Dreams About Ants – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreams have been a mystery for us for centuries. The images that we see when we close our eyes and go to sleep often baffle us and fill us up with the sense that someone or something is speaking to us.

Ancient civilizations relied highly on the meaning of dreams, often making difficult decisions based on their dream symbolism. When we interpret a dream it is important to include all aspects of it.

Sometimes, we can only remember few details about it, but the more we remember the more accurate our interpretation will be.

To get the most out of your dream interpretation, always remember to write your dream down as soon as you wake up, because dreams tend to fade away as our day goes by.

Subject of today’s article will be the symbolism of ants and how these small beings affect our lives through their symbolism. Besides dwelling into the symbolism and interpretation of dreams about ants, we are going to start by exploring a little bit more about the ant symbolism in general.

So, if you have been curious about the symbolism of your ant dream, here is a chance to discover its hidden meaning.

Ant symbolism in cultures

As a child, you probably heard at least one story about an ant and another animal, where ants have been used as an example of someone’s hard working nature and dedication.

These small creatures were known for their incredible strength and diligence that allowed them to create amazing structures out of sand and dirt. Have you ever seen an ant carrying a leaf that is several times its size? That is the best image to describe how dedicated they are to their goal and their mission within the colony.

Precisely because of their nature, ants have been used as metaphors in children’s stories around the globe. Probably the most famous one is the story called “The Ant and the Grasshopper” written by Aesop as a part of his Perry Index.

The story teaches us about hard work, dedication and planning ahead, but also warns us about recklessness and the danger of living only for today, not thinking about the consequences of our actions.

In Native American culture, people, such as the Hopi, considered ants to be the first animals to ever walk the Earth. Some tribes even believed that an ant bite could have healing properties and help us with various health issues.

Quran also mentions this small being in a story about Sulayman and how he heard and was able to understand an ant warning to other ants about his army and about the danger it represented to them.

In Amazon, some tribes use ant bites to test their member’s durability and endurance. In modern times, ant society and ants in general have been frequently used in popular animated movies such as “A Bug’s Life”, “Antz”, “Atom Ant” and many more.

Dreams About Ants – Meaning

Dreams about ants can have many meanings, especially because we can dream ants in specific situations and all of that affects our interpretation.

The symbolism and meaning of dreams about ants in general, is affected by the way humans perceived ants through history and all of that knowledge and symbolism accumulated over the years.


When we dream about ants we are being warned about the role we are taking in life and how our behavior affects everything that is happening around us. It might be that the dream about ants is a warning sign that we are not taking our position at work or in life seriously enough.

Ants are always close together and the existence of their colony is more important than individual wishes and aspirations.

Considering that aspect of ant life, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the desires of those around you, so much so that you are feeling completely lost.

Perhaps you have given yourself too much to others, and now you are feeling as like you are living your life for someone else and not for yourself.

On contrary, if you haven’t been much around your loved ones, the dream about ants could be a sign that you need to be involved more in their lives. We need the support and love from people we care about because they are giving us will to move on and find happiness in life.

So evaluate your situation and act according to what has been happening in your life. Ants can also remind us about importance of hard work. Our consciousness might be telling us that we haven’t been giving 100% and that we should be more diligent in our work place.

All of these meanings depend mostly on the situation we dreamed about, so make sure you remember as much about your dream as possible. Only this way you will be able to get an accurate meaning of your dream.

Dreams about Ants – Symbolism

Now that we have covered the meaning of Ants dreams, we are going to list several dreams that might occur more frequently and their interpretations.

Dream about Ants – Seeing ants in your dreams often represents a symbol of negativity and it might be warning you about the future problems ahead. Ants are often tied to material things and seeing them often represents a minor financial loss or even financial problems that you could face.

Alternative interpretation says that these dreams are actually positive dreams, that suggest hard work ahead but also great rewards. Even though you will be faced with challenges and tasks, you are going to excel in all of them ending up with a great reward.

Dreams about Ants Crawling on You – If ants were crawling on your skin, this means you need to take better care of your body and overall health. This dream is a bad indicator for those who are already unhealthy, because it might symbolize getting even worse. When this dream pops into your mind while sleeping, take it seriously and take good care of yourself, because you are the only person who can help you.

Dreams about Ants crawling inside your Ears/Nose – This unpleasant scene symbolizes negative outcome for all your personal and business plans. When you have this dream, it is best to let everything rest for a day and to avoid starting anything important because it could possibly have a negative outcome.

Dreams about Stepping on Ants – Dreams about stepping on ants symbolizes respect and admiration from other people. You might even be promoted to a better position at work or you could potentially meet someone exciting who is going influence your life in many ways. Overall, this dream symbolizes pleasant events coming your way, so be sure to welcome all the exciting things coming your way.

Dreams about Ants in Bed – If ants were crawling on your bed, this dream can be a symbol of expanding the family or even welcoming a newborn.

Dreams about Ants Biting You – Biting ants in dreams represent negativity and bad symbolism. Be careful how you handle problems and focus on resolving all your previous issues, before starting something new. Make sure you evaluate people you work with and don’t rush into business partnerships.

Dreams about many Ants – Seeing a lot of ants or an ant colony in your dream represents huge financial issues and problems. Avoid spending or investing money into anything major and wait for better days to come by. This is definitely a bad period to spend money or start any large financial project.

Dreams about Ants in your Home – Ants in your home are also a negative sign and can mean that troubles are finding a way into your life. They don’t need to be big problems, but nevertheless they are coming your way so be careful.

Dreams about Ants leaving your Home – If ants were leaving your home, contrary to the above interpretation, this means that your troubles are leaving and that you can expect better days coming your way. This dream is announcing a fruitful period for all your financial issues but also for the resolution of romantic quarrels.


Dreams about ants are certainly interesting and can have many interpretations. To discover what lies behind them, always try to remember as much as you can about your dream or write it down if necessary.

The mysterious world of dreams always offers us something exciting and new, but it also carries valuable life lessons and signs that we should follow if we want to see our goals and plans turn out in the best possible way.