we are not always aware of: in our day-to-day lives, we see many new faces, on the street, on television and on social media.

They are not so unknown to our brain – Those faces that we see on a daily basis remain in our minds, even if we don’t care about them.

When we sleep, the brain stores and catalogs all the information and emotions of the day, it also takes advantage of it to discard what is not useful or important.

The people we see in dreams are not completely unknown, there is some relationship with us. Those faces that we have seen and that we do not remember, expressions, gestures, bodies could be found in a deep recess of our brain and, for some reason, they appear in our dreams.

Dream of a stranger that you like – It is an omen that you will find a person soon with whom you will have great empathy, it will not necessarily be the love of your life or that you will have a love relationship, but you could win a good friend or partner and who knows a partner.

This dream is said to mean it is a reflection of a longing to get back something you miss. It can be part of your essence. They could also be wishes.

Our brain is offering us emotions, where sometimes, this organ chooses a face at random from what we have seen and we do not remember to recreate intense scenes.

Dreaming that a stranger speaks to you – It is synonymous with loneliness. This dream can be a reflection of anguish for not having anyone with whom to express what you truly feel. Family or friends may be absent or you think you can’t turn to them to talk.


Each case is very subjective, so only you will know what the most appropriate meaning for your situation is.

It is also very common to dream that someone says “I love you”, “I love you” or “I am in love with you”. It usually marks a time in your life when you are ready for love. You are not afraid to start a relationship with someone.

On the other hand, if you are the one who tells someone else (usually your boyfriend or girlfriend or that someone you like) and they do not respond to you, it is because you have doubts about their feelings towards you.